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Super Smash Bros Melee

Can you unlock anybody after Mr. Game and Watch?

Games Guru: When you’ve unlocked Mr. Game and Watch, you’ve come to the end. That’s all you can unlock.

How do you get Mr. Gamewatch, Giga Bowser, Pichu and that falcon guy who is Fox’s partner on GameCube?

Games Guru: Let me start by admitting that this is one great game I would love to play well, but I stink at it. To get Falco, beat the 100-man melee mode and defeat Falco, and he is yours. To get Mr. Gamewatch, beat the Classic or Test Target mode with all characters, then win the Gamewatch battle afterward.

Is there a way to unlock Charmander, Koopatroopa, Perin, Sonic, Tails or any characters other than the original 24?

Games Guru: There are an extra dozen characters, though I am not familiar with ways to unlock any of the ones you have listed. I do not know any codes. You earn them all by winning battles.

How do I unlock every character, pokemon and trophies?

Games Guru: Um, could we narrow the question down to a single character or trophy?

How do you unlock past stages in this game?

Games Guru: Each stage has its own requirements. Should you want to unlock the big blue stage, for instance, you must fight 150 matches in VS. Mode nonstop. Is there one particular stage, or even a couple, that you want to unlock?

Is there a debug mode in this game or some secret codes?

Games Guru: In the tradition of all things Nintendo, Super Smash Bros. Melee has approximately 16 billion hidden and unlockable characters, arenas and trophies. I don’t know about a debug mode or any hidden abilities, but I do know how you can get unlimited scope gun ammo: Shoot 15 regular shots. Shoot two fully charged shots, then let someone hit you before firing a third fully charged shot. Fire that third shot, and you should have unlimited scope gun ammo.

How do you get Mewtwo, instead of playing VS mode?

Games Guru: The only way I know to unlock Mewtwo is to play 20 hours or 700 matches in VS mode, then beat him when he challenges you.

Who’s the hottest character to fight with?

Games Guru: Give Samus a try. Mario and Donkey Kong are great characters to start out with because they are more balanced, but once you have command of all of Samus’s moves, she is tough!

I am having trouble with the home-run contest. I can’t seem to get Captain Falcon to make Sandbag go farther than 200 feet. Do you have some tips and tricks for me?

Games Guru: Bad news. Captain Falcon is not a strong choice in the home-run contest because he tends to send things straight up instead of out. You might want to try another character.

How do you beat event match 51, The Showdown?

Games Guru: There are a number of strategies to help you in this very difficult challenge. You can, for instance, use Princess Peach’s floating jump to avoid enemies by floating from one edge of the platform to the other, hopefully escaping injury and getting a chance to pick up weapons and fight. Just remember, this level is not easy.

How do I get to the Final Destination Stage?

Games Guru: To unlock Level 12, the Final Destination Stage, you must clear all 51 Event Matches.

I’ve heard when you finish shooting the credits, you can unlock Toad. I’m wondering if that’s right?

Games Guru: I have heard of people unlocking Link, Luigi, Ganondorf and Jigglypuff, but I’ve never heard of anybody unlocking Toad.

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  1. listen, I have proof that toad isn’t a real charachter: I looked at a website and it said

    toad wasn’t a real charachter it had proof so: DANG TOAD ISN’T A REAL CHARACHTER OK!!!!!!! SO QUIT WITH THE FAKE RUMORS GRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. some girl that likes Raikou98 // August 10, 2007 at 3:26 pm // Reply

    hi i like raikou98.

  3. okay the poll ends at 6:00 any votes after that won’t count. P.S. video game master thats not the way u unlock luigi.

  4. or you can play 700 VS. matches for mewtwo.

  5. mew292, not trying to be mean but, you got it wrong for how to unlock mewtwo. you play 20 hrs. with 1 player and 3 COMs, 15 hrs. with 2 players and 2 COMs, 10 hrs. with 3 players and 1 COM, or 5 hrs. with 4 players. so you were 5 hours off.

  6. I wanna vote for Link! He is the best in Melee. I can’t believe people want a fat guy instead of Link! Wario is only goodd because of his “explosion” attack.

  7. me and nnn were gone since Monday, just so everyone knows. we just got back. also, Anonymous, you CANNOT unlock Toad!

  8. ****** i vote for link and zelda

  9. meant mewtwo not metwo

  10. luigi do adventure and at the end of mushroom kingdom part 1 end while the the time in seconds is 2 (like 3:32), metwo either have 2 controllers and do 20 hours of vs matches or 3 controllers 15 hours of vs matches or 4 controllers 10 hours of vs. matches,young link beat classic with 10 of the original characters, marth beat classic with all 14 original characters, roy beat classic with marth

  11. hey!!!! two days left!!! vote!!!

    score: link 10 votes meta knight 5 votes kirby 5 votes snake 7 votes zelda 5 votes pikachu 9 votes fox 12 votes mario 6 votes samus 5 votes donkey kong 9 votes bowser 6 votes ike 6 votes yoshi 8 votes pit 7 votes zero suit samus 7 votes wario 11 votes. FOX IS IN THE LEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR FOX U HAVE AWESOME TASTE!!!!!!!!!!! wario is in 2nd. boo hoo:-( i like wario. meanwhile link is in 3rd. this is getting to be an INTENSE poll. AND WITH 2 DAYS LEFT!!!!! u can still vote for more than 1 character. LISTEN!!!!! THIS IS BIG STUFF!!!!!


  13. Videogame master // August 8, 2007 at 4:01 pm // Reply

    Hello ALL! I am the video game master(no duh….didn’t you look at the name?!)

    This how you unlock some characters I know

    Mewto:play versus mode for 20 hours. That is a brutal task and I know you would have bloodshot eyes at the end. Here is how you do it. Hook up 1P and 2P up and then start a battle at night, pause it and go to sleep. leave it on for 20 hours.

    Luigi:A little more complex. Go on Adventure(any level though I would choose very easy for quick win in the bag)….on mushroom level(the 1ST!) finish the time in the middle clock at the end with the same digits twice example:2:55:39.get it in the middle. now on the level where you fight with Luigi, KO him 1st.

    After adventure, he will challenge you.

    Ganordorf: my personal favorite……there are so up and downs to about him.

    you must know that he is almost the copy of C. Falcon(bad), he is sluggish and slow(bad), he is evil(cool), he is the coolest dude with a cape ever!!!! This is how you unlock him. Go to the 1P mode. Go to the special missions. Unlock Triforce gathering if you didn’t yet.This mission is hard. You fight against ganondorf with Zelda. It ‘s hard because if Zelda gets KO you fail. SO while you are both attacking protect her and don’t lose sight of her….or while ganordorf in the middle of you keep attacking him.

    good luck

  14. messed up martin is marth just a small mistake

  15. how do u get luigi,mewtwo,young link,martin,and roy????

  16. brawl is going to be cool

  17. Mario Master // August 7, 2007 at 8:15 pm // Reply

    Guys,You cannot unlock raichu,parakoopa,toad,Sonic,or Tails.Turst me.I Tried.

  18. i vote for pikachu oh can my little brother vote to?he goes for pikachu to.

  19. BooperGrandson // August 7, 2007 at 7:29 am // Reply

    If Wario is in Brawl, then why wouldn’t Luigi and Waluigi be in Brawl as playable characters too?

  20. naruto i know fox is in brawl but i was saying FALCO ISNT. and nnn, if u think its so simple that luigis in brawl, then why didnt they put him in yet??

    the score: link 8 votes meta knight 4 votes kirby 4 votes snake 3 votes zelda 2 votes pikachu 8 votes fox 8 votes mario 4 votes samus 4 votes donkey kong 8 votes bowser 5 votes ike 4 votes yoshi 5 votes pit 5 votes zero suit samus 2 votes wario 9 votes. wario is still holding the top and pikachu, link, fox, and donkey kong are tied for 2nd. the poll ends on the 10th. you never know who will win! (although i want wario to win.) i will do another poll when the game actually comes out because there might be different characters. and remember u can vote for more than one character. KEEP VOTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. im not doing the poll no more so there!!!!!!!! sorry =(

  22. RalphieRuler23 // August 6, 2007 at 11:49 am // Reply

    Herre is a poll what is your favorite SSBM stage.

    You can pick any stage

  23. RalphieRuler23 // August 6, 2007 at 11:42 am // Reply

    i want fox too

  24. RalphieRuler23 // August 6, 2007 at 11:41 am // Reply

    i vote for ike

  25. we’re not close! im his cousin!

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