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The Chronicles of Narnia

How do you get past level 4 when the ice is breaking?

Games Guru: There are 23 hidden blue sections of ice. This is ice that will not sink. Walk slowly, looking for blue ice. If the ice starts to move under you, back up and walk and change directions. You should be able to uncover a blue ice path.

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  1. there should be a magians nephew game

  2. i defeat this game with my sister in like 3 to 4 hours but thats because i’m adicted to modern video games so if i put my mind to it then it’s completly possible.

  3. to defeat the ice thing use lucy or edmund but lucy has better reflexes so you won’t have to start all over again. When you step on a piece of ice if it dosn’t turn blue and makes a nice tune the you goinig to have to run back to the last block of ice you went on if you hear a crack or crunck then run for the borders :lol: yeah but if you follow these directions then you should be able to defest that level I defeated the whole game so post another question if need to i’m always checking online so i won’t miss it! =D

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