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The Hobbit

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  1. bob says:

    does it come for wii u

  2. I love cars says:

    is this a good game? it was the best book i ever read!

  3. ninjafarmer says:

    is it a good game?
    does it come for PS2


    is it true to the book?

  5. dude 1 says:

    is it for DS

  6. jamwam says:

    I finished this game in like a month it was easy but fun

  7. ghost buster says:

    does anybody have arogorns quest:)

  8. ofrod gabbings says:

    i am stuck at the part where the all the dwarfs are in the barrels how do i get past

  9. LOTRfan says:

    this game might seem old and not great graphics, but it has really fun gameplay!! definitly recommend it!

  10. J dog H. says:

    The Hobbit is AWSOME!!!!

  11. randompersonwholikescheese says:

    i am stuck on over hill and under do you get past the stone giant part?

  12. tomtom582 says:

    i have beaten the gba version a hundred times but i cant find all the runes so if you have or need help talk to me.

  13. FoalytheCentaur says:

    In ‘Flies and Spiders’, the one with the zombie warriors, I went right and fell off a log. I saw 2 warriors. The little movie clips show me an old log suspended waaaaaaaay above the river with webs, but how do I get there? The ghost ropes above the acidic pool? Help appreciated!

  14. your self says:

    im at the begining of the main-land do you have help

  15. your self says:

    i have the gba version and im stuck on main-land
    in the beginning and i dont no where the bridge is please help

  16. pttp doodledog says:

    ive read the book but im stuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    please help

  17. BigTex says:

    Hmmm… just a bit stuck. In the elven palace, I cant find the third key to release Thorin… Went through the cave several times and didn’t find it in the courtyard. Guhuh~ I’m UPSET!

  18. qwer says:

    i agree with ulig, thats where i’m stuck too.

    anyone got any answers please

  19. Action Trev says:

    I’ve read this book, but I didn’t know there was a game.

  20. the man with questions... says:

    i have the gba version, and im stuck on the part where i just saved all the dwarves from the elfen place, but i can’t get out myself….HELP!!

    • Extreme Beatles fan says:

      what you do is stand on the door that you used to let the dwarves out. next you throw a stone at the button and you should get out.

  21. Anonymous says:

    i am stuck in the troll cave i have the key now what do I do?

  22. Kimo says:

    I’m stuck on the level Carrock

  23. bone freak says:

    im still stuck in flies and spiders. I cant get past the zombie part

  24. uilg says:

    I am stuck in the town area and i cannot get the correct combos of barrels to get past into the next room.

  25. Need help now! says:

    Alright never mind. I’m still in flies and spiders but… Where’s the oil?

  26. Need help now! says:

    Ok so I just started flies and spiders. There are tree branches above me I know I have to get too. I just don’t know to get up there. Plz help I’m desperate

  27. gandalf fan says:

    i have the pc version and beat it 3 times so i could help you

  28. JPgamer says:

    To: Leadsinger,
    if you are referring to the GBA version
    you are supposed to get caught its part of the story
    you escape

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