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  1. JPgamer says:

    i have it for Game boy advance
    im in the goblins cave after bilbo gets lost in the dark
    what do i do


  2. Hobbit Lover says:

    HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! :()()()()

  3. Hobbit Lover says:

    Hey, can I have some help? I am in the water room in the level Gathering of the Clouds but I cannot get all of the room canals full of water. Can anyone help me?

  4. Lorin says:

    Hte third cellar key is in the courth. It is writen in your quest list in the pause menu and i need help to find the last chain to the treasurew room in Erebor

  5. juno03 says:

    how do I get all the water going in one direction in the water room.

  6. random says:

    stuck on level 2 (pc)

  7. game lover 225 says:

    I had it for the game boy and beat the game so I sold it.

  8. Dilly says:

    I can’t get past the Necromencer’s Monster’s right before the graveyard how do I do it?!?!?!?

  9. showof13 says:

    for game boy, i have to help the dwarfs!HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

  10. leadsinger says:

    ive tried 1000 times to get to the wallet to steal it.. but i always get caught… someone please tell me the secret….please

  11. jbomber says:

    igot 2 thee water town

  12. Zoom says:

    I can’t find out where gandalf is. Please help me!

  13. kobyohyeah34 says:

    This game STINKS! LOL!

  14. pikachu333 says:

    Dear stuck always, Probly you haft to open up a secret door.PS I have nearly finshed the game.But…Its been so long that Iv been to that level, I forgot how to do it! now Im going to play Star Wars Badllefront 1. Bye!And the weathers gettin nasty!!!!!

  15. sithlord14 says:

    The combination for the Thieves’ wine bottles is yellow,red,blue,purple,and black.

  16. mb says:

    Where is the blue celler key number three

  17. Gamer 5 says:

    never mind i found out. but how do you get to the building part in overhill underhill?

  18. bilboy says:

    to the_executive_

    help! i am on over hill and under hill and i am in the big building. i think i went there to fast.

  19. bilboy says:

    i need cheat codes!

  20. Stuck Always says:

    I just went under ground in Over Hill and Under Hill and now i’m running in circles. What do I do? (its for PS2)

  21. gamer 5 says:

    how do you get past the trolls to steal the pocketbook in th 2nd level

  22. Bohemian says:

    thanks for the help guys : )

  23. ftb says:


  24. Ace 10 says:

    When I said “water room puzzle” I was talking about the place Lake-Town after you solve wine bottle combination in the cider house, you go into that large room and there’s a series of board walks a large door straight across and 2 rooms on either side (a serpent room and a eagle room) I’ve gotten into the eagle room, but I can’t get to the serpent room or to the large door, I try to connrct the board walks from where I am to the serpent room or to the large door, Anybody please help me!!!

  25. blahbalh says:

    to gte past the water room puzzle, you just need to look on the statue behind you and then read the thing on it that says..whatever it says but spell the word using the letters that are on the statue, not the normal letters.

  26. 1911 says:

    I beet the game 3 and know where you are

    and yes it is EREBOR

  27. Bohemian says:

    Thanks man! But wait are you talking about the puzzle in front of door? If so how can I spell it? Theres only one R an no E and i can’t tell what the others. And yes I know I should have said before.

  28. Smaug Fire says:

    Its EREBOR.

    another hint: spell-out the other Dwarf-Lords(4 in total), THRAIN, DURIN etc to find other hidden chests.

  29. Bohemian says:

    I have the same prob with the water room puzzle with PS2 . Somebody has to answer this because someone else had this same question . Let get this strait is it EREBOR or flaffy? At the Water Room door in the lonely mountain.

  30. dfgbyu678 says:

    I beat the game 2 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Smaug Fire says:

    Hi Ace10

    Bottle Combinations: Yellow – Red – Blue – Black – Purple

  32. skibreaker says:

    Help! I am stuck at the wood elves lair invisable yes, safe no nee to get past dog but cannot please help p.s. forgive my spelling errors I don’t have dictonary handy

  33. Mr.Cool :) says:

    I beat the game. It was fun but I forgot how, so I`m replaying the game saving at certain places that are hard.

  34. Ace 10 says:

    First off, my past five comments are completely useless so please no body respond to those. Ok, in the water room puzzle how do you make it go straight across? Anybody please answer.

  35. willthebs says:

    i didnt even know there was a hobbit game…wow…

  36. Ace 10 says:

    I’m in Lake-Town and I’m in the cider house and there’s a guy named Malloc and he gave me a “combination” about how to put the wine bottles on the bottle rack in the cellar: Yellow is to the left of Red and Blue , which is not next to Black ,Purple can only lie beside Black and none else Black is to the right of Yellow, and I tried every imaginable version of it. If anybody knows how to do this, please respond.

  37. Ace 10 says:

    The Executive, I’m in Barrels out of bonds,and I put the elvish opening crystals on the pedestals and the stockade door isn’t open and I don’t even know where the stockade door is. HELP!

  38. video gameplayer says:

    wow other people have this game

  39. Ace 10 says:

    I have the PC version hopefully this advice will help. Okay, now you have the right key

    simply find the exit to the exit to the cave (The exit to use would be to go to the part of the cave where there are two ledges on either side, a rope hanging down, and spikes jutting out from both sides. If memory serves me correctly this is the right exit)

    once you exit the cave to your right there is a ledge, simply jump up on that ledge. Once you are on the ledge in front of you is a large log door to the right of that door

    is a large golden lock go up to the lock and press the “select” button or whatever button it is on the PS2 (I’m not familiar with the controls of the PS2) and not only will you acquire the elvish sword Sting but you’ll also finish the level. I hope this information is correct as the console versions differ from the PC.

  40. Ace 10 says:

    The Executive, I probably asked you this before (I looked around the comments for

    the hobbit and it’s not there,must’ve gotten deleted), but I’m at the edge of the cemetery/swamp place in Mirkwood with the spirits (You most likely already know this) I can’t run away cuz, I would either fall into the swamp or get shot or slashed in the head, and I can’t jump onto the raft, even when I do the spirits’ magic or fire arrows always reach me, and they know I’m there when I put in the ring. HELP!

  41. Ace 10 says:

    fatman, Probably I could answer your question if you told me what level the location

    “deep cellar caverns” is in.

  42. fatman says:

    Found a fourth opening stone in deep cellar caverns. Where does it go?

  43. Oogie Boogie says:

    On the Xbox after you trick the stone giants to make a bridge and go acros where do you go?

  44. aSHLEYbbe*; says:

    k… i got this for christmas for my ps2 and i dont no were to find the trol cave? i have a key. im not sure if its the right one i found it in one part of the cave, were you put the second kings gem thing in the holeder to make the rocks move… please help me…

  45. Ganon says:

    Quicksilver, what you need to do is go south past the trolls. You will see a block. Push that block and it will reveal a key.

  46. quicksilver says:

    dear “the exucutive. I am at the part where the trolls capture all the wizards helpers. but the trolls get turned to stone. now hobbit has to find the cave but theres a door but its locked so i need a ke

  47. deathmatch612 says:

    where is the fourth chain to unlock the treasurey?

  48. monkeyboy says:

    I got to the town place right next to the place where the dragon is. I worked so hard, and then my computer messed up…and now i have to start the game all over again!

  49. The_Executive says:

    ok, quicksilver, i think you have the gameboy version, we are talking about the ps2/xbox/pc version which is alot different


  50. Ace 10 says:

    lol lo, If you tell me where these “chains” are, I could probably help you.

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