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The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

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  1. majour noobie says:

    in the beggining wen u need 2 follow the monkey in the forest, which ways does it go? is there a trick to it?

  2. majora says:

    mee lee fan, it is the giants mask that turns you into a giant. and you can put it on in twinmold’s lair ONLY!

  3. majora says:

    the key to defeating the giant twin bugs is to NOT use z targeting, keep your magic meter as full as possible, and DO NOT chase them when they are going underground

  4. bassplayer says:

    this game is 5x harder than OoT but Oot is a great game

  5. blake says:

    i love majoras mask all i need now is one more bosses remains

  6. Epona says:

    I still can’t beat the giant twin bugs help me, [ please ].

  7. Link says:

    dear ????, u must get the fire arrow and shoot the ice hanging above it. SMASH!!!

    it melted

  8. harlan says:

    the magoras mask is so sweet.

  9. harlan says:

    we are so coocoo about defeting the majoras mask.i hope you did good.

  10. ?????? says:

    Then go out of milk road and back in on epona. While still on Epona,Z target the owl

    and save.DONT TURN OFF!! Go back to your file and wala! You can use items on epona. If you pause it wont work

  11. ?????? says:

    Do you know of a glitch called “C items on Epona”? This is how you do it. Warp tp milk road and call epona.

  12. master chief says:

    this game is way to easy i beat it 100 times.

  13. charzaird says:

    Here is a tip use a bomb on snowballls. If the ballls don’t burst use a groan punch or roklll.

  14. musicman says:

    you melt it with fire. how do you get sucked into the moon what do you do, where, and what song? I could probobaly find it out on line.

    HINT TO ALL- this is much easier when you get the directions/guidelins/cheats/intsructions for it online. it has helped me a lot.

  15. golloum says:

    yes preicious i have never played the game

  16. gamesmaster says:

    i cant beat this game were do you go after you warp for the first time itrid going up the mountain but i cant and how do you get epeona help

  17. ???? says:

    how do you get passed the big snow ball that are blocking the path to that ice place?

  18. koolkid says:

    you play the song on top of the tower skull kid is waiting at, and then you will be sucked into the moon,and inside you fight Incarnation and you have to beat him 3 times in there which is simple if you have the Feirce Deity mask, thats how i beat him

  19. Zero says:

    Hey, guys.What I do to pick the piece of heart in the road from Mountain Village to Snowhead?It´s the only one that I haven´t picked yet

  20. ??? says:

    I can not play this game bcause i need an expanion pack i realy want to play though now

  21. musicman says:

    hey pokemaster that level is really hard here is what you could do. 1 spend your entire life on it. option 2 you could go online and get the instructions for it.

  22. pokemaster says:


  23. Master Sword says:

    It’s a GREAT GAME, but I think that OCARINA OF TIME was a little bit better!

  24. quentonumore says:

    u guys shoud try Super Smash Brothers melee

  25. quentonumore says:


  26. Razaza says:

    Robzombie, get all 20 masks that don’t transform u, go to the moon, and talk to the 4 kids dancing around the tree. Give them the masks they want and do their mini-dungeons. They will leave. Talk to the kid sitting by the tree. He will give u the Fierce Deity Mask.

  27. Yoshi says:

    a chalenging game but fun I beat the game twice!

  28. Yoshi says:

    I got the fierce diety mask!=)

  29. link says:

    how to catch jirochi without down loading

  30. Robzombie says:

    how do you get the Fierce Deity Mask

  31. tono says:

    How to you win

  32. jecky says:

    spiederman98 id tell you but wont beacase1i dont know 2 it would take me987654321123456789 ever the ranch is open on the last day

  33. musicman says:

    you guys actually like this game it is really hard

  34. Oakachovie says:

    Hey Melee Fan! The song you play on the tower is the Oath to Order. It summons cool giants who hold up the moon!

  35. musicman says:

    Hey unknown what is the incarnation thing and what song do you play there and where do you play the song at.

  36. Yoshi says:

    this is my favorite zelda game=)

  37. j says:

    the bost room in stone tower

  38. twinlight says:

    you shoot a bubble at him and he drops your ocarina

  39. shavalongadingdong says:

    how do u beat the guy with majoras mask?

  40. Melee fan says:

    does anyone know the area that allows you to put on the stone mask?(you can’t put it on everywhere, the description says you can put it on in a certain room,the mask turns you into a giant)

  41. Unknown says:

    The masks are throughout the whole game given to you by different people and found places. You get some everywhere. Melee fan, I can’t think of the song, but your right. You then get sucked into the moon, like i said, its fun to beat incarnation!

  42. spiderman98 says:

    where is all the masks?

  43. Melee fan says:

    Once you get to the tower do NOT play the rewind song, just play some song, but sadly, i forgot it’s name.

  44. Melee fan says:

    i beat the game, got all masks, and trashed skull kid. even know i did all those things, the game is still very hard judging by the 3 day time limit.

  45. Unknown says:

    Play the Song of time 2x through and doubled to slow time, where r u on the game

  46. Videogame master says:

    I dont like it because its timed and its hard help me…..I get to the part where

    I play the song on the tower and it rewinds time then when I get to that point

    again I don’t kmow what to do

  47. Unknown says:

    Beating Majora’s incarnation was fun, love the new sword upgrade.

  48. Feirce Deity says:

    After that you need to drop the eggs in the tank. Then look at them an learn New Wave Bossa. Play near Lulu and then hookshot to palm tree on turtle island.

  49. sdvousdhhcds says:

    how do i finich the game i have the 7 egs but i am stuck

  50. sonic says:

    soooooooooooo gooooood!!

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