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The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

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  2. applesauce says:

    they say majora’s mask will be for the 3ds and wii u soon

  3. paintitblack says:

    yoshi1266 do the romani ranch minigame ps i won it before my brother

  4. VictoryVictini says:

    ZeldaLinkboy says: if you need any help just ask me :)

  5. VictoryVictini says:

    Twinmold is hard

  6. VictoryVictini says:

    The four giants look like watermelons with legs.

  7. VictoryVictini says:

    This game is so good it should be a MOVIE! Plus my new name is ZeldaLinkboy =)

  8. ZeldaLinkboy says:

    This game rocks. You can shoot sword beams as “Fierce Deity Link”!

    • Red BomberGoron says:

      If you like Fierce Diety, theres a cheat that makes it so you can be him out of Boss Rooms. Dodongos compare to him like the little bats to link, just annoying…

  9. da shotput says:

    just something funny, if you find salon at 12 in north clock town and hookshot him he will explode. ps if you listen to the old lady when she gets hit it sounds like she says “mama!”

  10. da shotput says:

    How to get the fierce die tie’s mask: 1) collect all masks 2) go inside moon 3) play with the kids and give them masks 4) talk to majora 5) have fun. :)

  11. keyhydra says:

    Yoshi1266 you must help Romani (the short girl with a bow) with her defence against Them. Shoot all 10 balloons (they look like aliens) around the farm within 2 minutes. When you do this, Romani will teach you Epona’s song. Epona will then be next to you.

  12. Yoshi1266 says:

    Does anybody know how to get Epona out of the fence in Romani Ranch

  13. Zeldafreak98 says:

    I think they should make zelda majora’s mask for 3ds!

  14. lol says:

    I know how to beat gyorg easily you just CHOP UP THE FISH.

  15. red link says:

    you can get a free bomb mask from the old lady in the park after you help her

  16. Chimchar852 says:

    Can anyone help me with the snow temple? PLEASE!?!?

  17. 1324 says:

    ask link123

  18. kareds says:

    The fact that to save you need to travel in time is ANOYING

    • 12345 Zelda is a lot of fun says:

      I know I have one brother and three sisters that all like to play a diferent game so sometimes I have to shut it with out saving.

  19. pokeman says:


  20. Majora says:

    Majora’s mask is very fun. ( I love fighting all bosses) P.S. Beat all moon kid games to get deity mask note you need all mask to get it

  21. link123 says:


  22. yougo1000 says:

    it was hard but I finally beat it.

  23. skull kid1213 says:

    how do you beat MAJORA!?

  24. skull kid1213 says:

    how do you beat MAJORA!

    • LinksDaMan says:

      In his first form, shoot him in the back with arrows. The masks will come to life. Destroy them, then repeat. Then you z-target his second form and shoot it with an arrow. After that, walk to him and whack him with your sword. The last form, you get as far as possible, then shoot him with and arrow, strike him and repeat. hen you watch the final cutscene. Make this game for 3DS!

  25. zsghzdf says:

    how do u get bombs

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