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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

How do you get to the water temple?

Games Guru: It’s complicated, especially on the original game. Basically, you have to change the water level a lot and constantly put on and take off your Iron Boots. Keep the Zora Tunic on to stop from drowning. To help, here’s a video:

I can’t find the bomb bag to use on Death Mountain because the level I am on is Death Mountain. I need the bomb bag to blow up the rock that blocks the way to Dodongos Cavern so I can find Goron’s bracelet. Can you help me?

Games Guru: Here’s how to get a bomb bag. As a kid, you have to play the Bombchu game in the Hyrule Market. Play it a second time and win, and you’ll get the bomb bag, which can hold up to 30 bombs.

Where do you find the sword in the Deku Tree?

Games Guru: You should have a sword before entering the Deku Tree. You do get a slingshot in that tree. Have you checked for swords in the caves of the Kokiri Forest?

How do I get my bow in the forest temple? And are there any codes of any sort for this game?

Games Guru: There are many, many secrets in this game, but no code that I am aware of. There are hidden stores, including one in Gannon’s tower, places in which you can load up on Rupees or even collect gold skultullahs, but nothing so easy as a code.

About the fairy bow: Getting the bow is quite straightforward. As you explore the temple, you will enter a room in which you are attacked by a stalfos, a skeleton guard. Beat that stalfos and two more will appear. Beat them too slowly and they will simply reappear until you beat them in a set time. Beat them within the time limit, and a chest will appear. The bow is in that chest.

Do you have any tips on beating the Water Temple boss?

Games Guru: Having explored the HUGE Water Temple and survived your battle with Dark Link, your ultimate fight will be with a pesky water creature. Making this even more difficult, you fight it while jumping from pillar to pillar in a room filled with water.

Stay on the outer pillars. The key to victory is to keep moving so the creature can’t hit you, and keep your eyes open for it to give you an opening after its slow but powerful attacks. Using the Longshot, target its heart, which is visible in its water tentacles. Shoot it, pull it out and spin attack it with your sword, then keep moving.

You will need to repeat this process a few times, but I predict you will emerge from this battle swimmingly.

After I beat the Water Temple, how do I get into the Shadow Temple?

Games Guru: Congratulations on beating the Water Temple. Most people who quit this game stop during the lengthy Water Temple portion. Play the “Nocturne of Shadow” to warp to the Shadow Temple. Now go down the stairs, stand in the middle of the room and use Din’s Fire to light all the torches. If you hit all the torches, the door to the temple will open.

Where do I find the Master Sword and how do I get it?

Games Guru: The Master Sword is in the Temple of Time. Use the Ocarina to play the Song of Time to enter the Temple of Time. Once you can enter, the sword is yours for the taking—but there are consequences.

Comments about “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”

  1. ORAS FTW says:

    How do you get past the invisible fire walls in the fire temple. Im stuck.

  2. Red Goron says:

    They really need to make a multiplayer Zelda game that isn’t like the disgraceful Hyrule Warriors.

  3. cal12 says:

    where is princess ruto

  4. pokemon master says:

    best game ever it chalenging fun and theres some cheats the invincible stick jump and hit a sign if the stick breaks in half its invincable and 2wice as strong as kid links sword

  5. twilight princess fan says:

    worst game ever. :(

  6. link man says:

    how do you beat the game when you don’t even own it. :>)

  7. link man says:

    how do you beat the game when you don’t even own it. :<

  8. pokemon master says:

    you skip temples and beat them later (happy face)

  9. mr cool says:

    how do you get past the big whale at zoras fountain?

  10. Linkisawesome345 says:

    I LOVE The Zelda games!!!

  11. Zelda says:

    How in the heck do you get past the forest temple?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hey is there any secret rooms in the ice cavern?

  13. ihaveawiixboxds3ds says:

    I have this…

  14. LOZmaster says:

    You get the bomb bag in dodongos’ cavern. To get past the rocks, go to the goron city, just not inside, and look for a goron near a bomb flower, grab the bomb flower and aim over the fence, it might take a few tries, but you will be able to blow up the boulders.

  15. barbarian says:

    how does bombchu game open? i need bomb bag!!!!!!!!!

  16. applesauce says:

    my favorite temple is the spirit temple

  17. Anonymous says:

    how do you get past Dodongos cavern?sadface

    • barbarian says:

      To get the bolders out of the way go up where thers the entrance to goron city but dont go in. look around till you find a Goron and a bomb flower. throw the bomb over the fence. :)

  18. cloud says:

    in the n64 version i cant beat the 2 dungen

  19. LINK FAN says:

    need help on the big gorons sword!

  20. Mr_hx says:

    The water temple in the 3ds version was a lot easier then the orginal because on the n64 version you had to go into your equipment and equio it to go down all the time.

  21. link says:

    ganons fortress

  22. retro gamer says:

    U only need 2 win the Bombachu game 1 time. It’s Bombabchu not Bombchu.

    • sethraptor says:

      For the bomb bag theres no set number of times you need to play the game. The prize is random. Also I’m relatively sure your SUPPOSED to get the bomb bag from a Goron. I can never remember exactly where it is though. And it’s definitely bombchu.

  23. Zelda lover says:

    how do you get bombs and a bomb bag?

  24. nobody says:

    can the 3ds version play on a ds lite?

  25. rolobloxian says:

    lost my fire tunic limit on cash is 99 i i


    • gannon killer says:

      you can get your fire tunic by going to korikelo village. theres a house full of spiders . if you killed the right amount of spiders on the bottem rigiht theres this guy that will give you a adults wallet. it carries 200 rupees

  26. zekrom22 says:

    If anyone needs help, i will be giving help on any temple.
    my favorite was the shadow temple. your’s?

  27. zekrom45 says:

    I am stuck on the barriers. Where is the golden gauntlets?

  28. Iamcheif says:

    Questions will be answered at Febuary 25th for those who need some

  29. lolodude says:

    I beat the entire game

  30. AAAEE says:


  31. blue is awsome says:

    Water temple has easy enemys for me it was easiest to beat dark link

  32. ilikepie404 says:

    i cant break the fire barrier! help!

  33. Iamcheif says:

    Hi guys willing to help anyone in this game, boss’s weaknesses, temple locations, power-ups you name it. I will answer all questions by 12/30/11 and then I’ll post other dates.

  34. beat it! says:

    Ganon was so easy

  35. The Avenger says:

    I am considering buying Legend of Zelda games, but I know nothing about the series. Which game should I play first, on which console. Should I even play this series? Is it better the Metroid? What do I need to know?

    • zeeda says:

      you should get legends of zeld ocarina of time

    • The Game Master says:

      The Avenger,

      Yes! The Legend of Zelda games are far better than Metroid. It depends on what console you have for which game you should do first.


      The Game Master

    • N64Man says:

      The Avenger,
      I have always been very interested in The Legend Of Zelda series from age 6. My first game I started with was Twilight Princess for the GameCube and Wii but it was NOT a good starter for first time players. Ocarina of Time is probably the best starter, but you have to use logic sometimes. P.S. Definitely better than most Metroid games.

  36. BR!AN says:

    Ganondorf is actually the easiest boss in the game.

  37. will says:

    were is the second temple?

    • zeldaguru says:

      you go to Goron City and stop the goron from rolling.he gives you a goron tunic.Then go 2 Darunia’s room and pull back the statue.U are in Death Mountain Crater,so put on the tunic and Hookshot across the bridge,learn the “Bolero of Fire and enter the temple.

  38. Zeerid says:

    How do get from the lost woods to the forest temple? I really need your help!

  39. Lol says:

    Im stuck on jabu jabus belly to :/

  40. link says:

    I may be the person in thes games,but im stuck on jaba jues belley.

  41. link says:

    im so glad im in so many video games,mostly this one!

  42. tocomanplaysavidiogame says:

    i cant belive i am getting lost in dodongo’s cavern!!!

  43. stundnt in perl says:

    ineed help i lost my fire tonick and im stuck on fire temple

  44. J-Gamer 12345 says:

    I have this game on the 3DS and it is the best game of all time. It is a million times better than Call of Duty.

  45. antonio says:

    the legend of zelda ocarina of time is the coolest game ever!

  46. Iamcheif says:

    In order to shine the sunlight on the face you need the polished sheild

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