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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

How do you get to the water temple?

Games Guru: It’s complicated, especially on the original game. Basically, you have to change the water level a lot and constantly put on and take off your Iron Boots. Keep the Zora Tunic on to stop from drowning. To help, here’s a video:

I can’t find the bomb bag to use on Death Mountain because the level I am on is Death Mountain. I need the bomb bag to blow up the rock that blocks the way to Dodongos Cavern so I can find Goron’s bracelet. Can you help me?

Games Guru: Here’s how to get a bomb bag. As a kid, you have to play the Bombchu game in the Hyrule Market. Play it a second time and win, and you’ll get the bomb bag, which can hold up to 30 bombs.

Where do you find the sword in the Deku Tree?

Games Guru: You should have a sword before entering the Deku Tree. You do get a slingshot in that tree. Have you checked for swords in the caves of the Kokiri Forest?

How do I get my bow in the forest temple? And are there any codes of any sort for this game?

Games Guru: There are many, many secrets in this game, but no code that I am aware of. There are hidden stores, including one in Gannon’s tower, places in which you can load up on Rupees or even collect gold skultullahs, but nothing so easy as a code.

About the fairy bow: Getting the bow is quite straightforward. As you explore the temple, you will enter a room in which you are attacked by a stalfos, a skeleton guard. Beat that stalfos and two more will appear. Beat them too slowly and they will simply reappear until you beat them in a set time. Beat them within the time limit, and a chest will appear. The bow is in that chest.

Do you have any tips on beating the Water Temple boss?

Games Guru: Having explored the HUGE Water Temple and survived your battle with Dark Link, your ultimate fight will be with a pesky water creature. Making this even more difficult, you fight it while jumping from pillar to pillar in a room filled with water.

Stay on the outer pillars. The key to victory is to keep moving so the creature can’t hit you, and keep your eyes open for it to give you an opening after its slow but powerful attacks. Using the Longshot, target its heart, which is visible in its water tentacles. Shoot it, pull it out and spin attack it with your sword, then keep moving.

You will need to repeat this process a few times, but I predict you will emerge from this battle swimmingly.

After I beat the Water Temple, how do I get into the Shadow Temple?

Games Guru: Congratulations on beating the Water Temple. Most people who quit this game stop during the lengthy Water Temple portion. Play the “Nocturne of Shadow” to warp to the Shadow Temple. Now go down the stairs, stand in the middle of the room and use Din’s Fire to light all the torches. If you hit all the torches, the door to the temple will open.

Where do I find the Master Sword and how do I get it?

Games Guru: The Master Sword is in the Temple of Time. Use the Ocarina to play the Song of Time to enter the Temple of Time. Once you can enter, the sword is yours for the taking—but there are consequences.

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  1. meta527 says:

    Why does everyone keep saying this game is overrated? It used to be a bit overrated, but now everyone refers to it as an overrated piece of garbadge! They also say it’s very outdated! It’s not outdated, it’s almost as awesome as it was back then! I didn’t get this game until I was 14, but this game is still epic! Not the best game ever, but one of them. So can you answer my question?

    • IcyFlame says:

      i have the gamecube version that includes the master quest and i finished the original game and im only missing a few things to complete it but this game is AWESOME!!!! it was one of the most remembered zelda titles in history! and whoever says this game is overrated is wrong

    • Supermario says:

      Anyone who says this game is overrated obviously hasn’t played it.

  2. Phantasy Star Zero155 says:

    Anyone else see the random cow in Death Mountain?It’s random XD

    • IcyFlame says:

      yeah i know right?! ohh i think i remember what it was for. u need to have gotten the long long milk bottle and when u go to the cow u play a song and it will fill one of your bottles with milk. i think the song was song of storms, if not try others songs (the ones that dont teleport u)

  3. Spike says:

    If anyone needs help on the bosses, my sister has beaten Morpha.

  4. Spike says:

    Who’s the boss of the Shadow Temple? Molgera? No, he’s from Wind Waker. Um…. rogue Sheikah? That doesn’t make sense…. Who is it?

    • Trascout says:

      It’s Bongo Bongo, who I believe follows a variation of the old hands-with-eyes strategy that’s also used to defeat Gohdan in Wind Waker and Mazaal in Minish Cap.

  5. angielink says:

    I am in the cave of the shadow temple. i have gone through the rooms on the left where there is an invisible chest that is supposed to have a key but it did not. How can I get the key I need. (Ocarina of Time Master Quest for Gamecube)

  6. fungame says:

    how do you get to death mountin, because I don’t know how.

    • Trascout says:

      Make sure you’ve beaten Gohme inside the Great Deku Tree. Then go to Hyrule Field and head toward the castle, but turn right when you come to a nearby bridge. Cross it and find a staircase and go up it. You’ll be in Kakariko Village. Go to the left and you’ll find the gate to Death Mountain.

    • Dander P. Donderdink says:

      You go Kakaiko Village, go west, I think, then show the guard Zelda’s letter.

  7. help is a virtue :P says:

    how od i get shadow link and the shadow temple since i cant find them both at all

    • Spike says:

      You fight Dark Link at the Water Temple(miniboss) and the Shadow Temple is after the Water Temple. Don’t know where the Shadow Temple is, though.

  8. choy says:

    i beat the game in less than an hour

  9. Spike says:

    My sister can’t figure this out. How the HECK do you get the supposed ”new skill” from Kakariko village? She got the Sun’s Song. Is that it? Also, she can’t find Dampe’s grave. Where is it?

    • Trascout says:

      Spike, in Kakariko, you can go to the windmill and talk to the guy inside to learn the Song of Storms if you haven’t already. Or you might have to go inside the well and beat Dead Hand when you find him to get the Lens of Truth if you haven’t already. As for Dampé’s grave, I believe it’s the gravestone with the flowers in front of it. I can’t exactly remember what you’re supposed to do once to find it to get it to open, though.

    • i say moo 21 says:

      spike the new skill is the hookshot open all the graves and or go into dampes hut and read the diary it helps kk

    • Edog says:

      you go to the graveyard and play zeldas lullaby on the picture of the triforce. then drop down the hole that opens up and use din’s fire to light the torches and advance to the next room

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh Thats easy i just earned my hootshot you go to the graveyard and goo to the gavestone with flowers or weeds o the west side go in side and you will see dampe he will talk to you race him in a race but warch out he tosses fire at you so you beat him and he gives u a hoot shoot and then leve with the cave in front of you then you come aross a blue brick… play the sog of time to make in move then you leve and guess what!?!??!?!?! you turn up in the windmill! now go back to the lady in the teple of time and she tells you to enter yout first temple……….

  10. Trascout says:


    • IcyFlame says:

      yeah i know u barely have any traction. u should stay with the kokiri boots and when u need to use the hover boots just change them and take them off again after u use them and if u get tired of switching them so much u could stay with them on but i dont recommend it. by the way u dont need to use them against bongo bongo (the boss of the shadow temple) and u should also keep the lens of truth on since youll use them alot

  11. ben says:

    how do I beat in Jaub jaubs belly and adld?

  12. Natscout says:

    Din’s Fire is a magic attack that a great fairy will give Link when he finds her, it uses magic by the way, so don’t go using it alot. I don’t remember where to find the great fairy, since I haven’t played this game in a while. You can look it up on a walkthrough at IGN, or somebody here could tell you.

  13. qwerty says:

    What is din’s fire?

  14. Jett says:


    I just found it yesterday. Its in the room were wooden spikes move to try and kill you. use din’s fire to stop yourself from being crushed

  15. qwerty says:

    How do you beat the Dorogos cave or whatever it is called on the mountain. I don’t know what to do and when I try, I can’t do anything in the time limit. Someone PLEASE help me!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get past the first zone

  17. cj says:

    where is the boss key in the shadow temple

  18. LIKE says:


  19. link2 says:

    how do i unfreeze king zora

    • the essence of the triforce says:

      dump a bottle of blue fire at his feet.

    • zelda_fan says:

      you have to collect some blue fire which can be found in the caverns where you find the iron boots behind king zora in the zora domain or you can get bluefire from the shop keeper in kakariko, but it costs a hefty 300 rupees

    • dyl pickle says:

      go in the back of him and find the water with frozen ice blocks floating jump,jump,jump until ure in the ice cavern u must beat it to get the iron boots save some purple fire bring it to him (king zora) and puor it on him hell thank you and give you the water tunic

  20. link2 says:

    how do you get to the broken bridge from the death mountain crater.

  21. Supermario says:

    This game is so much fun(possibly the best in existence). I played completely through it twice(the first time I forgot to get the Goron Tunic) and still had a lot of fun. Though it was easier with the Goron Tunic.

  22. the essence of the triforce says:

    i think i play this game 3 times a year.

  23. IsaacGoldenSun says:

    Okay, thank you Essence. I beat the Cuckoo game, and got another bottle. I now have two bottles, six hearts, and a 40 bomb bag. How do you get to the Zoras, though?

    BTW, I thank you for your help, But I am getting a guidebook soon.

    • the essence of the triforce says:

      oaky, leave kakariko village, follow the river, and keep going. fly with a cukoo, then keep climing. play zelda’s lullaby, and leap through the waterfall. hope this helps!!!!

  24. IssacGoldenSun says:

    I just got this game and It is AWESOME! I have currently entered Kakiriko Village, and I was wondering if I should have got a bottle yet.

  25. joe dirt says:

    hey guys sorry i have not been on who needs help from me

  26. link2 says:

    how di go back to being a kid?

  27. link2 says:

    where do I find all the ocarina songs?

  28. link2 says:

    How do i get a larger rupee bag?

  29. link2 says:

    how do i get a zora suit

  30. easy111 says:

    Legend of Zelda is awesome! I am going to get it for n64 when i get it!

  31. King Dodogondo says:

    help me!! i can’t get the last silver rupee in the first fire barrier room.

    • the essence of the triforce says:

      okay, silver rupee locations:
      1. as soon as you enter, little platforn on right with rotating fire.
      2. one opposite this platform on the other side of the room.
      3. one under rock pillar (need golden gauntlets-shadow barrier).
      4. one across room on platform with fire slug.
      5. last one platform, must jump off stone pillar. (#3)

  32. Leonardo227 says:

    to Snake,

    you can only forge your korkerrie sword in the majora’s mask!

  33. snake says:

    How do I streghtthen the korkir sword to the razor sword

    • the essence of the triforce says:

      you sure you’re not thinking of majora’s mask? the only sword upgrade you can get is the bggoron’s sword.

  34. resident evil zombie says:

    to essince of the triforce,the twinrova! that should be it

  35. the essence of the triforce says:

    they got rid of my gliched comment! but still, biggoron’s sword is awesome!!!!!! :P

  36. B Is LoSt says:

    hey im in the temple where do i get my bow and arrow from and wats a quick way to destroy the warriors without bombs??
    Thanx For Answering This

    • the essence of the triforce says:

      hey, are you talking about the original legend of zelda? if so, in the room with blade traps, sshove one of the blocks to get the bow. to kill the armos knights, slash at their sides or backs.

  37. the essence of the triforce says:

    just for fun, i’m getting the biggoron’s sword on this playthrough of the game. to get it, get the pocket cucoo and wake talon. then take it back and get cojiro. take him to hte pale guy in the lost woods. then take the mushroom you get to the potion shop. rest of quest in reply.

    • the essence of the triforce says:

      take the potion to a kokiri where the pale guy was. then take the saw to the carpenter (gerudo canyon). take the sword to biggoron (helpful to have planted bean outside of dodongo’s cavern). take prescription to king zora. take frog to professor muzimi (lakeside laboratory). finally, take eyedrops to biggoron. then play sun’s song six times to get biggorn’s sword.

  38. aj says:

    how do u get the bow?

  39. Anonymous says:

    how do u get the bow?

  40. link1000 says:

    I can’t get through the forest temple.Can you help me please.

  41. Natscout says:

    The great king of evil, gannondorf, how could you say that?! The king’s son gives you the goron tunic when your an adult. You go to the kakori forest, ask around about saria, go to the lost woods, listen and go in the tunnel where the music is loudest,go through the maze and then learn saria’s song, then go back and play it for king Darunia.

  42. Legend of Zelda mastr says:


    • popper says:

      It easy compared to the spirt and shado temples!!!!!

      • the essence of the triforce says:

        spirit and shadow temples are easier than water, and that’s coming from a zelda geek.

      • Legend of Zelda mastr says:

        Yeah, I know that, I’ve heard that from other people, and I’ve also heard that you can get into those temples before you finish the water temple. Is this true? Also, how do you get into the Shadow temple? The only thing I really need help finding is the boss key in the water temple. Where in the world is it?

      • the essence of the triforce says:

        to get the boss key, have 2 keys and the longshot and head north on i think the 2nd floor.

      • the essence of the triforce says:

        well, all you need to get into the shadow and spirit temples is the longshot, so if you just go there you can get in.

      • Legend of Zelda mastr says:

        x-( well that’s not much help, but its better than nothing I suppose. I never play this game anymore so I don’t even know why I asked!

      • King Dodogondo says:

        actually, you need the eye of truth in addition to the longshot to get into the shadow an spirit temples

      • LegendofZeldaMastr says:

        OK. Thanks Essence!

    • popper says:

      How do you get the golden scale?!?!?!

    • the essence of the triforce says:

      hey, you’re on twilight princees too! which one do you need help with?? (again, look online [and try to find a walkthrough with piuctures])

      • theriddler says:

        you know if you go to Wayne manor and do the robin/batman studs you will beat the game pretty easily.

    • SandMan says:

      Its was easy for me i got it done over the weekend.

    • Supermario says:

      What? That temple is easy. It only took 3 days. It’s also the most fun. (Got to love fighting Dark Link).

  43. dark link 7 says:


  44. Natscout says:

    Cool Dude, you need to go to the Lost Woods and find Saria. She’ll teach you her song. Now go and play it for King Darunia.

  45. the great king of evil,ganondorf says:

    if you whant the goron song you got to learn it from that little goron who is the kings son

  46. Natscout says:

    Oh yeah, in the future when you hear Saria’s Song in a place other than the Lost Woods, it is a secret passage to the Lost Woods.

  47. cool dude says:

    How do I get the Song for The king of the Gorron”s?

  48. the essence of the triforce says:

    to cole from infamous:

    to kill him, put on the lens of truth, and shoot arrows at his hands. then, his eye will open and you can jump slash. i then recomend quick spin attacks (spin the control stick and press b). repeat until he dies. (if this appears twice, it’s because i thought it didn’t go through the first time.)

  49. s.fox64 says:

    i copleted this game 3 times,so i welcome your quistions or comments

  50. cole from infamous says:

    yes joe dirt,i cant kill bongo bongo,he is hard

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