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The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Please tell me how to talk to the masks in the mayor’s house to be able to return the last book to the library. Thanks so much.

Games Guru: You don’t need to talk to the masks. Just run into the wall under each of the masks to make them fall.

Could you tell me where all the wall kingstone fusions are? Also, how do I get to the minish in the library?

Games Guru: That would be a very large answer, as there are more than 40 kinstones here.

How do you beat the Fortress of Wind?

Games Guru: It’s a big place. Where exactly are you in it?

How do you get past the third dungeon?

Games Guru: Please write back and let me know the name of the area you wish to get through. Do you mean the Fortress of Winds?

Are there any secret codes for this game?

Games Guru: There are no secret codes for this game. There are, however, a number of tricks that can help you along through the game. Here are two of my favorites:

An endless supply of rupees awaits just outside of Link’s house. Once you have the mole mitts, take Link home and have him dig to the left of his front door. You will find 20 rupees. In fact, there will always be 20 rupees in that spot, so just come back any time you need some cash. Better yet, go in the house and come back out, and 20 more rupees will be waiting every time you step out that door.

Want a double shot of life just when you need it most? You can catch two fairies in one empty bottle if you go to the tree with the door in South Hyrule Field. Enter the tree and go to the room with the fairies, stand in the center of that room and wait for the fairies to come within range. You need to catch both fairies with one swing of the bottle, so make sure to wait until two fairies are flying around you at the same time, then swing the bottle.

Comments about “The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap”

  1. ollie says:

    it is great it is the best game I have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  2. linkboy says:

    where do you get the kinstone to fuse with source of the flow?

  3. me says:

    how do you deafeat the final boss in the shadow castle in his final form!?!?!?!?!?!?

  4. me says:

    dear links hat

    you have to bomb an area betwen the to wood fences

    then you have to defeat the chu’s then go up and shrink then go in the little passage

    thats green

  5. Pieman says:

    How do i get the cane of picasi? =)

  6. Pieman says:

    How do i get the flippers? =)

  7. Tono says:

    To kirby there is not a sercet room but in the corner there is a red ruppe outside. Go back outside and get it again.

  8. Link's hat! says:

    How do you get the mineral water at mt cranel base?

    Please answer!!!!!!!!!!

  9. legendarysrk4eva says:

    where is the secret room is it a basement?

  10. agent star says:

    In The dark casle I’m at a part where you have to blow up a block. When you place a bomb it falls under you. pleasr help =)

  11. team rocket says:

    I beat the hard game so ask me to beat it. Also The last boss is easy shot the cane at his arms then go in and slashhe eyes.

  12. zelda says:

    i need help im on the part were theres a sqwure and lots of vasesand i need to get the chest that popes up wen u put a vase on it

  13. younghest master says:

    in need to fuse one more kinsstone pease than i got all i dont know where it is!!!!!!!

  14. Pat says:

    I’m at MT. Cranel( Ijust got the game!) What do i do?

  15. small linkl says:

    im having trouble at the air temple but i can get pasyt a certain part i passed the knight mini boss and folowd a trail up and found another place but got stuck there

  16. Anonymous says:

    im stuck in the fortress of wind i got pass that night boss thing and i got a little farther but i cant get any farther

  17. Dork says:

    Where are the flippers ???? I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Dedropedro says:

    This game ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. luke says:

    it is very changeing

  20. Zelda Lover says:

    I’m Stuck in the Fortress Of Wind I need Help

  21. link says:

    litel linky you dont kill them but you push the stones on the to up

  22. little linky says:

    how do you beet the firethings the ones that kinda sct like snakes with firy saws

    i m in the place were you have to kill 2 of them befor geting through a door

    im in the temple of droplest =)

  23. link says:

    to get flippers you have to get to the minish elder in the library to do this you have to find all the checked out books ask the librarian

    thisl help you get the books if you havent alredy figured it out:use the cane of pacasi on any large blue pot and theres a portal to shrink you

    if you need any help anywere else put a smile face at the end of yer question

  24. Kruze says:

    were do you get the flippers and how do you get into the library

  25. plipper neader says:

    were i get flippers and i need the last rock crusher!

  26. kimi says:

    go to the hyrule castle

  27. kimi says:

    where can I find the flippers

  28. ZANE says:


  29. Kirby says:

    How do you get into the secret room in your bedroom that Ezlo (the hat) tells you about when you go near the bottom of the wall on the left? I beat all parts of the game but nothing happens! :(

  30. The Twilight says:

    Where are all of the mysterious walls!!!!!!!! They bring the rock crushers and I need to get past them!!!!!!! PLEASE HELPPPPP!!!!!!!

  31. link says:

    uuuuhhhh….?to beat the last vati form when he digs his arms in the ground use the cane

    of paci on it to flip it over go in it and 1 eye that looks in the direction of you kill it.then repeat this in the next arm only its dark use the lamp again kill the eye get out. i cant rember the rest sorry

  32. boy with maliria says:

    i need to fuse with the walls were are all the wall fuses?

  33. game sage says:

    if your missing a kinstone fusion then try going to mount crenel.a minish over there[not a miner]will fuse.he does not do this your first time over there.

  34. boy woth malaria says:

    what heppens if you get the wrong girls?

  35. needy gamer says:

    i cant get the flippers and i dont know were to start looking plz help rsvp

  36. needy gamer says:

    were are the kingstone walls i need to fuse with to get the last “rock pounder”

  37. needy gamer says:

    how can i find hte minish in the library?

  38. TerminX says:

    i am missing 1 kinstone fusion and i cant find it! grrr…

  39. mwa ha haa says:

    ps legend of zeld rules N64

  40. mwa ha haa says:

    were do i down load for vba??? *_*

  41. ganondorf says:

    to beat vatti u just use mirror shield

  42. fsjd says:

    How do I get Rok’s cape?

  43. fsjd says:

    What do you do after the 4th dungeon?

  44. ... says:

    if you have a VBA , use the pegesus boots while pressing spacebar and link will move without moving his legs! XD

  45. Anonymous says:

    its not called Minish Cup, Its Minish Cap

  46. uuuuhhhh....? says:

    ye i got faroe and that blue one hold on from the ocarina of time it was 1 of the gods lol ar oh ye! nyaru or somethin lol I chose them 2 blue and purple link I also found out another kool glitch

    as purple link go inside the Inn and jump in the pot

    then jump out and cane of pacci it to flip it then shrink and resize and you will be a blue skinned red robed deamon link try it!

  47. uuuuhhhh....? says:

    iv been stuck at this for almost 2 yrs how do i defeat the very last boss light force vati?

    after his 2 forms just before saving the princess? However i did have some fun on this lvl use rocks cape and princess zelda will just levitate in the air beside you lol

    answering this thread would be appriciated

  48. game sage says:

    i got everything in the game including kinstone fusions

  49. Rauru says:

    You can’t. So choose your 2 girls carefully. ALWAYS get Farore, though. She’s twice as good as the others. You’ll see why.

  50. sage says:

    how do you get the third person in the hotel a house?

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