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The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Please tell me how to talk to the masks in the mayor’s house to be able to return the last book to the library. Thanks so much.

Games Guru: You don’t need to talk to the masks. Just run into the wall under each of the masks to make them fall.

Could you tell me where all the wall kingstone fusions are? Also, how do I get to the minish in the library?

Games Guru: That would be a very large answer, as there are more than 40 kinstones here.

How do you beat the Fortress of Wind?

Games Guru: It’s a big place. Where exactly are you in it?

How do you get past the third dungeon?

Games Guru: Please write back and let me know the name of the area you wish to get through. Do you mean the Fortress of Winds?

Are there any secret codes for this game?

Games Guru: There are no secret codes for this game. There are, however, a number of tricks that can help you along through the game. Here are two of my favorites:

An endless supply of rupees awaits just outside of Link’s house. Once you have the mole mitts, take Link home and have him dig to the left of his front door. You will find 20 rupees. In fact, there will always be 20 rupees in that spot, so just come back any time you need some cash. Better yet, go in the house and come back out, and 20 more rupees will be waiting every time you step out that door.

Want a double shot of life just when you need it most? You can catch two fairies in one empty bottle if you go to the tree with the door in South Hyrule Field. Enter the tree and go to the room with the fairies, stand in the center of that room and wait for the fairies to come within range. You need to catch both fairies with one swing of the bottle, so make sure to wait until two fairies are flying around you at the same time, then swing the bottle.

Comments about “The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap”

  1. Zeo says:

    If you are persistent enough…you’ll be able to beat the game…i’ve beat it in 3 days…

  2. Linkfan#1 says:

    you get the mirror shield from the bigoron.let him eat your shield and come back after awile.he will spit it out and it will be the mirror need to beat the game first and the goron sidequest.

  3. pbk says:

    how do I get peigusus boots

  4. odon says:

    how do get the mole mitts?

  5. MCLANE56 says:


  6. Natscout says:

    Anonymous: The way you get the Light Arrows, if you want to get them right away, go inside the house on the west side of hyrule town where a man that has a white cloth on his head, if you can make a Kinstone fusion with him, a portal near your house will appear,step into the portal to be transported to a house, go into the room with the man in bed with a ghost floating around him, use the gust jar to dispose of it, the man gives you 200 shells,come back later when he is out of bed, talk to him and he will give you the Light Arrows, to use them, wait for a yellow dot to appear at the end of your arrow, fire!!! I don’t know where the mirror shied is though =(

  7. gamer1101 says:

    Dear zeldagamer724,

    To get the mole mitts in the fortress of wind you look for 3 odd colored tiles and then bomb the middle!

  8. zeldagamer724 says:

    I can’t get the Mole Mitts either. It says you get them in the 3rd dungeon. What is that?

  9. gamer1101 says:

    I have beat the game! If you need my help just ask! Post your ? here.

  10. Linker says:

    Were do you go to blow up the skulls? Is there a specific place in the fortress of winds?Please Tell Me!!!!!!!!!!

  11. dannie says:

    where to get the amulet ‘o’ great guru?

  12. gamer1101 says:

    where do u bomb in the fortress of wind to get the mole mitts?

  13. hi says:

    u get mirror shield from the goron on top of veil springs

  14. Anonymous says:

    how do you get the mirror shield? or the light arrows? tell me. thanx=)

  15. Anonymous says:

    the legend of pacri is eter in the house by the cickens or behind the dog or by surups house

  16. Tomare! says:

    You have to defeat 3 forms of Vaati to save Zelda

  17. thor says:

    hi i cant get passed the dark hyrul castle thx.

  18. zx$ says:

    I defeated all the forms of vaati at the end

  19. pomgo says:

    i lost my game on holiday and i was at the last book at the libary

  20. Tomare! says:

    I already defeated Vaati

  21. amal says:

    please tell me werethe picori legand book is

  22. speedyliam says:

    hi how do you beat the last boss? thanks

  23. firedragonist says:

    Hey Kororo my cuz deleted my file so when i was playing i forgot how to get that ring that makes minish link strong but before that i need to know how to get the flippers which have no idea where they are

  24. Victor says:

    Thats not what I meant Kororo, I meant How do you get into the locked house?

  25. chipsndip says:

    hey kororo or any1 else how do yuo get all the books to return to the library

    thanks =)


  26. chipsndip says:

    how do you get hargens book so you can get flippers?

  27. chipsndip says:

    hey kororo: how do you get the lantern?? =[} plz answer

  28. chipsndip says:

    hey kororo: how do you start the miniquest to get the flippers :] plz answer

  29. kororo says:

    The lantern is found in the water temple, the roc’s cape in the palace of wind.

  30. kororo says:

    To beat the water mid-boss, use the same strategy as the first boss, but stop when it starts to spark. For the big boss, deflect the boulders with your shield. After 3 deflects, it will freeze. At this point, use the lantern to light it’s tail on fire. It will then ram the walls and spray ink and boulders will fall. Light the lantern and avoid the rocks. Repeat this twice more.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Hey kororo how to get the lantern and roc’s cape

  32. Anonymous says:

    how to get the lantern?

  33. GoodGamer says:

    hey Kororo how do you defeat the boss at the temple of droplets?

  34. GoodGamer says:

    How do you defeat the fire snakes.

  35. boohead84 says:

    To Kororo: Never mind I beat the whole game

  36. kororo says:

    Okay, this is a much asked question, but to get the mole mitts, place a bomb between 2 skulls in the fortress of winds.

  37. kororo says:

    Dear Victor, to remove the ghost, you must fuse kinstones with a ghost in royal valley.

  38. kororo says:

    Dear iou, to get up Mt. Crenel, you need to buy a grip ring from a deku scrub. You can then climb up the rocky walls.

    P.S.Bomb walls in Mt. Crenel: Behind several trees in entry area. At end of small path. Between 2 trees by the rock wall. On a small ledge by the rock wall. Hope this helps!!

  39. kororo says:

    To boohead84, do you mean the fortress of winds or the palace of winds?

  40. boohead84 says:

    I’m Stuck in the palace of wind and need to know how to get to the third floor tell me everything I sometimes don’t get stuff.

  41. boohead84 says:

    There are three yellow kinstones at the bottom left of Castor Winds there are mysterios statues fuse the Yellow Kinstones with them and the rock will break and you will be able to get past the area.

  42. boohead84 says:

    “Hey Kororo” How do I get to the thrid floor of the temple of wind?

  43. lou says:

    Hey Kororo can you help me find the climing tools for Mt.Crenel. Thank you!

  44. Tator-tot says:

    I am stuck in the dungeon of Castor Wilds.There are big walls in the dungeon and none of my items work on the walls.What do I do?

  45. zelda the minish says:

    need to find kinstone –> fuse with source of the flow (veil falls)

  46. To Link says:

    This is the best Zelda game in HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. sev says:

    how do i get mole mitts

  48. Moshi says:

    I’m stuck on Vatti’s last form. I know how to freeze his arms, but what do I do next?

  49. kurte says:

    how do you get the mole mits?

  50. Lou says:

    I am stuck on finding the climbing tools for mt. Crentnol. Please help!

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