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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Once you put the three pearls on the goddess platforms, how do you beat the temple that comes out of the sea?

Games Guru: You have to go to the top of the Tower of the Gods to prove you are a hero. You have to return to the Tower three times, too, and beat the bosses. So you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Where do I get the rainbow-colored firefly far in the forest haven?

Games Guru: Remember the photographer on Windfall Island? You can get the firefly easily after you complete the photographer’s three photo challenges.

Where do I get the ability to use a twister to get into Mother and Child Island?

Games Guru: Traveling across the great sea, you have undoubtedly run into Cyclos, the god who bombards your ship with giant whirlpools. (You can always run into him around Mother and Child Island, Shark Island and the Northern Triangle.) Hit him with three arrows as he sucks you in, and he will give you the ability to warp your boat using cyclones.

How do you get to the Sky Spirit Valoo?

Games Guru: You do not really want to beat Valoo. As you explore the caverns of Dragon Roost Island, you will discover that Valoo is the victim of a fire-breathing creature called Gohma.

Go beneath the crater when you see Valoo. There you will find Gohma. Use your grappling hook to shoot a line on Valoo’s tail. Swing across. When you land, Valoo will knock rocks down on Gohma, breaking his armor. Once Gohma’s armor is gone, you can defeat him by targeting his eye.

I have found all the triforce shards and have entered Gannon’s tower. I found the portal that Gannon used to escape. Where are the light arrows?

Games Guru: When you beat the phantom Gannon in the Forsaken Fortress, a chest will appear. The light arrows are in that chest.

Comments about “The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker”

  1. Mic says:

    i need the Din’s Pearl. How do i get it?

  2. Micro says:

    I am stuck on Dragon Roost Island. I can’t leave until I get the pearl that the prince has and he won’t give it to me. How do I get it?

  3. Gamemaster says:

    THIS GAME ROCKS!!!!!! But I beat it a long ago so I can’t remember how to get my bow and arrow…please help??

  4. me says:

    you get the arowws in the tower of gods

  5. ZeldaLuvr says:

    I NEED UR HELP!!!! when u get to mother and child isle….what do u do?

    where do u egt the boots from and where on earth do u get the arrows from?!!??!!?!?!?!!!?!!?!?!?!?!!?

  6. me says:

    dear everyone

    i have beaat the game

    so if you need help ask me

  7. ZeldaLuvr says:

    hey im kinda stuck where is mother and child isle and

    when you get there….how do you go ontop of that bigh bomg thingy.

    Also where do you get the fire and ice arrows?!?!!?!? And where do you get the boots from? I rlly need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) plz help me

  8. grrrrr..... says:

    how do you get off of the island?

  9. tyre says:

    i really want to play

  10. crazylegs14 says:

    never mind i found out

  11. crazylegs14 says:

    how do u beet gannon in his castle?

  12. koolkid says:

    can any1 tell me how 2 get the super str pwr that helps lift/ destroy big objects?

    if so, can u plz respond quikly

  13. MewMasta9 says:

    I know a secret:

    Go to the forest place wher the deku tree is and go back up to where u got the deku leaf.

    take a different path to end up outside of the forest by the ocean.

    use your leaf to go down to an island that has a guy and a sliver thing with a wheel in the middle.

    Once you get there, there is a sign that says something about nintendo membership required to go down. (exiting huh)

    get the bow and look around the big forest island for a switch (the funny looking triangle ones that you shoot and they light up i think)

    shoot it and the door opens and the guy next to you goes in.

    Go in and the guy in there says that you need to give him a picture and if you give him one he says it has no color or something like that

    You need to beat the game and get the color pictobox so you can come back and get figurenes and view the nitendo gallery. If you dont believe me try it out you get there by climbing up to the very top and look around for an exit and fly there. hope i helped and someone try it out for proof for the other people! Ive aready beat the game and i need to get the arrows to activate the switch so i can go in again.

  14. MAN X says:

    ok YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at one of the lightstations you will see a little area that goes bigger piece then little spot and anoter big one face the wall and it say siddle on the A button press A and hold it move across until a big spot and do it again and grap your sowrd and fight thingy there and also shut off the lights frist and in jail there is a little spot crouch and go foreward and crawl though

  15. MAN X says:

    i have 5 trifoucre pieces where 3,4,and 6 of charts and pieces

  16. wild west says:

    If your in the great sea look for fairy havens to get special upgrades

  17. wild west says:

    If your on the great sea you can search for treasure with the grapplin hook.

  18. wild west says:

    If you beat the game and have a regular picto-box,save and play again, then you will get to have the deluxe picto-box, which takes colored photos.

  19. YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:


  20. YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    i need to get past the first time you visit forsaken fortress. HELP ME!!!

  21. I am a girl, not a boy says:

    How do I get the pictobox?

  22. I am a girl, not a boy says:

    You beat bosses by fighting them! DUHH!

  23. BooperGrandson says:

    Once you defeat Phantom Ganon, his sword will fall and point to a certain door. That’s the door that you need to go through, so keep doing this process; and it should get you to the chest with the light arrows. I already have completed this game more than 6 times. :D

  24. WWII says:

    Where are all of the triforce shards of curage on the sea chart.

  25. gamer gal... says:

    ok i really need help there is this mase thing in Gannon’s tower where u have 2 fight a phantom gannon and in the difrent rooms there are lots of bad guys! how do I complete this part of the task? And i only have 10 hearts!

  26. uh... says:

    a good game. i wish link could jump wen you told him to.

  27. uh... says:

    to rich girl……. to get deluxe picto box u must complete the 3 tasks lenzo wants u to do. then go to the forest haven and catch a really bright firefly in your bottle. give the firefly to lenzo and ……poof! you have the deluxe picto box! as for gannon….sorry.

  28. Rich Girl says:

    How do I defeat Ganon and get the deluxe picto box?

  29. lolipop says:

    i have it 4 gamecube!

  30. lolipop says:

    im stuck in forsaken fortress

  31. Melee fan says:

    i love the fact that it’s day and night based and that you can control the wind to help your boat sail better. above all, its a great game worth buying

  32. G-DOG says:


  33. obsessed with star wars says:

    I NEED CHEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. StrongfullyBad (the former 3 time game beater) says:

    I remeber! the last bottle is on Windfall Island. After you go to the forsaken fortress a second time one of the two girls the pirates took back will be mad about being poor now and she will try to steal money from the ekimo’s safe at night. Before she does this she will start by the bench on the left of the auction house and run around the island. Do not let her see you. Eventually she will make it to the safe confront her and set her straight and she will reward you with a bottle.

  35. Unknown says:

    I wish they used the real looking link in this one instead of the cartoon link. It was fun because it was long, but some things seemed pointless

  36. Powershooter says:

    What system requirements for this?

  37. spiderman98 says:

    its GREAT!

  38. i love w.w. says:

    this game was totally easy but i still loved it

  39. spiderman98 says:

    come now you have to sneek past the lights and then to make it easy after you do you can kill the light guys who are on the lights then you have to go north from the 3erd light and sneek that way till you are outside again and sneek up the stairs to the left AND ITS RIGHT IN FORNT OF YOU!

  40. ant says:

    how do you get the sword at forsaken fortess

  41. I beat this game 3 times says:

    Try again Roy. Just point the tip of your arrow at his head and fire nonstop if you shoot 30 arrows chances are 3 will hit him

  42. I beat this game 3 times says:

    You get rupee bags at fairy islands. You can also get bomb and arrow bags there. There is a fairy place on Outset Island too. There are four bottles you can get. One you get from someone on Dragon Roost Island. One is in a submarine just off Bomb Island (there is someone looking at it through a telescope). On your ship shop map one of the logos is different this shop will sell you a bottle. Sorry, I forgot where the last one is.

  43. I beat this game 3 times says:

    After you get your hook shot you need to collect triforce shards. Tingle will send you a map in the mail showing which islands to look for maps at that tell you where to go to get the shards for 201 rupees. He will interpret these maps for you as well at his island but it is expensive.

  44. I beat this game 3 times says:

    To defeat Ganon just hit him as often as you can until Zelda tells you to hold up your shield so she can reflect her light arrows off it then when the arrow hits him L-target him and run towards him “A” will light up push it and you win!

  45. ex_calibur says:

    where do you get empty bottles, and bags that allow you to hold more rupees?

  46. bigboy says:

    how do I defet ganon!

  47. Delta 38 says:

    I have every weapon, empty bottle, and item in the game. also every heart container and heart piece. the game is preety easy.

  48. Roy The lord says:

    I keep trying to shoot at hime w/ arrows but he sucks me in too fast what should I do

  49. J>A>J says:

    well go do IT then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Richie-Rich says:

    I have the hook shot in the forest temple what should i do now

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