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The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Once you put the three pearls on the goddess platforms, how do you beat the temple that comes out of the sea?

Games Guru: You have to go to the top of the Tower of the Gods to prove you are a hero. You have to return to the Tower three times, too, and beat the bosses. So you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Where do I get the rainbow-colored firefly far in the forest haven?

Games Guru: Remember the photographer on Windfall Island? You can get the firefly easily after you complete the photographer’s three photo challenges.

Where do I get the ability to use a twister to get into Mother and Child Island?

Games Guru: Traveling across the great sea, you have undoubtedly run into Cyclos, the god who bombards your ship with giant whirlpools. (You can always run into him around Mother and Child Island, Shark Island and the Northern Triangle.) Hit him with three arrows as he sucks you in, and he will give you the ability to warp your boat using cyclones.

How do you get to the Sky Spirit Valoo?

Games Guru: You do not really want to beat Valoo. As you explore the caverns of Dragon Roost Island, you will discover that Valoo is the victim of a fire-breathing creature called Gohma.

Go beneath the crater when you see Valoo. There you will find Gohma. Use your grappling hook to shoot a line on Valoo’s tail. Swing across. When you land, Valoo will knock rocks down on Gohma, breaking his armor. Once Gohma’s armor is gone, you can defeat him by targeting his eye.

I have found all the triforce shards and have entered Gannon’s tower. I found the portal that Gannon used to escape. Where are the light arrows?

Games Guru: When you beat the phantom Gannon in the Forsaken Fortress, a chest will appear. The light arrows are in that chest.

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25 Comments on The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

  1. ghostbuster101 // June 19, 2009 at 12:04 pm // Reply

    hi ace,if you can’t find makar,you will see music notes coming out of the water fall .you will have to use your grapple hook to swing in there,makar will be playing his violin,then he will see you,then play him the wind god song,then he will have a flash back,then you must take him to the wind temple, when you get there you must play the wind god song,then makar will play his violin,then the door will open.if you need further help just ask.

  2. hi wario,after gannon dorf punchs zelda and knocks her out ,you will have to L target him and hold him off,when zelda wakes up she will tell you to block your self whith your sheild so the light arrow will bounce of it and stun gannon dorf,while he’s stunned,you must hold L down, win he gains his streight back he will try to slice you up whith his sword ,when the controller vibrates,press A,then you will destroys the jewel on his head,then you win,gannon dorf will say his final words and turn to stone,then the king of hyrule will come and talk to you about how he regrats the past,then he will say the only words link and zeldas ancestors left them , then zelda will ask him if he can come whith you, then a big drop of water will come down on hyrule,when you get back to land the pirates,whith aryal,medi,the rito prince and makar will get you on the ship, then the staff credits play,then you see link leaving his home then when he and the pirate sail into the distance,your adventure is over,until the next game that is,good luck and may the winds of fourtune blow at your back.

  3. how do you beat ganindorf

  4. hi miikers man,if you are trying to get in the pirate ship i have some use full should know that the bomb shop is closed for the night,so you have to slide on a beam to get to the other side,then you climb up some vines to get to the top,then you will find a secret entrance to the bomb shop,then put away your weapon and crawl into the entrace,when you get there gonzo and some other guy will talk about the password that niko will not let you in unless you tell it to him,if you forget then talk to the boat or print out this paperand your passwords are,treasure,plankton, chummly and swabbies.

  5. miikers man // June 1, 2009 at 1:34 pm // Reply

    what is pirate ship password

  6. hey becca i have already awnserd that on page 5

  7. hey sora if you think kingdom hearts is better then stay of this zelda hints website.

  8. i appricate the advice games guru, have to correct you on get the light arrows at gannons tower,i would hate to hear that you leid to a person who needed advice,so go to a better website like zelda universe to get advice,sighed your ticked off reader,s.fox64

  9. hello gamemaster,if you whant to get the bow and arrow you need to get one of the servants in the tower of gods,then you need to set him or it on the rainbow circle thingie,then use your rito grapple thing to swing to the door on th oppiset side of the eye,when you enter the door you must battle a dark nut’ the knight things’he will somtimes hit a pilllar that might fall down and hit you.L target him to slice of his armor then kill him,when he dies a treasure chest will appear,open it and theres your bow and if you forget my edvice, your whipped man.
    from s.fox64

  10. valoo rocks // May 27, 2009 at 1:41 pm // Reply

    i know how to get the triforce charts decoded but it costs alot

  11. i can’t pass the forsaken fortrus

  12. hello i beat the game three times,to get the last bottle you have to catch mila when she is trying to steal from zuarnies safe.

  13. yo diddy joe,if you cannot get that strange guy up on dragon roost island,you will have to remove those boxes that you had to use them bomb plant thingies to blow up that rock that blocks you from getting up there you have to pull those boxes down so he can get up,ps if this don’t work then i have somthing to worry about.

  14. hey guero,if your having trouble finding the triforce thingies,first you have to find them,if you already freed tingle from jail on wind fall island,you can take them to him on his island,he will make them readable for five thousand rupees,he will also mark them on your IN-credible chart,ps if i am not here tomarrow prepare to wait for a llllooooooooooooooongggg time.

  15. i am stuck in ganons tower,when i got into one room a rock whith writing on it,all gannondorf said was the sword hilts of his servants would point the way,i don’t know what the heck that means.please help me or i will be in gannons tower the rest of my life.

  16. how do i get the trilorce charts please help me

  17. i need codes or tips

  18. to link is awsome:

    do you have the iron boots and the power gauntlets yet?

  19. Wolf Link and Midna // May 6, 2009 at 7:05 am // Reply

    there is a poll for your favorite vidio game hero and link is there!!!!

    go to the home page and click the vote for your favorite hero.

  20. link is awsome // May 5, 2009 at 1:20 pm // Reply

    im stuck when you have to wake up the sages i dont know what to do then!
    i am mad i try to figure it out once a month i know thats a long time but realy would you play the game everyday? but over all i love it

  21. I have trouble with the first dungeon in the game. The Foresaken Fortress.

  22. lol it funny

  23. hi zelda fan no 1. What you have to do is go through dorrs of forsaken fortress until you get to a room where there are two moblins(big pig things that throw you in jail if they see you)sneek passed them and go up a few steps in that room and open the big door. Go up the pathway until you come to a barrel get in it and sneek passed the moblin and head up the pathway to the left. Follow it and you will find your sword.
    Hope this helps. :o)

  24. on dragon roost island there is a man trying to get up to his interview in the mail centre but he can’t get up. i’m not sure how to get him up, how do you.

  25. Zelda fan no 1 // April 15, 2009 at 11:21 am // Reply

    How do you get your sword back fron the dugeon level when you have got to save your sis or somethin like that

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