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The Simpsons: Hit & Run

What is the code for all the levels?

Games Guru: There are a number of codes for this game. My favorite is YAYA (on GameCube) to make your cars indestructible. I haven’t found a code for unlocking every level.

On the very last mission on level 7, where you have to deliver the nuclear waste to the power plant in Grandpa’s car, I always run out of time. HELP!!!!!

Games Guru: As the mission begins, drive to a phone booth and call another car before the 10-second timer runs out. You will fail the mission, but when the mission restarts, you will have the car you called. Try Bart’s go-cart.

Comments about “The Simpsons: Hit & Run”

  1. PlantsVSZombiesMaster says:

    I know a secret, in Level 7, drive over to the Kwik-e Mart (Sorry if I typed that wrong), then go up to the roof to find an R/C Car that you can drive.

  2. Homer says:

    i just got this game from gamestop and its awesome! GO HOMER!

  3. Homer says:

    i love the simpsons but dont have the game!

  4. Pedro says:


  5. the mattster says:

    the fastest car there is the car in front of the gold mansion but it breaks easy what up with that?

  6. FoxFalco says:

    I’m so frustrated when I got to the parking lot in front of the kwik-e-mart my PS2 suddenly shut down and I had to start the ENTIRE game all over again. True story. );

  7. fishinglover says:

    i finished the game and there’s zombies and the alien ship is in the school play ground and you can go to the top of the nuclear plant and again I FINISHED THE GAME :) ;)

  8. Xplant says:

    What’s the last level like?
    I’m stuck on that part on level one where you need to get all of Ned Flanders’s stuff before time runs out. Help!!! :(

  9. Aa says:

    I need to unlock all levels

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