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The Simpsons: Hit & Run

What is the code for all the levels?

Games Guru: There are a number of codes for this game. My favorite is YAYA (on GameCube) to make your cars indestructible. I haven’t found a code for unlocking every level.

On the very last mission on level 7, where you have to deliver the nuclear waste to the power plant in Grandpa’s car, I always run out of time. HELP!!!!!

Games Guru: As the mission begins, drive to a phone booth and call another car before the 10-second timer runs out. You will fail the mission, but when the mission restarts, you will have the car you called. Try Bart’s go-cart.

Comments about “The Simpsons: Hit & Run”

  1. patrick says:

    what is a cheat for all missions?

  2. patrick says:

    i can’t Beat the game i’m stuck on Mission 5

  3. Simpsons rule says:

    The simpsons hit and run ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! I think homer is funny !!!!!!!!! I sit on my ps2 for hours playing it! I always love to crash my car into people and things!!!!!!!

  4. Zeldafan10000 says:

    If ur stuck on the game he is some tips or cheat (Note: Cheats are only from PS2!!)

    (PS: there is no tricks or cheats on the last mission at lvl:7 and i finished the whole game at the end u will get a ribbon on ur guest book or whatever)

    Tips: If u keep smashing cars don’t worry just stay on the road. if ur doing the short cuts just be careful!!

    shoot i have to go sleep ill send more tommorow

  5. bob 100 says:

    12 star

  6. coop says:

    I love the simpsons 6:00 is the best time of the day

  7. coolo says:

    the simpsons are so cool i dont no how i would live

  8. viper says:

    this game this a fun game?

  9. superman says:

    How do i play the game,it is stupid

  10. simpsonator156 says:

    i like the part where they go through the store with the car

  11. Wood Man Pwns You! says:

    To Game gal, Read the FAQ on the top, it is already awnsered.

  12. Game gal says:

    How do I beat the last mission on level 7. I have everything at 100% but I cant beat

    the mission. I keep on bumping in to things and I have to go back and get the waste

    again. Is there some kind of trick to it? if there is please tell me.

    i give this game ten out of ten. i love the simpsons.

  13. PS2 FREAK! says:

    I like smashing stuff on this games

  14. bloo says:

    What is the Cheat code for all the levels?

  15. bloo says:

    How do you beat the bus mission on level 6???

  16. Jimmy Neutron says:

    i luv dis game! Homer is FUNNY!

  17. wwebatistafan says:

    on level 4 there is a 4wheeler in the trailer park

  18. spongebobislame says:

    i lov dis game

  19. Sceptile says:

    this game is funny!!!!i like beating up people and running over people

  20. foodrocks says:

    do you know how to beat the racing parts of it.

  21. foodrocks says:

    I know where three coletctibal cards are. There is one on the side of the simpsons house outside, theres one on top of the kwik-e-mart and one in the power plant (where homer works).

  22. oddball says:

    hi no you cant drive the trian i am an expert on simpsons Hit and run. i beat the game!

  23. Red Comet/Final fantasy Lover says:

    I have it for gamecube & there is a trick you go to options type in a code & all cars you touch blow up! it’s good for the three bonus races per level ( the ones that if you complete you get the bonus car) that way you when you touch an enemy racer’s car he’ll be one less person to worry about…. ( use the invincability code with this code if you don’t you’ll end up totaling YOUR car Instead of the Enemies more likely then not)

  24. jorge says:

    what is the cheat code for all levels if you are playing on a playstation

  25. ja13 says:

    my friend has it and he ulocked 2 player(but 2 players really hard so i just crash into cars that my friend wants me to).

  26. Skywalker says:

    my cousin has it and it’s awesome

  27. peaches says:

    figisigi is right also!!!!!!!!

  28. peaches says:

    This game is awsome.

  29. Bomberdude X says:

    I have it for ps2 and theres a cheat 4 it. After you start the game, press pause. go to the options menu. hold l1 and r1 and press triangle, X, triangle, X. un pause the game, and your car will be invincible

  30. Ry says:

    I thinck it’s cool because you don’t have to obey the Law.

  31. Ry says:

    It s’ about going crazy and running away from the ploice.I have a ploice car,on barts’ level there is a brocken train., you can drive.

  32. Sonicdude says:

    OH, wait. So Megadude, what is the all levels code??? Please??

  33. Sonicdude says:

    Megadude, how do you enter “im the man”? how do you open the cheat entering area if you don’t just push normal buttons? (I’m on xbox)

  34. Big boss says:

    figisigi is right.

  35. figisigi says:

    the simpsons hit and run is the best game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( not including bully, legend of zelda, GTA, etc.)

  36. runescape playa says:

    heres the code for blow up cars in 1 hit

    (for the xbox vbersion)


    or byby

    or xxyy

  37. oreus says:

    Never played, never will, Simsons STINK BIG TIME!!!!

  38. lolipop says:

    oh ye it is wicked, i luv lisa’s car

  39. lolipop says:

    i have it 4 ps2, does any 1 ere ave it 4 dat console?

  40. Megadude says:

    quote: if its xbox im the man

    yea it does go for xbox

  41. Megadude says:

    i got all cars

    the game rox

  42. Master of games says:

    I love hit and run even if it has bad words

  43. lati huntah says:

    if its xbox im the man

  44. marth says:

    What isthe cheat for all levels?

  45. bob says:

    it’s a cool game cause you can hit cars and blow up your car and stuff like that. I am stuck on the 7th mission of the 7th level BUT i have all the cars!

  46. Anonymous says:

    Somehow When I was not home,my file dissapeared and I was on Bart’s 2nd level and I had almost all the cars eccept for the racing and I Had to start ALL OVER AGAIN! I think my little brother did it.

  47. dougie says:

    i ilke it beacause its first game of when you could

    get out the car andgo towork and live a life

  48. g says:

    its a bad game!!!!!

  49. carlos says:

    i love your game

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