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The Simpsons Road Rage

I unlocked all of the characters, even Mr. Burns, but there is still one missing in “Road Rage” and “Performance.” Who is it and how do I get them?

Games Guru: I would need to know who you have to guess who is missing; and, in truth, I have never played this game on Game Boy Advance, though I have certainly spend a portion of my life playing the Xbox version. Here is my suggestion:

  • If you type in the password “MAGGIE – WILLY – BART – WIGGUM – APU – MOE – KRUSTY – BARNEY,” you will unlock all cars on all levels.
  • If you type in “BART – BART – LISA – LISA – MARGE – MARGE – BARNEY – BARNEY,” you will have access to every driver.

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16 Comments on The Simpsons Road Rage

  1. hey this game is awesome

  2. i,m getting it from gamefly for game boy advance it sounds fun.

  3. on thanksgiving the question mark becomes a special holiday car with driver (for xbox)

  4. I beat the game but then my data got erased. I was going crazy!!!!

  5. you have to beat the last mission to get the question mark car

  6. homer is available in two cars. the first car, and Mr. plow.

  7. how do i get the last car. the one with a question mark?

  8. simpsons road rage game is so boring and hard i never play it any more because of the last misson

  9. i love simpsosns road rage

  10. the game is sooo easy i beat it in 4 hours hahaha anyone beat tht!!!!!! i dont want to give you any codes! figure them out your self! by the way i beat it in 4 hours and i am a girl! i just have soo much more talent

    • The game starts off really easy but it gets harder in the very middle of the game.I’M STILL TRYING TO BEAT IT!

  11. kinda cool
    so fun i done all levels

  12. simpsons is great forget evreyone who hates it its brillant

  13. Bartspajamas // October 7, 2008 at 12:31 pm // Reply

    On the list of cars there is a question mark. What is it???

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