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Sonic Advance

What do the Chaos do when you collect them during the Special Stage, where you try to obtain the Chaos Emeralds?

Games Guru: It’s a little more complicated than collecting the emeralds.You then have to complete the X-Zone with all four characters. Then you can get to the Moon Zone, which is pretty cool. The boss there is a big robot, but he’s not that hard to beat. As for where the emeralds are, that would take a whole column to tell you!

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  1. WILD IGGY says:

    Most Easyest boss in sonic history: BALL AND CHAIN EGGMAN. Why? CUZ HE JUST HAS 4 LIVES XD

  2. Gareth says:

    how do get past the weird futuristic type of level i’m stuck on act 2

  3. Asker: says:

    They give you an extra life… :S

  4. wads2233333333 says:


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