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The Sims 2

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  1. Walli says:

    Soo did you know that if you get 999,999,999$$$ If you lose or gain any on computer sims it will stay the same forever.The code to get more money is motherlode.Just like i did it.

  2. Noahbear says:

    Hey GC or PS2 for Sims Castaway cheats here are some.Cheat gnome-R1 L1 down square R2.Fill all motives-R2 up X square L1.Max inventory-left right square R2 square.Max relationships-L1 up R2 left triangle.Give all resources-square triangle down X left.Give all plans-X triangle L2 square R1.Set skills-triangle L1 L1 left triangle.

  3. Walli says:

    asdfjkl;kt you need an adapter not to just download something.That means that you need to go to the store and buy a directx adapter.What kind of computer is it?I have a e machine and it works on mine.

  4. Darky says:

    Can anyone tell me what happens on the level A very special reunion? I NEED to know!

  5. simsmaster says:

    in the gameboy version the alien uses my toielet and when he is done there is slime on the seat

  6. lizzy says:

    man on da ps2 vershon dey wantcha 2 ta do all 7 jobs naw man i caint finish dat dats a waste a time but itts fun doh

  7. Lockness says:

    i have all EPs and i cant wait till sims 3 comes out in febuay!

  8. someone says:

    how do you get the bike

  9. Zero says:

    I have sims 2 on my PC Wii PS2 and my PSP

  10. Zero says:

    The version on the Wii is the best

  11. random person says:

    never mind; I found my hidden hidden want, and I need 2 hook up 2 another GBA to play A Very Special Reunion [sad face] also, my Game Boy is busted: I have a Game Boy Micro, the R button don’t work, and the wires are 2 tiny ot be fixed w/out snapping [another sad face]

  12. Boo Boo bunny says:

    PS. DS version

  13. daman123 says:

    for DS version only: my friend showed me a book of games codes and i only saw was last year and my memory is small about it. i think it said ” insert game into GBA slot for…” it stopas right there.

  14. random person says:

    HELP!!!!!! On the GBA version, I can’t unlock the last episode (“A Very Special Reunion)! Also, for the GBA, what’s the hidden want in “Triassic Trouble”, and what do you have to do? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. GC or PS2 says:

    does anyone know any cheats or strategys for sims 2 on The Gamecube or PS2???? Also does anyone know anything like cheats for sims castaway?

  16. ILoveSims2 says:

    I know a good cheats for pc you hold ctrl alt c an type motherlode and press enter it give you $50,000 money

  17. Boo Boo bunny says:

    All of my sims have 6 million $!!!!!!!!!

  18. Puppy Luv says:

    My sims are rich!! :)

  19. Boo Boo bunny says:


  20. shadouge_girl says:

    yep, i AM a girl, and i luv anything that has 2 do with sonic, mario, sims 2, crash….pretty much anything that has 2 do with video games. ANYWAY, listen up, fellow simmers, cuz i have a very powerful cheat: boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true. shift click ur sims and find a world of possibilities…and not just sims or even YOUR sims. u can make sims in other places selectable…if u need help with the sims 2, sims 2 cheats, or this cheat, ask away.

  21. so_hood_8755 says:

    Wow this is a weird game

  22. wow says:

    how come i cant find this game anywere its out of strores were i live and it makes me really mad

  23. Kyra says:

    nice,people there is cute and funny looking,has hard cheats,sims colletion is much better than it

  24. mishmayla says:

    for the computer sims 2 boyslife type control+alt+c then type movable object on

    after you type that you will be able to move non movable objects and put them in illegal places.

    to stop your sim from aging just type control+alt+c and then type aging off.

  25. icg says:

    where the cheat to the xbox

  26. needsalotahelp says:

    know any cheats for the ds version?

  27. Eevee on sims 2 says:

    lol eevees on pets is awesome lol nd wolves too

  28. kk says:

    i need help on getting into last part

  29. simsim says:

    I have a question can you make a hotel on the sims 2 pc?

  30. a.k.a ratchet the darkstar says:

    this game rocks so does boylife but how do you enter cheats for the

    xbox version i cant find any cheats

  31. MNC39 says:

    (PC) Sims 2 is so much fun!! There are many cheats too. Here’s one…

    Press control shift and c together and at the top of the screen a box appeares. Type this, MOTHERLODE not in capitols and you’ll earn 50,000 cash instantly every time you type it in. Make your families millionares!!

  32. Person says:

    Cheats to unlock lots on gameboy advance SP

  33. cafe says:

    How do I get All of aspiration awards on PC?

  34. Person says:

    Answer me :!:

  35. Person says:

    My sister has the game for gameboy advance SP :mrgreen:

  36. Person says:

    Please give me answers none of my posts have answers :mrgreen;

  37. Person says:

    any cheats for game-boy-advance? my sister has it she bought it today! ;!;

  38. isaac41 says:

    Cool! :-)

  39. a very good at cheating gamer says:

    Get the seasons expansion for season matching weather and a new town!

  40. aroz123 says:

    i realy realy realy realy realy realy realy like the game

  41. Total says:

    Quote: can u make a hotel in the PC version?

    Get the open for business expansion pack ;)

  42. adamator says:

    its like so cool got get it

  43. figisigi says:

    can u make a hotel in the PC version?

  44. Pack 104 says:

    the Sims 2 pets is funer than that.

  45. Elimenator says:

    I entered a question over 2 weeks ago & it still hasn’t been answered!


  46. asdfjkl; kt says:

    ok i bought sims 2 for 40 bucks and it wont work on my computer.

    it said i needeed a 9.0 directX compatible graphics adapter (??)

    so yeah i went to microsoft and downloaded it ok?


    does any1 know what i can do??

    i relaly wanna play it ive had it since christmas!!!!!


  47. Pat says:

    There are codes on the internet:)

  48. Luke yomomma says:


  49. jay says:

    sims 2 is a very good game uv got to get it

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