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The Sims 2

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  1. jjj1212 says:

    i have the sims 3 and I’m 9 so its okay not its awesome.

  2. TJ says:

    how do you get all levels unlocked on sims 2 on gameboy

  3. oscar 2oo says:

    If anyone has the sims 2 for PSP there is one and only one cheat(i looked in my cheat guide).Press and hold the left and right shoulder buttons and press square at the place where you buy perks.Then buy the perk cheat(for free).Then you can get money,increase skills,and reset needs and fill sanity.Only one cheat for psp.

  4. sonicfan#1 says:

    simsmaster,what u said about th alien was …50% SCARY+50%GROSS!

  5. Xplant says:

    I know lots.. ;)

  6. Xplant says:

    I know a really REALLY evil cheat!!!
    Press Ctrl, Shift and C together and type in…
    Well, I forgot what it was, but it says in the Sims 2 Deluxe! It’s supposed to absolutely everyone on the game to stop aging!

  7. cotelp new smarter version! says:

    sims isnt a game to beat! :P

  8. Predwolf says:

    Hey does any one know any good avp skins for the sims 2

  9. Sim Fan says:

    Who here knows the hidden want in Triassic Trouble for the GBA version??? I’VE BEEN TRYING TO FIND IT FOR WEEKS!! Can someone please tell me?

  10. simslova26 says:

    umm… my sis has teh game but we lost it once and now we can’t do elevators! plz help me! hey guys, do NOT use,”boolpropcheatsenabledtrue” it DELETES EVERYTHING YOU HAVE IN YOUR HOUSE!

  11. THX 1138 (jonbuddy) says:

    I know this is the Sims 2 board, but here is a code for The Sims (PC):

    Press CTRL+SHIFT+C, then type “move_objects on” (without the quotes).

    There is no such thing as out of bounds. Move anything anywhere eg. the trash can outside that you couldn’t move before. YOU CAN EVEN MOVE CARS AND SCHOOL BUSES TO YOUR BACKYARD!!!!! DON’T FORGET SIMS THEMSELVES CAN BE MOVED!!!!!!

  12. shanvia says:

    Please could you tell me the code for unlocking the gnome, thanks

  13. Walli says:

    Hey whats up?Soo back to sims.So does any one need any help with cheats or any thing?Just let me know.

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