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Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland

The green top in Beverly Hills is so hard, the bar won’t even move. Help, please.

Games Guru: Have you done the challenges? Depending on whether you are playing the game on Easy, Normal or Sick, you will need to complete one, two or three challenges.

What are the secret codes for it?

Games Guru: Here are two codes that can really spiff up your game. Go to the Options Menu, then select Cheat Codes and enter these codes:

  • grindXpert (for perfect balance when you grind)
  • 2wheels! (for perfect manual balance)

I am stuck on the mission where you are supposed to get the green top off of the roof. The game says to repeatedly press X until the bar is full. I have been pressing X, but nothing is happening. Is there something else that you are supposed to do, or am I doing something wrong?

Games Guru: Don’t just press X; keep tapping X as quickly as you can to raise your power.

Comments about “Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland”

  1. ouchdathurt says:

    how do you pass stevie williams nollie tricks?

  2. i think i am late but says:

    run your 4 fingers back and forth across the x button with your fingers together

  3. lolface says:

    this one is VERY hard. i have it on xbox 360 but its the same principle nonetheless. only thing i figure is do sponser challenges lol

  4. oscar 2oo says:

    I will tell you every cheat i can remember for this game:2them00n,which gives you moon gravity,be sure to put zeros in place of o’s,grindxpert(see above)2wheels(see above),uronfire,which gives you unlimited special,h!itchar!de,which gives you perfect skitch.I will update this with my cheat guide at hand because I know those are not all the cheats for ps2.

  5. Carbison says:

    My older cousin has this on his PS2 and it rules!

  6. bob the fast llama says:

    how do you do the green top in American waste land? i keep pressing X
    but nothing will work

  7. supergamer says:

    My favorite place is the casino!I love skating on the slots!

  8. tony hank rocks says:

    its awesome

  9. slex3 says:

    please answer!!!!!!! ASAP

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