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Tony Hawk’s Underground 2

How do you unlock the Alien, Graffiti, Punk, Zombie, Shrek, Ben Franklin, Imp, Bigfoot, Mine, Pirate, German Drunk, German Cop and Australian Cop?

Games Guru: That’s quite a list. Here are a few:

  • Alien — complete the story mode on easy
  • Graffiti — complete Berlin in story mode
  • Punk — beat every challenge in the classic mode
  • Zombie — beat classic on sick
  • Shrek — complete the story mode on easy
  • Franklin — complete Boston in story mode
  • Bigfoot — beat the classic mode on sick

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10 Comments on Tony Hawk’s Underground 2

  1. i no a cheat its STRAIGHTEDGE (no caps or spaces )

  2. I Know a cheat It`s: sellout.

  3. sweet,fun,adventure!!!!

  4. how do you get the last player and who is it???

  5. How is the last player?

  6. eat ur eggs // March 22, 2007 at 5:56 pm // Reply

    i got call of duty soldger and shrek and all those guys

  7. do u have cheats

  8. how do you unlock last player

  9. are there any cheats for this game?

  10. this game rocks!!!!!!!!!!

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