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Toy Story 2

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  1. Supermario says:

    Zurg is one of the easiest bosses I’ve ever beaten. Just repeatedly do a spin attack until he’s dead.

  2. joe dirt says:

    when i fight zurg its easy all you have to do is when he fires the yellow balls at you spin and they will bounce right back to him and hurt him. besides if you beat the game before on a different computer it really does not matter to me because i beat the game just as easy as my other computer. see if it works for you too.

  3. Pig says:

    This is an easy game.

  4. HELLO says:

    For everyone that cannot beat zurg i have finnaly found the solution when u start up toy story use render method software instead of hardware and he will not be impossible

  5. wat secret room?!?! says:

    I tried to get 100 coins on the first level to unlock the secret room but there isnt 100 coins!!! I only found 92 and I looked everywhere!!! Is there like a secrest room where I can find 8 more coins???

  6. buzz buddy says:

    Zurg is impossible to beat!! I know how to but i just can’t do it!! I always fall off the platform!!!!! HELP!!!!

  7. zurg dude says:

    corner him and use spin attack

  8. dudeydudde says:

    i can’t defeat zurg, help. all of the cheats don’t work becasue zurg always rins away. HELP ME!

  9. loddbdfhfhjghhk says:

    help me defeat zurg

  10. jessie says:

    ArrrH! I can’t beat Zurg

  11. Gamer1101 says:


  12. squid says:

    mr.potato head is so annoying

  13. buzzyboutgames says:

    On level 1, I ca’nt get out of the crib if I get in it! Plus,I ca’nt defeat the robot up in the attic! And 1 more thing,how do you go to the pause menu?

  14. robodude says:

    were can u play this game online? please tell me. and wen and if u do, thank u

  15. Ultimatepokemonmaster says:

    Hey, this game is old, but many people still like it! Wow!

  16. Waluigi time! says:

    Beat the Game!

  17. Joe says:

    I was playing Toy Story 2 level 12 on the computer and I hit Zurg several times by doing spin attack but then it took so LONGGGG to finish that I just quit…. now I’m regretting that. I just CAN’T BEAT HIM NOW!!!!!!!! It’s so annoying!!!!! The way I hit him was by trapping him against the wall/corner of the elevator and then just running towards him and doing spin attack. Now I can’t even hit him once……

  18. toy man says:

    How do you grab the ballons in Alleys And Gulies. {Nintendo 64}

  19. A random person says:

    how to defeat zurg in the last level?

  20. Exterminator says:

    To all you people who just can’t beat zurg, this comment should make you very sad. I heard on the internet that there is a glitch that makes it so on some computers zurg is undefeatable. I know this to be true, because many years ago I played it and beat zurg without breaking a sweat. However now (on a diferent computer) I couldn’t beat him if my life depended on it. the only solution to your problem is to do it on a different computer and start your entire game ALL OVER!!!

  21. MaddOG67 says:

    trap zurg against the light and spin attack him. Do this repeatedly.

  22. riolu says:

    ha ha ha ha this game is sooooooooo easy

  23. Dude1234567890 says:

    On the first level before colect 100 coins for a secret level

  24. quicksilver says:

    you can pla tis gme fr fre

  25. quicksilver says:

    to defeat the third level jump and can also charge the laser and jump.Another tip is to go TO the third level is go race,100coins and on level 2 get 100 more tokens.

  26. darth bane says:

    force him into the cornor that is closest to the elevater and jump and spin. do this severl times.

  27. Halofreak says:

    It’s easy to kill Zurg. Deflect the yellow laser balls and they should hit him. You will also have to hit him in midair sometimes by jumping and hitting the spin button. Just repeat that until you win.

  28. Tingy says:

    There are no cheats that work!

  29. maddog says:

    th way to kill zurg is when he shoots at you with the yellow balls then you start spinning when its about to hit you so then it will fire back at him.(duh)

  30. Dude1234567890 says:

    I tired but like the coward he is, he runs away!

  31. musicman says:

    try spinning and hitting zurg. Maybe you have to push him in the hole. Maybe you have to richoche his shots

  32. Dude1234567890 says:

    Zurg is two hard, I am going to give on this game and play a better game

  33. justin says:

    toy story 2 is a good game and I want to play the game because my bedroom is fool of things thats toy story

  34. justin says:

    why cant I play this game without paying for it can I get a free try playingthe game

  35. Glitch man says:

    NO! DO YOU!

  36. big dady says:

    know someone how to kill zurg

  37. Sonicdude says:

    Try hitting him with giant turkey drumsticks or atom bombs or something. (laugh)

  38. Dude1234567890 says:

    Will u help me kill that darned Zurg!!!1

  39. Glitch man says:

    all right is there ANYWAY In the WHOLE WORLD to kill zurg

  40. Dude1234567890 says:

    Will somebody puleeses tell me how to killz Urg

  41. Dude1234567890 says:

    Help zurg die!

  42. Dude1234567890 says:

    due like zurg is so darn hard

  43. zurg says:


  44. snelfu says:

    This game has very, bad graphics!

  45. Buzz Lightyear says:

    How do you kill zurg? I tried spin atack on him but he runs away! Help me kill him!!

  46. Mr. Stumped says:

    How do u kill zurg??

  47. chicho says:

    how do you kill zurg

  48. hillo says:

    how do you kill zurg?!?!?!?

  49. sk8er says:

    how do you kill ZURG?????????????????????????????????????????

  50. yo-yol says:

    I love Toy Story. It is cool.

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