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Comments about “Banjo-Tooie”

  1. ShrewManChew says:

    I must get this game for the Nintendo 64

  2. Dubbs says:

    In Witchyworld, when you go near the kid who ate too much and can’t get to his mother, how do you get him to her?

  3. ShrewManChew says:

    Go to the code chamber and enter
    To get unlimited eggs feathers and honey

  4. Nintendoboy64 says:

    Microsoft got something that was made from Nintendo! They took the Banjo-Kazooie series!

  5. minecraft says:

    beat the game its epic rember the jukebox at joly roggers bay the guy will say it wont work but with cheat you can type banjo tooie cheats and code on the web annd you click ing thats it

  6. in perl says:

    i need help im going todo the n swap how do do it tho

  7. ABC says:

    Parker, that glitch is for Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts

  8. Thomas G says:

    dude with the cheat your nuts

  9. LOL Master says:

    I love Banjo-Tooie. it has a lot of hidden stuff

  10. Parker says:

    Flying glitch

    Put a box on your trolley, and stand on the box. Highlight your trolley while standing on the box in it and move it with your wrench. Your trolley will rise in the air. It is sort of hard to control, but you can fly anywhere with it.

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