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Yoshi’s Island

How do you get past the Bigger Boo’s fort level? I always get stuck on it.

Games Guru: I assume you are having trouble with the magically transformed BIGGER BOO. (If this is not correct, please let me know what part of this level is giving you problems.) Here’s the deal with the BIG BOO: Use ricochet shots. Look away from him so he floats toward you, then fire shots into the walls so they bounce off and hit him as he approaches. Five shots should just about put him down for good.

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  1. Lucariex says:

    Oh,sorry i Forgot to say something Say What AR Pkmn Diamond Codes You Want OK Bye!

  2. Lucariex says:

    Hi Guys I used to be Ash Ketchum but now im Lucariex so anyways can someone give some AR DS Codes for Yoshis Island DS Please? and in return I’ll Give Some Pkmn Diamond AR Codes Ok Thanks Bye!

  3. blue yoshi rocks says:

    i think some of you guys think world five level 3 is hard. if you guys get too toughed

    out just let me know and i’ll tell you how to beat it. :mrgreen:

  4. scoutmasterdoom says:

    the last boss is baby boswer hes soo hard you even need to battle the all the bosses so he gets too big you need lots of eggs

  5. danny says:

    is this yoshi’s island DS things

  6. luigi says:

    ultimatepokemonmaster! I want an answer in superstar saga!

  7. Ultimatepokemonmaster says:

    TO Oatmeal999, this isn’t YOshi’s ISland DS, but I dunno how to get the coin. To CGK Superstar, to beat Raphael, wait until he stops on an area with a flattened pillar then ground-pound the pillar at the opposite end of the planetoid to cause damage. To Demango: This isn’t YOshi’s Isladn DS but listen to this: Stay on the raft as it moves through the water.

  8. demango says:

    How do you get past 3-1 ? I keep getting eaten by a fish that I can’t throw eggs at.

  9. CGKSuperstar says:

    How do I pass the creature in world 5, stage 8? The one on the big rolling ball?

  10. oatmeal999 says:

    its easy to get the character coin in level 3-7

  11. Ultimatepokemonmaster says:

    Why won’t anyone answer my question about the goombas and the stomping and the exploding?

  12. Ultimatepokemonmaster says:

    To Bim: Lock your aim using the L button when your cursor is directly to your right. Then wait until the platform gets low enough, then attack!

  13. bim says:


  14. Ultimatepokemonmaster says:

    How come when Mario flattens goombas they explode but when Yoshi does they just flatten and run faster?

  15. luigi says:

    I have and beat both yoshi’s island and yoshi’s island DS. THEY ARE GREAT GAMES!!!!!!!

  16. guy says:

    soulja boy tell ‘em, beat the bouncies and watch patterns. you will pass until you get to the egg-enut then just throw an egg.

  17. guy says:

    soulja boy tell ‘em, just kill all the bouncies and watch patterns. you will make it.

  18. soulja boy tell 'em says:

    on yoshi’s island DS, how do you clear the part with the bouncies in level 4-7 teeth chattering chill zone?

  19. lucario owner 687 says:

    I have cheats!

  20. marykarate says:

    Dear mynameisntmitch,

    How do you beat level5-1?

  21. Ganon says:

    Super Yoishi, what you have to do is ricochet an egg off the wall so that it hits the bandaged bump on Naval Pirahna.

  22. Lucario_owner_684486 says:

    bowser is a crybaby! i beat him normal mode 5 seconds magic mode 57 second so easy

  23. SUPER YOISHI says:


  24. eobeobla says:

    i beat the game before i got my action replay

  25. Tails says:

    I have Yoshis Island DS. It’s harder, cooler, and you have 2 screens

  26. Anonymous says:

    First you go to world 5, level 5. At the part where you turn into a helecopter let the peeps almost take away mario and take him back.You must then turn into a helecopter and they will try to take him away.then press select and use the star thingy. Wait for the power of the helecopter run out andeat him.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I know how to eat mario!

  28. ivan says:

    i can ‘t beat the game

  29. hkjh says:

    how do you beat world 5-6

  30. Tattoo says:

    The maze level is the hardest and I have beat all the levels and unlocked all secret and bonus levels

  31. Cheaterbugs says:

    My game cannot save -.- if not i can go to world 6 already.Remember the prince froggy the castle?so funny

  32. mynameisntmitch says:

    i beat that game in 2 hours flat its soo easy jus tell me what lvl it is ill tell you how to do it

  33. starfreak says:

    People actually took 2 days to beat this? It took me the best of 2 years! Not that I played it much…

  34. Star Fox says:

    If u think that game is hard Big Pete you haven`t seen World 6 yet!

  35. J.B. says:

    HOW DO YOU BEAT THE LAST LEVEL ON 3?????????????????????????

  36. gamefreak600 says:

    this game iseasy theshipiseasy

  37. Tails says:

    I would rate it 9.7-buy it it’s worth every pennie *kha-khing sound effect*

  38. oddball says:

    kirby is my favorite character. i beat the game in 3 days it was easy ….ok not that easy but i beat it.

  39. gamerdude220 says:

    I beat Yoshi’s Island in about 1 day. It is very easy.

  40. Alen64 says:

    By the way, what rate do you give this game?

  41. pinky says:

    I love Yoshi Island

  42. jackjack says:

    I can help you with the goonies.

    as a helicopter,you’re still aloud to jump on them and destroy them.

    i rock!

    i beat king bowser the 2nd time i tried

  43. jakinbag says:

    for goonie rides go up right when u see ‘em

  44. magma ruler210 says:

    SOME ONE TELL ME HOW TO BEAT THE PIRATE SHIP LVL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. ders says:

    how do i beat it

  46. hi man says:

    I wrote ” this is sapost to be kirby” by accsadent

  47. hi man says:

    I beat this game in 1 week it is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) ;) ;0 this is sapost to be kirby.

  48. Big Pete says:

    I am at Goonie Rides and when you morph into a plane I always get hit by a Goonie.


  49. wheel guy says:

    yoshis iland rox i got up to the fith world in 2 hours(2 hours playing it. it really took 2 days.)

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