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Yoshi’s Island

How do you get past the Bigger Boo’s fort level? I always get stuck on it.

Games Guru: I assume you are having trouble with the magically transformed BIGGER BOO. (If this is not correct, please let me know what part of this level is giving you problems.) Here’s the deal with the BIG BOO: Use ricochet shots. Look away from him so he floats toward you, then fire shots into the walls so they bounce off and hit him as he approaches. Five shots should just about put him down for good.

Comments about “Yoshi’s Island”

  1. sonicfan says:

    psst there’s a brand new yoshi’s island game coming to the nintendo 3DS!

    • Ordep says:

      I have the GBA version and man, it’s tough to collect all stars, flowers, and red coins!

    • Ordep says:

      I Love the final battle of Baby Bowser! He talks funny: “What kind of gween donkey is
      dat? Wooks wik fun! Me wanna riiiiiide! Mine! Mine! I love it when he gets huge; he
      reminds me of what you get when you cross a T-Rex from Jurassic Park with Barney,
      the pink dinosaur

  2. Ordep says:

    How could I ever get this game for DS? I have never played it before and would like to;
    this game sounds cool.

    • Ordep says:

      Not only do I want the DS version, but the GBA as well; both games sound AWESOME! :-)

      • bfabi says:

        i have it for N64 & its gr8

      • Ordep says:

        I’ll bet that you can get the GBA and DS versions for cheap on!(used though!) :-)

      • Ordep says:

        Actually, I think Ebay is selling them for cheaper.

      • Ordep says:

        I could try to get those GBA and DS versions of Yoshi’s island with some 25-26 dollars.
        (I thought I saw the DS version selling for as little as $16.99 and the GBA version selling for as little as $8.99 on Ebay possibly!)

    • Ordep says:

      Hey guys, this game is cool. I like it because I looked up the GBA and DS versions up
      on Wikipedia and this game is cool. I also have a Mario songbook with Yoshi’s island Main theme and Yoshi’s island athletic theme in it; I play those songs and I sure like them! :->
      P.S. Please tell me about the athletic theme and Yoshi’s easter egg hunt; I wonder what this is all about?

    • Ordep says:

      Actually , I take that back; the GBA version is cool; I will get it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    how do i beat six face sals fortress??!!

  4. ME AWESOME says:

    Dear people that are stuck on 5-6 Wher you have to be dk. When you in the door whith the blocks of ice, eat the tourch and burn the middle botten ice block. a stork stop will come out . get baby Mario. Then go on.:)

  5. YoshiX11 says:

    I’m stuck on yoshi’s easter egg hunt

  6. yoshi says:

    uese baby mario in the green yoshi baby peach in pink yoshi baby wario in blue yoshi and bowser jr. in yellow yoshi

  7. MEAWSOME says:

    I’m stuk on 5-5

  8. tocomanplaysavidiogame says:

    first time i beat a level i immed emediatly thought”so happy”.

  9. tocomanplaysavidiogame says:

    this is one of my all time favriote games!

  10. Carbison says:

    I love this game!!! Also, how do you get past World 3 Level 6? I keep dying because of the hedgehogs.

  11. joshco says:

    how do you beat the bonus levels on gba version?

  12. ilikeyoshi says:

    i dont have this game but i love yoshi!!!

  13. yay man says:

    it should be calld paper yoshi

  14. Gamemaster says:

    this game is hard.
    who’s your favorite baby?
    mine is tied between Baby Mario and Baby Bowser.

  15. wuh wuh what did she says:

    REALLY cant pass 5-1

  16. wuh wuh what did she says:

    I cant pass the giant ball guy on 5-1…

  17. krako says:

    Burt the bashful is too easy to most people. (he’s the first boss, he has a reson he’s easy.)

  18. Pokenate1096 says:

    Yoshi’s island is another big hit! well of course it is super Mario world 2 which is the best game ever! of course besides Pikmin!!! now that’s a good game

  19. masonator says:

    are there any cheats for this game

  20. masonator says:

    how do you beat the last level on world 2

  21. bed says:

    GO, YOSHI!

  22. luigi eli says:

    baby bouser goes out-cold then,bouser comes and you beat him til he goes out-cold then,kemak makes bouser BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. luigi eli says:

    I beat the game P.S. not the bonus levels P.P.S. ask me anything!!!

  24. someone says:

    if you are running out of lives all the time, go to the level with those cotton creatures that make you dizzy. press b to pick up one of the round guys, don’t swallow. Then, go to the pipe the shyguys come out of. Get the round guy in between the pipe and wall, and he will just jump straight up and down. Then, press b to pick up a shyguy, and launch it from in front of the pipe so it goes right over. 1up every time you launch a shyguy. You can do it repeatedly until you feel you have enough lives.

    Only works for GBA game.

  25. torchic says:

    i beat the game, but it took me like, two or three years…now all i ever do is yoshi’s island easter eggs and the bowser castle where you fight bowser…

  26. game winner says:

    i beat the game and got a perfect score on every level and kameks revenge is a mini part in the game

  27. Sithmaster says:

    If you need help on ALMOST any game, tell me.

  28. Yoshi Kirby says:

    How do i beat “Yoshi’s Island Easter eggs”?

  29. Nintendo Yoshi says:

    My friend has this game and he had it for like a year and he was still on world 1 and he let me borrow it for 2 days and i got to world 4

  30. Da Master says:

    How do you get past the giant Chomp on 5/1?

  31. colbybd says:

    I won the DS game!!!!!! It’s very, VERY HARD. But it’s very, VERY FUN!!!!!

  32. yoshi fan says:

    Hey I can’t beat any of the levels that move the screen.I need help.Please tell me how.I am freeking out.

  33. J-Man says:

    i beat the game the last level is baby bowser is transformed to huge!

  34. mario says:

    in yoshis island you get two games in one

  35. metagross says:

    how do you hack in and get Hamek’s Revenge?

  36. yoshi baby says:

    how do myou beat 5-6 . its hard i cant get the 4 ball and iv tried everything what do you do

  37. luigirules says:

    I heard theres a hack of this game called Kameks Revenge…

  38. Super Sonic says:

    Dear Mama-Mia-Mario,
    The doors are chosen randomly. I can’t say how to get it to those doors…

  39. mama-mia-mario says:

    need help on a game? ask me! i cant anser every q b ut at least it`ll help.

  40. mama-mia-mario says:

    so do i super sonic,but where is door #2/3?

  41. Super Sonic says:

    LOLOLOL! i own game & there’s a Salvo the slime mini-boss in one of the doors that you hit with an egg! (think in door #2 or door #3.) LOL! he’s not green; he’s tanish & the music\ area stays the same. I HATE KAMEK!!!! HE STINKS!!

    • Ordep says:

      Dear Super Sonic, I agree with you when you say what you said about Kamek; on Bowser’s castle, he tries to ambush you when you’re a helicopter.

  42. orutj says:

    hello,i beat the game still trying to get 700 points on each level

  43. Cu Chasple says:

    Well Drragonfeind2000, I hate to say it but They are Cheap.

    If I Did not trade it away at Game Stop, Then I Won’t have Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates only For Nitendo DS Rated E 10.

    And That Game Rocks!! :lol:

  44. Dragonfeind2000 says:

    Dudes, the cheap graphics cost points. but cool game,,,,,,,i beat it in like a day.

    Blue yoshi rocks,if your stuck on DANGER ICY CONDITIONS then state where you are.if you stuk on the sled part try jumping alot.

  45. luigi says:

    how do you get the awesome smiley faces?

  46. Dragoon Commander Kain says:

    I got rid of this because the graphics were cheap!

  47. CJ says:

    On need help on “Marching Mild’s Fort”.

  48. BackaJack says:

    How do you get past level 4-8?

  49. Lucariex says:

    Why Hasent Anybody Given Me Action Replay Codes Yet?!?

  50. Lucariex says:

    Ultimatepokemonmaster,i dont know, but yoshi is weaker than mario,so perhaps mario is tougher than yoshi,so the goombas that mario attacks will explode.(P.S. Do you have super mario 64 ds? The goombas explode no matter which character you use.)Ok,Bye!

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