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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

How do you get the hookshot and flute?

Games Guru: First, let me say that this is one of the finest games ever made and that those of you who haven’t played it but like adventure games should get your hands on it.

Now, to point: The hookshot is in a chest in the swamp palace. You are going to need the shovel to get the flute. You go to the northwest part of the clearing and dig.

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  1. hi says:

    does anyone have tips to beat ganondorf

  2. somerandomguy89 says:

    how do you get across the invisible pathway in the final dungeon

    • gamefan says:

      somerandomguy you need to use the fire rod to light the torch on the end platform in that room revealing the path until it burns out

  3. confused says:

    how do you get to the boss in the third dark world palace?

  4. paintitblack says:


  5. SuperScout says:

    Im awesome.I’ve beaten the game seventy six times.

  6. Linkman says:

    Im stuck at that temple after you free zelda and I keep dieing.What do I do,also are there any cheats.

  7. Dutchman says:

    how can you dead the monster, for crystal 7? (sorry for bad Englisch :D)

  8. SSJ says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    how do you get the flute

  10. Boyslife fan says:

    At the pyramid in the dark world how do you get in the the four sword temple? Please help!

  11. Slash says:


  12. yay man says:

    is it on nes snes somone tel me

  13. Dark Link's knight says:

    Does anyone know how to beat trinex

  14. Dark Link's knight says:

    This game has the hardest Ganondorf fight

  15. game maddness says:

    how do you get to the dark world

    • says:

      if you go to death mountain there is a blue.[><] at your left or your miror or if you beat the migiain and he will send you to the dark world

    • slate says:

      there is a giant mountain north on the map go to the very top and youll see a blue x or square.

  16. chucho says:

    how to get all the items

  17. wonder says:

    how do you get through the first palace? someone please tell me!!!!

  18. the essence of the triforce says:

    trivia answer!!

    the answer is:

    the bomb shop

    it’s located in the dark world where link’s house is in the light world.

  19. the essence of the triforce says:


    how do you get the mega bomb?

  20. CheatGlitchDude says:


    lucky you, for me its hard

  21. vin-man says:

    i beat the game 6 times!

    • says:

      so can you help me i need the hook shot im in the swamp place but i cant find the big key to open the chest

  22. vin-man says:

    I defeated ganon and got the trifors but how do you get the extra ending?

  23. the essence of the triforce says:

    to flynnflan:
    first, do you have the ice rod? to get it, go to lake hylia (light world) and go to the east part. you will see a cave. bomb 2 link-lenths from the entrence to the left. go inside to get the ice rod. to beat the boss, fire the fire rod on the ice head to stun it. assuming you have the level 4, golden sword, slashing it 3 times will kill it. use the ice rod to do the same to the fire head. the turtle’s shell then explodes. after a second, a section of him will turn yellow. slash at it 3 times to kill him and to free zelda!

  24. flynnflan says:

    BOSS OF TURTLE ROCK IS INVINCIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. appleseed says:

    what does the flute do-i heard u could teleport with it-but where do u get that

    • q says:

      the answer to that is you go to kariko village and go to the statue of the bird and play the flute and every time you play the bird will come

  26. tmack07 says:

    to get moon pearl go to room with big chest and go up; press the star and go to middle hole go throgh the top open chest yell in exitement.

  27. flynnflan says:

    Now about Turtle Rock………

    Somarian cane is awesome!!!!!!!

  28. Some dude says:

    To hayhay: Go to the grove of trees near the southwest of the map in the Dark World. On a tree stump there, you will see a small deformed tree. If you talk to the tree, it will tell you about a flute it used to play. Then, use the Magic Mirror. (If you don’t have it, find a world portal and go through it and come back here.) Then use the shovel and dig everywhere until you find the flute. Then, go to the tree in the Dark World again. You have to play the flute for it.

  29. Some dude says:

    To Flinnflan: To help the girl, make sure you’re stocked up on health and healers and arrows. Then, go to the long corridor with the skeletons and a few doors on the left side and a door at the very end. Save, then go through the door at the very end and walk into the light from the window with the girl following you. Then, prepare for a pleasant surprise…

  30. flynnflan says:

    Scratch last message–A girl in thieves’ town wants me to get out but says not to use the entrance or up to 1f. How do I get her out?????????

  31. Wolf Link and Midna says:

    there is a poll for your favorite vidio game hero and link is there!!!!

    go to the home page and click the vote for your favorite hero.

  32. pogi says:

    how to pass the dark place with mimic? in dark palace i have the hammer what will i do next?

    i get stuck in those mimic with no light all i can see is a red orb? what does that mean?

    i cant go to the boss because of that mimic?

  33. flynnflan says:

    How does one get to that mountain tower???? Please give me a specific response– I want the moon pearl!!!!!!

  34. Second sheild says:

    I’m stuck on getting to the second palace I beat the first but I can’t get to the second. Help!!!

  35. flynnflan says:

    Also, there is an impassable gap in the big bridge!!!! How the heck do I get across????

  36. flynnflan says:

    To game guru: When & How do I Get that Hookshot?????

  37. hayhay says:

    How do i get the flte in the dark world

  38. shadow the hedghog says:

    how do you defeat the red monster to get the pot

  39. levi says:

    i am stuck in the first dark palace and i got hammer but cant find key to downstairs, or how to get on ledge with things u hit with hammer before u go to room with red and blue elephants.

  40. zelda smarts says:

    the missing boy is in the boy playing the flute to the animals too. but to get the shovel from him you need to go into the other world and then go to him and he will ask you to find his flute. then he tells you where it is the nhands you a shovel.

  41. Zach says:

    How do you get past the raining swamp place to destroy the monster force please!!!!!?

  42. stover88 says:

    Where the heck do you find the missing boy that you need to get the shovel from??? HELP!

  43. cid333 says:

    i have everything there is to get but my game freezes every time i bet ganon

  44. MapleTip says:

    I love this game and myne got erased for a boulder attacked me and i got stuck under it my game froze and yay erased save…wah wah :(

  45. Mapletip says:

    I Have unlocked all Heart’s all Items.. Defeated all Bosses AND i forget how to play!


  46. jbomber says:

    IT 4 GBA

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