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Can you only get Raikou and Entei after beating the elite four? And where would you find them if you can get them before the Pokemon league (elite-four)?

Games Guru: You will run into Raikou and Entei early on, in a Ecruteak City, but they leave before you can catch them. After that, you can track them down on your Pokedex.

Is Mewtwo in the game?

Games Guru: Mewtwo is number 150 on the Pokedex, so yes, he is indeed in there.

I’m in Mt. Silver. I meet with Red. I save the game before I battle him. I’ve been trying to win against him, but I keep losing!! How do I win?

Games Guru: Bad news: There is no simple answer for beating Red. His Pokemon are Pikachu, Snorlax, Espeon, Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise. If you are coming in with a powerful Golem or Onyx, hoping to pound down his Pikachu, you will get a face full of Venusaur and Bloastoise. He will cook your electrics, shock and plant your waters, and dark your psychics. So what do you do? You return the favor. Build up your elite team so you can take damage and deal out some harm, then send out a fire Pokemon when he gives you Venusaur and Snorlax. Send out a Pokemon with some earthquaking ability to meet his Pikachu. You get the drift. If you are going to beat Red, you will beat him with basics—strong Pokemon that can play off his weaknesses.

Where can you get Mew? I found this many times online:

1. Catch all Unown

2. Have letters M-E-W in party

3. Fly to lake of rage

4. Surf up and down till you see him.

I’ve tried this for 6 hours straight and it does not work. Am I doing something wrong, or am I missing something?

Games Guru: As I understand it, Mew is not available in Crystal but can be obtained by trading with someone who has captured it in Red or Blue.

How do I get all 3 legendary pokemon in the game?

Games Guru: I might be showing my ignorance here, but we’re talking about a game that features Articuno, Zapdos, Multres, Lugia, Mew, Mewtwo and Entei, among others. Which pokemon in particular are you looking for?


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  1. froggy16 says:

    To Chopper,
    Haunter evolves into Gengar, Machoke into Machamp, Kadabra into Alakazam, and Graveler into Golem. Those are they only ones that will work for yellow, make sure they don’t know any moves that weren’t evented in yellow.

  2. Chopper says:

    Last question for awhile.Do any Pokemon that evolve by trading by trading them from Pokemon Yellow to Pokemon Crystal?Thank you.

  3. froggy16 says:

    To Chopper,
    Poliwrath doesn’t but poliwhirl will evolve into politoed if you give it a kings rock and then trade it. Pinsir does not evolve. It is no problem, keep asking as long as you need to.

  4. Chopper says:

    Thanks again,when do poliwrath and pinsir evolve and to what?Needy aren’t I.

  5. froggy16 says:

    To Chopper,
    No you have to trade it to gold, silver, or crystal. Nice, get rid of strength from the move deleter and teach it earthquake since Nidoking is part earth it does even more.

  6. Chopper says:

    to froggy16,thanks I have a metal coat,but can you get scissor by trading over the time capsule with Pokemon Yellow?Also,guess what!I have a lv.90 Nidoking that knows thunderbolt,strengh,ice punch,and surf,any suggestions

  7. froggy16 says:

    To Chopper,
    You get scissor by traiding scyther while it is holding a metal coat. You get misdreveous from a small room in Mt. Silver.

  8. Chopper says:

    P.P.S. that knows slash,cut,steel wing,and pursuit

  9. Chopper says:

    P.S. about sissor,I have a leval 51 syther

  10. Chopper says:

    where to get sissor and misdreavus

  11. froggy16 says:

    To heatran11,
    That is a pretty decent move set, I would go with hydropump, fly, pshycic, and and ice beam/ blizzard. But your move set and mine would still be super effective against the same number of types, I just think it is good to have pshchic because Lugian does X1.5 since it is psychic.

  12. heatran11 says:

    to froggy16
    teach your lugia hydro pump, shadow ball, steel wing, and fly. those moves are good against almost any type.

  13. heatran11 says:

    to everyone (espeshily LULUM)
    prof. oak doesn’t give u a lugia and i know because i got it last night. you have to go to pewter city and talk to everyone you will find a dude he gives you a silver wing now go to the whirl islands and go in the NE island and go down the top ledge and keep going until you get lugia. you need a lot of ultra bals. though i caught him on my third try so happy gaming!

  14. froggy16 says:

    To asa_211,
    You can’t, you have to trade them from red, blue, or yellow version.

  15. LULUM says:

    Prof. oak just gave me a lugia.

  16. asa_211 says:

    Where can I find articuno and zapdos in crystal version?

  17. froggy16 says:

    To BabyBoy,
    I hope it didn’t mess it up any more. I have caught all 250 pokemon on this game (I don’t count Celebi) so if you need any help finding any pokemon I am your man.

  18. BabyBoy says:

    To froggy16,
    i think i’l stick with it the way it is right now because i’ve caugth nearly all the legendaries except celebi mew and mewtwo But anyway thanks for ur help

  19. froggy16 says:

    To BabyBoy,
    Lol, that is a first for me. But the cloning glitch is made for gold and silver, it is not reccomened for crystal for that very reason. You may just have to restart your game. The only thing I can think to try is to do the glitch again and see if it reverses itself. But you should probably just restart your game.

  20. froggy16 says:

    To gabrella,
    It is in Ice Path. Once you get past the first big ice maze you will see a little ice maze that is easy to forget about, but it is where waterfall is. Enter on the Route 44 side.

  21. froggy16 says:

    To Kamotz,
    First off you should have a well balenced team. Second, teach your lugia fly instead of gust, no reason not to.

  22. BabyBoy says:

    To froggy16
    Yo can u help me with sumtin
    check dis out i wuz cloning the other day and then when i turned on my gameboy back to withdraw the pokemons there were all these ????????? marks and then i did sumtin and now im a gggiiiiirrrrllll !!!!!! do u no how to change my gender back or anyone that does ?

  23. gabrella says:


  24. Kamotz says:

    I defeat RED and BLUE and the ELITE FOUR using 1 POKEMON,that is LUGIA AT LVL 70,That knows GUST,RECOVER,THUNDERBOLT and HYDRO PUMP, u can beat them using thiz POKEMON,
    (//_^)/ gotcha!

  25. Kamotz says:

    Yes i caught RAIKOU on mahogany town,use max repel and remember thiz “put a low level pokemon 1st in ur party” lvl 39 below! Got it?then try to duplicate the master ball to catch them easily..(//_^) enjoy!

  26. froggy16 says:

    To BabyBoy,
    You have to trade them from other games.

  27. BabyBoy says:

    How do i get all the starter pokemon in crystal

  28. froggy16 says:

    To Axelfan/pokemongame?answer,
    Thanks for the offer. Just wanted to let you know that normally I can handle most of the questions but it would be nice to have a 2nd opinion. See I have caught 250 pokemon on this game and know pretty much all there is to know about it.

  29. Axelfan/pokemongame?answer says:

    Does anyone need some help with something in pokemon crystal that no one seems to know the answer to? I might be able to help with such question. Just say to “Axel to:” then put your answer and maybe i’ll be able to correctly answer it.

  30. froggy16 says:

    To fire mastr,
    I caught mine with a lure ball :)

  31. fire mastr says:

    to terminator
    no you dont need a mastr ball to catch ho-oh. i caught mines with a pokeball.

  32. nerd says:

    to wake up snorlax put the pokeflute on your radio

  33. tonsoffun says:

    If you do get the chance to capture entei or raikou you should probably duplicate you masterball so it would be very easy to capture them. Just make sure that you have one more to capture HO-OH. Cuz if you want to have some real fun with Red, geta lvl. 70 Drgonite, lvl. 70 Typhlosion, lvl. 70 Snorlax, lvl. 70 Lugia, lvl. 70 HO-OH, and a lvl. 70 Misdreavus. By having Misdreavus up against Espeon you can use the move pain split and take heal up while Espeon goes down, then swith to Dragonite and just use hyperbeam.

  34. froggy16 says:

    To garintina,
    You will find it in icepath, after you get past the first ice maze there is a little ice maze that leads to the HM.

  35. froggy16 says:

    To kyoger,
    You have to trade it from red, blue, or yellow version.

  36. garintina says:

    how do u get waterfall?

  37. kyoger says:

    o man wear do i get charizard

  38. lewis says:

    ive clocked every pokemon game out so far

  39. Crip g says:

    To figt rid u n33d 2 beat elite 4

  40. 9999999999 says:

    i ended up beating red with a lvl 60 charizard a lvl 60 blastoise lvl 60 venusaurr a lvl 60 sudowodo a lvl 60 tyranitar and a lvl 60 lugia….. it was so easy it wasnt funny……well it was but wat ever….. hwat r the best ways to catch entai and ricku

  41. froggy16 says:

    To Chopper,
    You will need to catch the three legendary dogs first. Then go to tin tower and talk to a man, he will give you the rainbow wing so that you can enter the rest of tin tower.

  42. Chopper says:

    How to get rainbow wing

  43. froggy16 says:

    To syrex,
    First beat the third gym leader and talk to the lady standing next to the “wiggly tree”. Then go into the flower shop next to the gym and talk to the woman inside and she will give you the squirt bottle.

  44. syrex says:

    where can i get the squirt bottle to pass the wiggly tree

  45. froggy16 says:

    To Lol…….. ,
    Actually, all you have to do to get the masterball is beat the 8 gyms. You get the S.S. Ticket for beating the elite four.

  46. Lol........ says:


    U WILL GET IT FRM PROF. ELM AFTER U Dfeat the elite 4!

  47. froggy16 says:

    To eds,
    You have to trade mewtwo from red, blue, or yellow version. You have to have access to a Japanese version of the game, for you need a GS ball to get Celebie and you can only get that in the Japanese version.

  48. eds says:

    how do i get celebi

  49. eds says:

    how do i get mewtwo

  50. froggy16 says:

    To little poppy,
    I was under the impression you could battle red as many times as you wanted to. Are you in the right place?

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