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Transformers: Dark of the Moon

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– Use the A button to perform a quick 180° turn. It can save your life when you have to escape enemies quickly.

– Power-ups are scattered around in every mission. Look for them to gain temporary invincibility, Max Ammo or Unlimited Stealth Force Meter (which allows you to transform into Stealth Force form). These power-ups will also completely refill the associated meter.

– When driving a high speed in Vehicular Mode, you can double tap the transform button while steering left or right to perform a quick drift and turn faster.

– With the bigger characters like Optimus and Soundwave, you can ram into and destroy smaller enemies.

– Some weapons, like Ironhide’s Photon Frags, have a large area of effect. Use them to take out multiple enemies at once.

– In some missions, the goal is not to defeat all of your enemies. Pick your fights and concentrate on your mission objectives.


Comments about “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”

  1. optumus prime says:

    is there a cheat for backup

  2. Super says:

    starscream keeps killing me and I keep running out of amo.

  3. LEGO Universer says:

    I don’t have the game but the movie is terrible!All it basically was was the guy and his girlfriend.Plus it had really bad language in it.It was even worse than the second(which was terrible also)But the game might be good.

  4. red skull says:

    duh!!level 2 is the battle of Chicago

    • D-man says:

      Red skull, if you listen to the conversation between Prime and Colonel Lennox, the battle where your Ironhide is in Detroit.

  5. rex257 says:

    how do you beat lockdown on chapter 7?

  6. jona says:

    The video game and the movie are very awsome

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