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NHL Slapshot

What do you know about NHL Slapshot?

Games Guru: This year’s model has a cool hockey stick peripheral (with a foam tip, so nobody gets hurts). Here are some tips:

— Slapshots are hard to pull off in traffic; get open before winding up and taking a slapper.

— When trying to score in a shootout, move the Nunchuk control stick side-to-side rapidly for quick dekes.

— Skating down the ice isn’t just about speed: Try skating on a curved path if you’re struggling to get through traffic.

— When you have the puck on a breakaway with one defender, try a spin-o-rama with the B button.

— If you’re having a hard time earning Silver and Gold boosts in Peewee to Pro mode, increase the period length.

— In Peewee to Pro mode, pay attention to your coach’s feedback. The grades he gives you turn into experience points.

— If you have a Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, check online updates for the latest roster and schedule.

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  1. AgentX72 says:

    Hey guys be sure to create players

  2. AgentX72 says:

    One cool thing is you can trade players to any team!

  3. Levis says:


  4. Packerbacker says:

    Right now, I’m playing in the Canadian Hockey League in the Pewee to Pro mode. I don’t really need a lot of help, but I’ll be glad to get advice.

  5. k;glfndlsdk says:


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