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Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

How do you get through Weapons Factory?

Games Guru: Since I don’t know where you’re having trouble, here’s a complete guide:

How do you get through the Zillo Beast?

Games Guru: This takes a TON of strategy. Since I don’t know where you’re stuck, here’s a walkthrough:

How do you get the stealth ship?

Games Guru: It’s not easy. You have to collect all 130 gold bricks. You need to:

– Finish all levels in Story Mode.
– Get enough studs in each level to attain “True Jedi” status.
– Get all 10 Minikits in each level.
– Finish all Ground Assault Missions, both the Republic and Separatist sides.
– Finish all Space Assault Missions.
– Finish all 12 Bounty Hunter Missions aboard the Invisible Hand.

I need codes.

Games Guru: Here you go:
— Invincibility J46P7A
— Character Studs 2D5GNM
— Character Studs QD2C31
— Stud Magnet 6MZ5CH
— Score X10 N1CKR1
— Minikit Detector SD5NA
— Dual Wield 4ES4R
— Dark Side X1V4N2

Dear Mister Games Guru, I noticed you haven’t had any questions about this game. I was wondering if you knew any of the codes. Thank you for your help.

Games Guru: No problem!
— Invincibility J46P7A
— Stud Magnet 6MZ56H
— Minikit Detector CSD5NA
— Glow in the Dark 4GT3VQ
— Regenerate Hearts 2D7JNS

Comments about “Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars”

  1. JA305608 says:

    Dear Games Guru,
    I was wondering where you got all the information on the game’s codes, and the stealth ship?

  2. I'm with the others says:

    How do you create your own levels?

  3. baseball says:

    How do you enter codes on the DS.

  4. d-dave says:

    this game is fun does any one ells likes it

  5. TacoDudeFan007 says:

    Man, wish there were more codes.

  6. cooldude says:

    is this for ds?

  7. Drk says:

    games are at boyslife are cool be cool at boyslife.

  8. prest says:

    can you have any baseball tips?

  9. cocobird says:

    how do you get the redbrick in the locked jail cell?

  10. Electric89 says:

    How do you get the minikit when you get to the Electric beam in (Destroy Malevolence).

    Please Reply.

  11. c10 says:

    does anybody know a code to get all charachters? if so PLEASE REPLY NOW!!!!!!!!

  12. Alien food says:

    I think the Mini games are one of the best parts.

  13. Gamer says:

    I know a bunch of codes! ;)

  14. lightning45 says:

    how to get to dark side

  15. bocaj says:

    how do you get the stealth ship for xbox 360?

  16. 3D$CR@ZY says:

    I also only have 99.8, can anybody help me get the guy after Chan. Palpatine? ( I already got savage opress and stealth ship + all gold and red bricks and vehicles. )

  17. gabe says:

    i love the game it is cool

  18. J3DO3DS3DH says:

    I cannot find how to build your own levels like it said on the March 2011 magazine. PLEASE ANYONE WRITE BACK!!!!!!!!

  19. 3D$CR@ZY says:

    I got this and on the March 2011 magazine it said you could build your own levels for the PC and I cannot find how to do that. Is it only for the Wii? PLEASE ANYBODY WRITE BACK HOW!!!!!!!

  20. matchman03 says:

    i need help on the complete sega!

  21. Gamer says:

    Hey, here is some codes because I’m awesome.

    Exclusive:(You can only get him from a code) Savage Opress: MELL07
    Exclusive:Stealth Ship: XPY46K
    Red Bricks:
    Stud Multiplier x10:N1CKR1(The more multipliers you turn on, the higher the studs multiply)
    Super Speeders:B1D3W3(With this, all you have to win on a battle or ground mission is a speeder. It’s like a Super Tank and a RX-200 Tank combined that is invincible.)

  22. Pedro the Burro says:

    How do you ask Games Guru a videogame question? Can someone post a comment on how to?

  23. pedro boy 1 says:

    what dose the red power brick ” dark side ” do?

  24. Teeto301 says:

    What is the hangar!! the place where you get into planes

  25. MickeyD2 says:

    How do you beat the level “Shadow of Malevolence”?

  26. TJ says:

    What‛s the cheat code for invincibility on LEGO STAR WARS III for the 3DS

  27. TJ says:

    What is the code for Star Wars III FOR Invincibility?

  28. avatar master says:

    hay weirdo,you need a bounty hunter for the first one.

  29. weirdo says:

    on the wii version i completed the prologue, epilogue, and all of the ventress, general greivous, and count dooku levels but I can’t find the bonus levels! can someone tell me how to unlock them?

    • avatar master says:

      you need to go to the left side of the hanger with a bounty hunter, activate a door and go through a hallway, at the end of the hallway there is a room with a control panal thingy. you can access a bonus level from there and after that all the other control panal thingys.

    • second class scout says:

      Fly to the enemy hangar and follow the directions the other person gave.

    • Anonymous says:

      wierdo on the far right use r2d2 or dark force to make bridge go up the elevator and you get a tatooine level

  30. Ash 100 says:

    Guru you got the Stud Magnet code wrong hah hah!!!It is 6mz5ch!!!Proof straight from where you get the code for Savage Oppress!!!(PS I do not know his code though.)

  31. Ash 100 says:

    Guru,the code for stud magnet did not work. I have the Wii version.

  32. SASUKE says:


  33. TEPE says:


  34. Stretch says:

    Any ideas obout what game i should ask for for Christmas?

    • second class scout says:

      battlefield bad company 2 is a must have game. 200 round mg’s, semi automatic shotguns, .50 cal. sniper rifle’s, grenade launchers, rpg’s,stealing enemy vehicles, driving atv’s, on a couple of missions: MINIGUN!!!

  35. Stretch says:

    You go to extras and on the top of the screen it says cheat codes.

  36. skipe says:

    I don’t have it yet SO I AM thinking it might be a good nintendo game

  37. The Beast says:

    I got this for my birthday adn it is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Awesomedude says:

    This game is awesome!!!!!!!!!

  39. avatar master says:

    i really like this game.i have 9.something percentig done but i cant get 100./’, any help?

  40. U R awesome says:

    How do we complete the zilo beast

  41. Gamer says:

    Do any of you know what the code for savage opress?



    What is the best game systym to play it on?

  43. mr lego says:

    play the demo FIRST its AWESOME.

  44. storymonster0 says:


  45. big ben says:

    i beat all the lvels

  46. starwarsrocks says:

    I really want this game but I can’t buy it so can anyone tell me a good place to buy lower than $28.

  47. sammurottfantic says:

    game is fun my data got erased on accident

  48. wads2233333333 says:

    Good concept

  49. cooldude25 says:

    i have ds version. where do you enter cheats?

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