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Batman: Arkham Asylum

How do you get past the Scarecrow?

Games Guru: What a great game! Here’s the key: Watch out for those eyes, and don’t let him spot you. You will have to blow up a big wall at some point. This will alert Scarecrow. Run and hide while he’s checking things out. Then, pass the wall and the bat signal on his back.

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  1. how the heck did you guys get carrie away into c.o.d. when the question was about arkham asylum?

  2. does anybody know how to make it so you can play as the joker on the game of the year edition on the ps3?????

    • I do you go into the batcave up the elevator and find a lever but you have to complete
      all the batman levels first

  3. Batman arkham asylum and city are both awesome . I cant wait till the next one hopefully

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