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Batman: Arkham Asylum

How do you get past the Scarecrow?

Games Guru: What a great game! Here’s the key: Watch out for those eyes, and don’t let him spot you. You will have to blow up a big wall at some point. This will alert Scarecrow. Run and hide while he’s checking things out. Then, pass the wall and the bat signal on his back.

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  1. me says:

    how the heck did you guys get carrie away into c.o.d. when the question was about arkham asylum?

  2. me says:

    does anybody know how to make it so you can play as the joker on the game of the year edition on the ps3?????

    • poiuytrew says:

      I do you go into the batcave up the elevator and find a lever but you have to complete
      all the batman levels first

  3. Froggy says:

    Batman arkham asylum and city are both awesome . I cant wait till the next one hopefully

  4. Predator says:


  5. bubba says:

    it’s for Arkham Asylum.Trust me.I know because my dad rented it from gamefly.

  6. Oscar 4 says:

    I used to have arkham asylum. But I got scared when I first got to the guns part.
    3 years later I LOVE predator missions.And now I regret Trading in Arkham asylum.
    I love Arkham City.
    I’m stuck on Mister Freeze though.Any help here?

  7. Fox says:

    Battlefield 3 is better than Modern Warfare 3

  8. astronut says:

    my dad has played this game and he really liked should try ratchet and clank best games ever!

  9. bat boy says:

    bat man arkham asylum is awesome if you like detective mode. It is what happens most i like the game have not tried arkhom city.

  10. DECAFE cccccofe says:

    Batman Arkham asylum is weak you need to get Call of Duty: MW3 ………………………GET IT.

  11. zak o says:

    Arkham City is amazing.I want a review.

  12. CHEESE MAN says:


  13. jonbuddy1 says:

    This is confusing. The picture is Arkham City, but the game is Asylum??? WHAT???

    • sct says:

      the BL staff don’t usually answer questions in the comments, so I’ll take a stab at it:

      The question is probably for Arkham Asylum, and they made a mistake with the picture. The reason why I don’t think it’s for Arkham City: who would bother asking for a tip on Arkham City when Asylum just came out?

    • Shawdow Stalker says:

      I know what you mean.

    • Oscar 4 says:


      I know right!?It confused me too

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