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Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time

Which part of the castle is Princess Shroob located in? I beat all of her minions but I can’t find HER!

Games Guru: Have you boarded the Shroob ship, then eventually shot down the Shroob Mothership?

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10 Comments on Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time

  1. hey i need some help…i think im at the shroop mothership but im just not sure how to get out of it…or even find the bosses. I see the top floor and the little dorrways for the babies i just dont know how to get up there…HELP!!!

  2. im having trouble beating the shroob elder.

    do u have any tips?

  3. I just started.the team moves with the babies are confusing me a little…i had been playing superstar saga so im used to A and B…..hee….’ . ‘

  4. Dear Who Ever This Is,

    Have you been to shroob castle and beeten princess shroob if not look on the top floor

  5. ???????????????????????? // September 26, 2007 at 4:05 pm // Reply

    Look out!!! Its the revenge of the Cob-AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!


  7. westy you are WRONG! check the dates, dude.

  8. No I,m the first to write & city or bust

  9. it’s not loading

  10. hey i’m the first to write! never heard of it though, never. and who’s princess shroob?

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