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Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time

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  1. Mario&Luigi1919 says:

    What is a really easy way to take down the first princess shroob

  2. 6969JG1 says:

    I can’t beat sunnycide in yoob’s belly!!! He is so hard!! It is like he has 1000 hp!!!!

  3. oweino says:

    I can’t beat elder princess shroob! I keep beating princess shroob then get killed!

  4. coolguy19755 says:

    I know how to beat Princess Shroob and the 1st form of the Elder Princess Shroob, but UF2HLP me on the 2nd form of the Elder Princess Shroob! Like I said, please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. coolguy19755 says:

    Hello everyone, I’m new! If anyone can give me any cheats, tips, glitches, etc., I’ll be satisfied.

  6. wierdo66 says:

    what’s the most effective item on a Snoozorb?

  7. marioman21 says:

    What is the best way to defeat the 1st princess shroob

  8. Dark Fawful says:

    hey orange kirby use ice flowers and cannonballers and pocket chomps. =)

  9. orange kirby says:

    which does more damage against shrooboid brat

  10. wii remote says:

    WHOS Princess Shroob

  11. koo-koo says:

    hey guys remember me? i am now going to change my name to clone1324554

  12. Silver says:

    Im stuck on thwomp-thing…..

  13. baller says:

    hey mysteryman after you get all the fawful copters then you find fawful in one of the rooms in the there.

  14. Mario says:

    How do you go into the vim factory?


    are there any cheats in this game and HOW DO U BEAT ELDER SHROOBOID

  16. owner(aka eh?) says:

    me stuck on elder shrooboid

  17. redfred says:

    is this game worth buying???????

  18. J.R. says:

    i beat bowser’s castle EASY

  19. Eh says:


  20. Galaxia says:

    i can answer any question you might have about this game, among others. just ask me.

  21. Galaxia says:

    I am the best @ this game. All of my guys are @ lv 100 and over 600,000 EXP. I have the Ulti-free badge on luigi. This game is the best! I also have bowsers inside story and i rock @ that too. they need a real sequel to this game. I already thought up an idea where you use only the babies and you are in the future and the final boss is the worlds smartest shroob who can hypnotize anything and make it attack you. it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. weirdo says:

    ask me anything

  23. Gamers Gab says:

    I beet the game!

  24. Super sonic says:

    Wario, I was so close to beating her, but then the game froze.

  25. Anonymous says:

    when will mario dystroy bowsers castle

  26. atomguy says:

    i cant beat mr twomp the duel is too long somebody please help me

    • FireStar596 says:

      When mrs. thwomp splits up, pay attention to her. the clones will either have sharp teeth, a dent in her head, or has missing teeth. use cannonballers and trampolines

    • matblob says:

      at first it was pretty hard but i got it on one attack it mutiplied it self try to remember witch thwomp looks like the one that starts the battle the look very closly check the mouth eyes even see if its chiped of a peice of rock and I think the best item to use is the copy flower
      to:atomguy ps your next battle will be bowser and baby bowser so train really hard!:)

  27. Anonymous says:

    how do you defeat the boss Swigler

  28. purple elephant says:

    oh yeah in partners in time where do i find the copy flowers?

  29. purple elephant says:

    super sonic, it took me once to beat petey pihrana

  30. mario 1 0 1 says:

    im gonna get partners in time i mean like WHO DOESENT LIKE PORTALS MARIO,BABY MARIO,LUIGI AND BABY LUIGI. its like dude nintendo wow cuz your games r awsome

  31. MysteryMan says:

    I have Mario and Luigi Bowser’s inside story. I am stuck on the part where you enter Peach’s castle as Bowser and after you defeat all the fawfulcopters. What do you do next?

    • .............. says:

      go back to the part where you first meet the fawul copters.
      after that go into the left and right passage to get some stuff,
      then go up the middle passage…

      i cant remember what next, ill send you more directions l8r

      • Rabbid says:

        Go through that middle passage and Bowser will go rocketing into the air in his spike ball. After you get through the launcher. When you do so, he’ll go very high. And run into Pirhana Plants. After being setting Bowser’s shell on fire, the chest station shall open up.

  32. Fawful says:

    “I HAVE FAWFUL!”-Fawful, Mario and Luigi Bowser’s Inside story.

  33. Ginger14 says:

    If you’re stuck on Mrs. Thwomp, Stock up on ICE FLOWERS. They critically hurt her, (And Bowser) and make their Defenses, Power, and speed sometimes go down.

  34. Ginger14 says:

    Stuck on Bowser and Bowser Jr. Help?

    • gamemaster3000 says:

      Bowser ( 1150 hp ) and Baby Bowser ( 650 hp ) focus on b bowser
      cannonballer trampoline and copy flower to cause a lot of hp
      when bowser jumps slow like his shockwave will be slow and vice
      versa. when b bowser hammers bowser at the bros. hammer it back
      he will send it to the other bro. keep doing it until b bowser misses.

  35. ultra says:

    when i find my ds which might be found in late december can you guys help me im gonna ask my brother to borrow this game again and im stuck on the first princess shroob boss i destroy her shield and make her glow my brother says it’s a sign she’s dieing but whenever i get to that part she kills me in one hit and all my characters are lvl90! i got that lvl by battling ever monster i saw and i have 2000hp can someone tell me what im doing wrong i probaly should have saved my special attacks like all of them i dont have shells anything all i have is regular attacks and hammers

    • Anonymous says:

      ice flowers

    • bobomb says:

      Use mix flowers… and btw dude I am only like lvl idk… around 20 and although the battles took around all day,(literally)I only had around 3 1-ups left and I won the game.


      After you beat the 2nd princess shroob, you gotta battle bowser AGAIN and you can’t attack. Only deflect and dodge.

  36. king bob smith 3 says:

    The game is too easy. I don’t play it anymore.

  37. king bob smith 3 says:

    I dont mean to brag, but I beat partners in time a zillion times. I can beat p. shroob 1 in 2 attacks, and #2 in 4. Baby Mario is the best character, no doubt about it. Just a hint: when in the bean store, many people would want to get the ulti free badge(which i have), but there are better badges for a lower price. For example, the treasure badge worth 60 beans(which i also have) alows you to collect very powerful items by defeating the enimies with atk items. by the way, im looking for monsters vs aliens cheatcodes, if u have any tell me

  38. Mr. Green says:

    Yes, I have Bowser’s Inside Story. Definitely worth it, because Bowser is in it more than Mario and Luigi! :mrgreen:

  39. Pokemaster P says:

    Yo, does anyone here have Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story?

    if so, is it worth getting?

  40. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr says:

    have you heard obout the new one?

  41. pokefreak6464 says:

    I’m stuck on the mother ship at the end of the game.

  42. reidster says:

    please help me beat sunnycide

    • gamemaster3000 says:

      first DO NOT attack sunnycide break five eggs then the yoshis
      will push a rock on him use cannonballers to do the most hp
      he has 550 hp it took me about 45 mins. to do it. when he does the
      chain attack look at which arm he pulls with that will be the
      brother he attacks

  43. Mr. Green says:

    I’m about to get this game. It is sounds like a lot of fun!

  44. Tide says:

    there’s a sequle the this game called Mario and luigi bouser’s inside story ( exuse my misspelled words)

  45. wario says:

    OMG!!!!! I FINALLY BEAT THE GAME!!!! i am so happy! i think the hardest part was shooting down the mother ship. i think it only took me 5 minites to beat the young prinsess shroob and 8 minites to beat the 1st elder princess shoob and 5 minites to beat the 2nd princess shroob with bowser

  46. wario says:

    smiles, it is worth getting! it’s so fun

  47. smiles says:

    this game sounds fun. is it worth getting?

  48. wario says:

    super sonic, i don’t know if your still stuck on mrs.thwomp but use shells if your good with them and u need to be good with hammers. it took me about 30 mins to beat her so don’t get mad if she takes forever to beat

  49. i rock says:

    have your guys leveled up alot,then unleash all the copy flowers that you have.

  50. Super Sonic says:

    OMG! I FINALLY BEAT PETEY PIRANNAH! But now I’m stuck on Mrs. Thwomp. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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