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Mario Party DS

Any tips on beating Bowser in the last stage of Party Mode?

Games Guru: I assume you mean Bowser’s Block Party.

– When he’s a tornado, hit his gold cube five times.

– When he’s a cube, avoid his fire, then hit him five time in his gold cube.

– When he’s a snake, wait until he gets to the center and kick him, even though there’s fire. Do this three times, and you’re victorious.

Comments about “Mario Party DS”

  1. I Love Luigi says:

    could do 1/2 of stuf in sleep!

  2. 7331 says:

    lol piranahplants hard (button mashers only!)

  3. Boo says:


  4. rockpaperscissors says:

    I like the music on Toadette’s music room.

  5. Boo says:

    I used to play Hammer Chime if I wanted to test my memory.

  6. Hocky521 says:

    This game is cool

  7. YLMW says:

    MAN!!!! love this game already defated it a Yoshi,Luigi,Mario, and Waluigi next up is Wario. who else thinks the plant is a little bit hard?????

    • Luigiten1 says:

      When I first played this game, it was impossible for me to beat Pirahna Plant! ( I wasn’t good at button mashing back then) I had to get my cousin to beat it for me. The other four bosses were a piece of cake!!!

  8. CRESS356 says:

    Cool,but how do you beat Bowser Jr. in Mario Party 9???

  9. dry bowser says:


  10. wii remote says:

    i like to do tag battle because you can put 2 caraters in one team
    i like minigame mode becaues you can playa quick game
    the bords i like is wiggler’s garden, toadette’s muisic room and DK’s stone stachue
    puzzle mode i like is mario’s puzzle party

  11. Killer says:

    It has a great variety of charecters!

  12. girl says:

    loved it

  13. justin bieber says:

    cool game i loved it

  14. party time says:

    also in game cube

  15. party time says:

    also yoshi in the DS and the WII

  16. party time says:

    DS:play as waluigi,wario,toad,luigi,peach,daisy,and mario.
    Wii: all the people including king k drool, R.O.B,toadstrool,rosaleane,pelty,king boo,funky kong,dry bowser,the babby people fly guy,and queen bee

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