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LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues

Dear Games Guru, how do you beat the boss in level 5 of the temple of doom box? Thanks in advance for your help on this.

Games Guru: It would help if I knew where you were in the level. But to beat Belloq, use Marion to jump to the ledge and push off the box. Once you build the device on the ground, move it to the middle. It will attack Belloq and activate the machine. Step on the two buttons behind  the machine, and you’re done.

I have 16/17 papers but I can’t find the last one. Also, the notes are confusing. One says head back to a friend left hanging then look in the path of falling boulders. I go back to where you cut down Indy’s friend, but there are no boulders. Also, another clue says find a head that doesn’t belong and dig deep to uncover your next clue. I got the guy’s head out of the sand, but where is the next clue?

Games Guru: Do you mean the journal entries? There are actually 18 of them. If you’re on the last one, dig up Colonel Dovchenko. You need a digger character and a crystal skull character. Find Dovchenko by walking to the right from the area where Belloq is located. Use the crystal skull to part the swarm of bugs and move them. Dig until you uncover the Colonel.

I’m stuck on the Nazca Asylum level on DS. I can get all the way to the room with the record player and the guy wearing blue running around in circles. What do I do? Also, do you know any codes for this game? Thank you!!!

Games Guru: Sorry. I don’t have codes to this one. If I’m right about where you are, you have to get the Artifact Part in one of the cells first. Then, chase the blue-colored inmate until he falls, then put him in the Blue Cell. Continue on!

Comments about “LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues”

  1. izac454 says:

    i only have the first 6 boxes unlocked

  2. coolguy9 says:

    zager7 i need codes

  3. da boss guy says:

    ps beat the game

  4. da boss guy says:

    the last map piece on river chase is in the left of the water all the way down

  5. code 16239430 says:

    I have the game for PS3!!!!!!!!.

  6. pj says:

    I played this game and I super bad at it

  7. sam says:

    how do I find the head when it says find a head that doesn’t belong and dig deep to uncover your next clue?It hard to find out it makes no since

  8. thegamer says:

    i won!!!!!

  9. zager7 says:

    i have beat thewhole game on my xbox i am wiilling to answer questions about the xbox version

  10. Aosc2 says:

    Pretty cool lego game…

  11. mariokarter says:

    to get past level 5 of temple of temple of doom, throw a h2o bottle at the statue’s foot.then switch to short round and crawl in the foot. he’ll punch the boss off the statue.switch to indy and use the whip on the whip holder thingy.

  12. P.L.B says:

    i beat all the games of iniana jones and knows all te cheat codes its easy

  13. da awsome one says:

    any one know how to get all map pices in river chase outher wise i have beaten the game
    so ask me any thing

  14. Dylan is awesome says:

    Uhhh is right if u have the Xbox version u can

  15. cool-hank says:

    cheat codes

  16. Maskman says:

    How do you get to the last level?

  17. Pcb says:

    Well, I have it!(:

  18. JERRY says:


  19. clickbrick says:

    I wish you could build your own levels.

  20. pedroboy1 says:

    pleaes post the cheat codes!!!!

  21. Animator says:

    I got all the cheat codes for the Wii version! I have over 45,000,000 studs! :D

  22. wormlings reply says:

    how do i unlock the level between level creator and kingdome of the crystal skull part 3?

    • Timten says:

      That would be the bonus levels, and to do that you have to complete all the treasure bonus levels in one of the boxes.

  23. cj says:

    I am insane!!

  24. gamer guy says:

    I love this game. I beat the entire story level the same day i got it

  25. Anonymous says:

    I love this game. It’s awesome

  26. avatar master says:

    i had it for wii but my wii broke so i cant use the game.

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