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Portal 2

Do you know any cheats for the PS3 version of Portal 2?

Games Guru: Sorry, there aren’t really any cheats for Portal 2. Valve, the publisher, makes really polished games. But they don’t want you to win too easily. Stick with it!

What are all the Easter Eggs and secrets in PC version. I know a few like the Ratman dens and the secret P-body in single player. Where are the Ratman dens and other secrets?

Games Guru: Since there are 30 of them, here’s a video that will help:

Hey, Guru. I’ve been through all of the single- and multi-player game modes, and I’ve heard that there’s a secret ending involving crows. Is this true, and if it is, where is it accessed?

Games Guru: I think you need to get some sweet downloadable content (DLC) called Peer Review. Then you’ll see the crows.

Are there any secrets for this game?

Games Guru: Have you heard about all the secrets in the Rat Man Den? Check out this YouTube video:

Do you know any codes for this game?

Games Guru: It depends on what system you’re playing. Here are codes for the PC version:

1. Activate Ability To Put Portals Anywhere – Type: sv_portal_placement_never_fail # (1 or 0)

2. Activates Ability To Fly and Pass Through Walls – Type: noclip

3. Change Game Speed – Type: host_timescale # (default=1) [0.1 = 10% of original game speed, 2 = twice the original game speed, etc.]

4. Change Gravity Effects – Type: sv_gravity # (600=normal)

Comments about “Portal 2”

  1. Rassilon says:

    If you want cheats try; God, Fire_rocket_projectile, Noclip, or impulse 100

  2. some guy says:

    On Portal 2 co-op mode there is a really cool glitch where you can do high fives in the air with the jump pad things

  3. gremlin987 says:

    this is one of my favorite games of all time!

  4. Moonfrost says:

    I can see rat man sneaking off in the turret Opra,did you see that two or is it a glitch?

  5. Stev says:

    How do you open up codes on xbox 360 without xbox live?

  6. me says:

    i assume by the last part of the game, there wont be a third game, and the song that is played during the credits both hints it and is incredibly annoying.

  7. SamWise99 says:

    Does it work for portal 1?

  8. MadHaTer says:

    just tell us the 5th code and have you looked at portalizer

  9. wolf master says:

    it`s cool

  10. Dragoncraft says:

    Hey do these work on the xbox360?

  11. pman says:

    The peer review DLC ending is hilarious!

  12. harbringer says:

    Believe it or not, there’s a bonus campaign version of this game in Left 4 Dead 2. Or was it the first Left 4 Dead that had the Portal bonus campaign?

  13. #GAMER says:

    So epicly AWESOME!!!!!

  14. ryanjr says:

    To do anything you must enter sv_cheats 1 I know about 30 codes found final transmission no not going to tell you it there’s a 5th code you know…just have to find it

  15. MadHaTer says:

    what’s 5th code dude I don’t have portal but need code’s (ps i’m ninjablade) ;)

  16. Stonemask5 says:

    Portal 2== Best game ever i love this game so much

    • Rassilon says:

      I agree. Portal two is a great game.

      (Maybe this isn’t the best place for one of my weird doctor who comments)

  17. Percy Jackson says:

    J. J. Abrams (the guy doing the new Star Wars films) has expressed interest in a Portal and/or Half-Life movie.

  18. Percy Jackson says:

    Is the PC version that the Guru is talking about the disk version or the Steam version?

  19. Zach0558 says:

    I SO want this game!

  20. Wheatly says:

    Wouldn’t Valve Anti-Cheat disable these codes?

    • Today says:

      They aren’t disabled because Valve allowed them however, having cheats enabled will prevent you from getting achievements.

  21. GLaDOS says:

    Has anyone heard anything about portal 3?

  22. Yo Mama says:

    I love the song at the end of the first game lol

  23. yeerk slug says:

    This inspired the Portal Gun mod in Minecraft!

  24. The Person says:

    Final Transmission is really just an easter egg because if you decode the signal into SSTV(Slow Scan Television) you find a picture of ratmans cube on the moon

  25. portalmaster says:

    are these for singleplayer or multiplayer either way how do you acces the commands

  26. luc says:

    portal 2!!! woo!

  27. jonbuddy1 says:

    You have to press the “~” button to get to the Dev Console, then you type sv_cheats 1

    Now you are essentially a god in that game. Works for Portal 1 the exact same way. Probably all the Valve games.

  28. yo yo master says:


    • man man says:

      I have xbox version can u help with that

      • Rattman says:

        It depends on which version you are playing. I am not sure for portal 2 on the xbox, but there are cheats for Portal: Still Alive, but only in the orange box version. If you have the arcade version, none.

  29. Inteli says:

    Ok. You can get HL2 Weapons in the OG Portal, but not in Portal 2. they removed it. oh. and in case you don’t know, when and if Wheatley tries to convince you to drop into the pit, you get an achievement if you do called Pit Boss. Also, if you go into the “test chamber” that GLaDOS opens up for you when you are trying to escape that leads to the outside, you get another achievement, i think called Good Listener. Oh…and PC RULES!!!!

  30. PORTALMASTER says:

    I will tell you a BIG secret… if you die 3 times before the boss in portal 1, and the place the portal at the ceiling at the boss, you will see a heart cube when you beat her, pick it up when you win, and you can get to the place where the cake is! there is also a portal to OUTSIDE!!!!!

  31. Xplant says:

    The cake is a lie…

    • Dynamic Moose says:

      No! The cake ISN’T a lie! Have you made it to the end of the game yet? If you wait till the end, there will actually be cake!

  32. DefectiveToaster says:

    With Dev Console on, you can do almost anything.

  33. Mysterywind11 says:

    How do you throw bombs

  34. Mysterywind11 says:

    To do anything you must enter sv_cheats 1

  35. Mysterywind11 says:

    I know about 30 codes

  36. starwars101man says:

    found final transmission no not going to tell you it

  37. Prix.n.Trx says:

    there’s a 5th code you know…just have to find it.

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