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Guitar Hero 2

Do you have any codes?

Games Guru: When you get to the title menu, enter any of these codes:

Y,Y,B,O,Y,B — Air GuitarO,B,Y,Y,O,B,Y,Y — Crowd has Monkey Heads

B,O,Y,O,Y,O,B —  Crowd has Eyeball Heads

O,Y,O,O,Y,O,Y,Y — Flaming Head

B,O,O,B,O,O,BO,O,B   Horse Head

Can you give me tips on how to beat Woman on hard?

Games Guru: Once you get to Woman, the difficulty level is ramping up. Try using star power during the chorus and limber up — this song has a chord in which you use your pinky and middle finger, a tough combination. Get used to this finger combo and you should do O.K.

Comments about “Guitar Hero 2”

  1. $ says:

    there are 5 gh games out 1 2 &3, rock the 80s,and guitar hero on tour ( for ds).

    guitar hero areo smith comes out for ps3 and the 360 soon.

  2. gh3 freak says:

    i have beat ttfaf on expert with perfection

  3. Guitarkid says:

    Here’s another few cheats

    YYBYYOYY-Performance mode(No notes come at the screen)

    OBOYOBOY-Hyperspeed(3x’s faster)

  4. Mr. Squiggle says:


  5. real guitarist says:

    to JRR2, nice strategy ill try it. And to any GH beginners you might wanna stay off easy and go to medium for a little to get the hand of the speed then you should go back to easy in case its too slow for you

  6. jeff says:

    Hey does anyone no how to nail all the song how do u do it i saw 3 year old how can beet me

  7. GH3 FREAK says:

    we should start a guitar hero 3 cheat,Q&A thing say yes or no

  8. JRR2 says:

    If you’re a beginner, start off on Medium so you’ll get used to using your pinky. Also, for all players on Medium or Hard, just totally skip Hard and go to Expert if you’ve mastered Medium. I did that and was able to beat a few songs on Expert two weeks after I first played any GH game. One month after I started, I was consistently getting 4-5 stars on expert.(and no, I didn’t stay on the game all day everyday as some people do to become great) Just try my way and you’ll see.

  9. Invincible says:

    I’m horrible at it but my favorite[and best song at] is Carry on My Wayward Son.10/10. Rock the world who ever created that song!

  10. real guitarist says:

    I cant even beat thru the fire and the flames with no note missed and im a real guitarist (note name) but i can beat it.(only 3 notes missed at the most)

  11. guitar hero 3 xpert says:

    it’s easy to beat ttfaf on expert

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. nimrod101 says:

    This may be tricky at first(I can’t do it but maybe you can).Tie a rubber band around the green fret to where the button is always held down,and try to get adjusted to not pressing the green fret.This way,you only have to focus on pressing the other four buttons.I recomend doing this as the song is loading.It may take practice.

  14. guitar hero expert on all 4 says:

    ok through the fire and the flames is not impossilbe it wasnt made 2 be inpossible on youtube ppl beet it ok u can fake that ive seen ppl beet it in person my cuzin beat it i cant beet it but i came close and the 27 notes in 2.5 seconds is not that hard i got all of em u just have 2 have veeery god fingering and if any1 questioning my name there are 4 guitar heroes 1 2 3 and rock the 80s if u dotn kno that maybe u dont liek guitar hero that much i hav all 4 ive beeten all 4 on ez med hard still workin on expert tho bark at the moon was a pain

  15. bballpro2 says:

    Hi RHYS, YOU can be quiet, because you cant get 10 % on it dosent mean others can t beat it . Ive seen LOTS of people beat TTFATF on EXPERT! Maybe the people who say 100% are lying but a TON of people have beaten it! : }

  16. Rhys says:


    Everyone who says they beat Through the Fire And Flames on Expert in GH3 is lying.

    Harmonix deliberately made it physically impossible…

    There is one part where you have to hit 27 notes in 2.5 seconds.

    Now try telling me you beat it…

  17. real guitarist says:

    I beat through the fire and flames on expert but its a LONG song

  18. Dark Angel says:

    I got 100% on The Light That Blinds by Shadows Fall on Medium.

  19. Ruranator615 says:

    I got 100 percent on through the fire and flames, it took me 5 hours to beat it.

  20. RoboChicken says:

    I beat “Through Fire and Flames” on Expert

  21. Blake says:

    Guitar Hero 1,2, and 3 rock

  22. bobolou says:

    it’s easy o.k theres not much to say exepet keep trying.

  23. drake says:

    Guitar Hero III is better

  24. lab101010 says:

    best game ever!!! my fav. song is strudder.

  25. mimeman says:

    man i have guitar hero 3 and it is awsome but does anyone have some tips at reaching that orange button

  26. Skywalker says:

    The Guitar Hero series are the best games in the whole world!!!!!!!!

  27. Bballpro says:

    You Guys Know, It Is Possible To Fail At 100%. You Play The Song Normaly and Strum Up And Down When There Is No More Notes. IM A GUITAR HERO, I BEAT EASY!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

  28. speed says:

    it is super sweet

  29. guitarheeeeeero says:

    If you can’t beat woman on Hard, you shouldn’t be playing on Hard. Seriously, I think Woman is on like the second or third tier.

    Anyways, I’ve five-starred every song on this game on expert, so I really cannot relate with your problems on Woman.

  30. maTue10 says:

    i beat woman on expert just sayin :)

  31. Raven Lavender says:

    This is a Guitar Hero 2 forum. Wait until the third gets up.

  32. trip says:

    guitar hero 3 rocks

  33. bubba says:

    guitar her 3 rocks! its soooo awesome you should get it befor it get sold out.

  34. monster says:

    just hit the ones that show up most often do not hit the one that come up every now and then

  35. Tigereye says:

    For Guitar Hero 2, go online and find the cheat for the Air-Guiter. It’s AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. the gutair master says:

    go to the practice stage and start out at slow and work your way up until you get to normal speed and you will beat it.

  37. mikepratz says:

    they are awsome

  38. mikepratz says:

    i like pearl jam

  39. mikepratz says:

    guitar hero 2 is cool and all but i wish they had ozzy ozborn

  40. jo says:

    I beat it already

  41. charzaird says:

    I have Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock

  42. naparu says:

    howthe heck do peaple win on EXPERT?

  43. Richard says:

    I Like guitar hero 2,,.

  44. nascarjt22 says:

    my favorte song is hanger 18

  45. charzaird says:

    My fav. sing is surrender the first you have to play.

  46. Shadow says:

    I have #1-2 but i think #3 is gonna be the best

  47. skippy peanut butter says:

    i have every single guiar hero for all systems except for the ps3 i love the song free ride and barracuda for guitar hero 3

  48. Bubba says:

    i have all the guitar heros exceped for guitar hero 3 and on guitar hero 2 i picked for a main guitarist was grim ripper

  49. maverick says:

    I USE clive winston with the Gibson Les Pall Zakk Wilde Custom

  50. charzaird says:

    I have the game but who did you choose to be your main guairtest. I used Johnny Naplem.

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