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Transformers: Decepticons

I’m stuck at the part where you fight Starscream. I can get the Allspark but don’t know what to do next. All the map says is to get the Allspark, but I already have it.

Games Guru: Congrats on getting as far as you have. You need to do something with the AllSpark once you have it.

When Starscream gets near the AllSpark, pick it up and start a melee using AllSpark. Bam! Starscream takes to the air, and your final battle begins. It’s tough, so you may be writing me again for a tip! Just remember to always keep Starscream in your sight or you’ll lose the battle.

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  1. All117 says:

    Oh yeah! Is it on wii?

  2. All117 says:

    Is the game any fun? What is it rated and why is it rated?

    • Mr.Nintendo says:

      This game is ultra fun and it’s fun to go use diffrent viechiels ( Such as the Ultra Rare Jet) (Skydive for Autobots, StarScream Gen 1 for Decepticons) I would highly recomend this fun platforming/driving GTA like game!!!!

      Thank you dear reader, and enjoy

  3. awesome says:

    fun game i wish i still had it i will tell you what happens at the end of the game you end up destroying optus and get the allspark then he puts it thru his spark and then it shows a weard pitcure it is really weard

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