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Final Fantasy IV

Dear Game Guru, Do you know how to beat the Octomammoth monster? If you do, can you tell me, please?

Games Guru: I salute you for playing one very deep and classic game. Destroy the tentacles first by using Cecil’s Darkness attacks. At the same time, Tellah and Rydia should cast thunder spells. But you have to keeping healing Tellah and Rydia as they fight to keep them working. Once the tentacles are toast, just start working on the body.

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  1. Cecilrocks says:

    Does anybody have any tips for scarmiglione? I am currently stuck on him and I always die!

  2. Zidane Tribal IX says:

    Final Fantasy IX is the best of the series!

  3. kkcool says:

    pretty cool game but hard

  4. aggron00 says:

    I’ll save the Game Guru a little work for this game. I will help you instead in certain parts. I can remember better when I have a walkthrough. LOL

  5. aggron00 says:

    I finished this game when I was 6.Sorry to say, but the octomammoth is one of the easiest parts. Wait until you face the 4 elementals all at once really late in the game.
    Good luck.:)

  6. jonbuddy1 says:

    I fail at this game, yet I love both versions. I haven’t even gone past the part after that one village is destroyed. :P

    • EB says:

      then just level up not too much though

    • aggron00 says:

      EB is right. Though it was long ago, I remember you can train in the cave before you get into town. Beware: Cecil will become level 1 at the part where he becomes a palidin, so only train if you REALLY need to.

  7. EB says:

    Need advice on how to get rid of the dark elf

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