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How do you beat the Crushing Sweeper on the DS?

Games Guru: So a lot of people have this problem with Wipeout. What you have to do is:

1. Don’t jump when the person in front of you jumps.
2. When the sweeper is in front of you, jump right.

This technique works with most of the other sweepers, too.

I have unlocked every character and every outfit, except for two in the “special” category. I have unlocked John Anderson, John Henson and Jill Wagner, but can’t think of two other people that would be in the category. How do I unlock them, and who could they be?

Games Guru: I think the last two characters are called Black and Blue One and Black and Blue Two. You have to get all the trophies to unlock them.

How do you get the final two special characters?

Games Guru: You get the special boy and girl characters when you earn all the trophies in the challenge mode.

Comments about “Wipeout”

  1. the BOSS says:

    I got the 3rd one ;)

  2. YankeesMan19 says:

    I beat the game, unlocked all characters and outfits. Its fun and easy although people say i look like Grasshopper!!!

  3. tan says:

    so funny

  4. qweqwe says:

    I love this game

  5. I says:

    Wow. I’ve been using boys life for years and NOWS the time games guru gives tips on games I have.

  6. fhfdg says:


  7. fhfdg says:

    I have watched the show, so I REALLY want the game!

  8. hello says:

    i live in nicaragua so i can’t watch the show : ( : (

  9. pippy123 says:

    I <3 IT :) I SO WANT TO BE ON THE SHOW BUT IDK HOW 2 PLAY TEACH ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. PIPPY SAYS says:

    I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!<3

  11. star123 says:

    Beat it.

  12. xman says:

    I got Wipeout number 2

  13. bowler119 says:

    I unlocked the last two characters in the practice area.

  14. SPEEDY says:

    I LOVE to play and whatch WIPEOUT because it’s AWESOME!

  15. lucky says:

    I beat the game.

  16. speedster says:

    wipeout is the best game in the world and don’t forget winter wipeout

  17. hank says:

    it is the best show in the world

  18. hank says:

    its cool.

  19. C.J. says:

    I Wonder How To Get The Last 2 Characters

  20. da beast says:

    me neither jojo

  21. alexander says:

    how do you play

  22. THE AWESOME says:


  23. jojo says:

    cant get last 2 characters!

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