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Superman Returns

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  1. buster says:

    How do you unlock all of the superman suites in superman returns for ps2

  2. awesome 910 says:

    i am stuck on the part when you fight that guy that keeps getting giant. i have it for ps2

  3. superman says:

    wher do you put cheats in for xbox360

  4. bob0123456789 says:

    all u have to do iz blow up rocks on XBox…

  5. Pedroisgod says:

    Wow there hasn’t been any comments on this game for like 8 months. This game is ok if you rent, but it’s not worth it for buying. When the feeling of flying around metropolis dies, it’s really boring. I was stuck on the part where there are a bunch of clones so i just returned it. It was pretty bad anyway.

  6. supersonic boom says:

    I have superman returns for the ps2 and i know a cheat:to have invincible city health circle,right,circle,right,up,left,right,circle.more cheats coming soon!

  7. orieus says:

    This game is so lame on DS. Do NOT BUY total wast! This game is TERIBLE!

  8. Chaz says:

    This game is very EZ 2 me.

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