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Superman Returns

Could you give me some tips on how to get past the first level?

Games Guru: Just do everything in opposites. If you see an icy meteor, use heat vision. Blow cold on fiery meteors. This is not an easy game, and some of the problems you will encounter are design problems.

Comments about “Superman Returns”

  1. buster says:

    How do you unlock all of the superman suites in superman returns for ps2

  2. awesome 910 says:

    i am stuck on the part when you fight that guy that keeps getting giant. i have it for ps2

  3. superman says:

    wher do you put cheats in for xbox360

  4. bob0123456789 says:

    all u have to do iz blow up rocks on XBox…

  5. Pedroisgod says:

    Wow there hasn’t been any comments on this game for like 8 months. This game is ok if you rent, but it’s not worth it for buying. When the feeling of flying around metropolis dies, it’s really boring. I was stuck on the part where there are a bunch of clones so i just returned it. It was pretty bad anyway.

  6. supersonic boom says:

    I have superman returns for the ps2 and i know a cheat:to have invincible city health circle,right,circle,right,up,left,right,circle.more cheats coming soon!

  7. orieus says:

    This game is so lame on DS. Do NOT BUY total wast! This game is TERIBLE!

  8. Chaz says:

    This game is very EZ 2 me.

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