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Madden 07

Is there a code to unlock all the years of teams?

Games Guru: There are many codes for various historical teams, but I do not know of any single code that gets you every team. Sorry.

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10 Comments on Madden 07

  1. When is the one for Madden 08 gonna come, Yo. :-(

  2. College football is so much better than the NFL. Go UGA.

  3. if anyone has 08 for ps2 how do you unlock the secret teams?

  4. hardyboy674 // January 3, 2008 at 7:37 pm // Reply

    To hbomb:

    To get a positive ego don’t talk trash at interviews.That’s all I know:)

  5. how do you get to hit harder and make the football come out of the other teams hands.

  6. I was wondering if there is a code for Madden NFL 2007 for Nintendo DS to unlock the 66′, 67′, or any other old Packer teams?

  7. Just search on the web for a website that has the codes. It will take a while to put them all in, but it’s worth it.

  8. does any one know how to get a good ego for nfl super star mode? Mine is always negetive. TY :)

  9. Hello. For Madden 2002, at least, you can use GOLDENGOD to unlock several historical teams, like the Oilers.

  10. any codes you can share ?

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