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  1. Candyman says:

    Lets go 49ers win super bowl 2011!

  2. Candyman says:

    49ers are the best.
    they have the best history.
    i know whose getting superbowl this year.

  3. i me and myself says:

    its kinda frustrating, how do you keep your overall up in career mode? mine keeps going down.

  4. cat scrath me 71 says:

    me thuink this game is lame

  5. i me and myself says:

    sometimes your agent afects your ego, if you hav a positive influencing agent, you’ll have a positive ego.

  6. bigman9358 says:

    colts are #1

  7. Agent Yeti says:

    i have 07 im the steelers in franchise santonio holmes got 517 yards for recieving & my QB threw a 99 yard TD pass against the broncos go steelers! boo broncos!

  8. madden champ says:

    I have maden 10 go panthers

  9. steelerblaziken says:


  10. jagclaw says:

    Jags ROCK!!!!!!!!! there goin to Super Bowl in 2010!

  11. eaglestrike says:

    Madden 10′ Is going to be the best The eagles are going to be awesome in it

  12. corky says:

    i CAN’T wait 4 Madden10. :mrgreen: GO PANTHERS!

  13. Callka says:

    Steelers BARELY won Super Bowl. Almost all my family’s happy :-l

  14. rt says:

    turn off ds 3 times then turn on go to teams do Dolphins v.s. dolphins if you win you get all upgrades

  15. luigirules says:

    i used 2 have this 4 GBA, but I lost it. :(

  16. Anonymous says:

    steelers beat falcans and rams

  17. go steelers says:

    i hav 09

  18. Destroyer says:

    Falcons beat rams by 28 points! We will win the division and go all the way to the Super Bowl!

  19. Destroyer says:

    Go Falcons!

  20. Hawk says:

    Does anybody know any codes for the 68 Packers?

  21. Hawk says:

    I cant wait for Madden 09. It will be great!

  22. Hawk says:

    Madden 07 is great! I have it for my families computer and it is a great game. Does anybody got any codes for it?

  23. daman123 says:

    to answer somebody’s question (entry # 18’s) i don’t have any codes but i do have the game.

    oh, by the way, GO REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Codeman says:

    So did I, 15Snyder.

  25. lookingforpEdro says:


  26. shorty199 says:

    who is ready for 09

  27. shorty199 says:

    whos ready for madden 09 it is going to be awesome

  28. 15Snyder says:

    I only got it for my GBA only

  29. Destroyer says:

    College football is much better.GO UGA.

  30. BANANA!! says:

    I love Madden ’07. The only football game for DS (yes, the real thing’s better) that’s better than ’07 is ’08. That’s only because the San Diego Chargers kick butt! Go Chargers!

  31. NFL Fan 9608 says:

    For GBA ONLY!

    In the last couple pages of the card book (My Madden), you can access cards with cool abilities (faster substitution needed, higher scoring system, etc.). LOL.

  32. DSdude says:

    Are there any codes for Madden 08 for DS that anybody here knows?

  33. zedia says:

    It Was so easy I beat It in one night

    AND Fun I just had one night to get in done and it took me amost a whole three days to get it done but it only one day for me

  34. Nonno says:


  35. Jupiter2 says:

    I cant wait for 09 It will have this years patriots on it.(From a huge pats fan)

  36. Anonymous says:

    madden 08, how do you unlock 92 cowboys

  37. Robocop says:

    Pikachu what kind of system are u talking about?

  38. yo father says:

    i know how u unlock da secret teams wit 100 overall. All u have 2 do is go 2 game modes and go 2 fantasy challenge. then as u go on u go 2 higher leages. they in da supreme leage. u gotta put the skill lvl 2 rookie or pro(unless ur mad good) and just beat them then u unlock them

  39. Destroyer says:

    Lests go Giants win Super Bowl 2008.

  40. YO, MAMA says:

    When is the one for Madden 08 gonna come, Yo. :-(

  41. Destroyer says:

    College football is so much better than the NFL. Go UGA.

  42. hardcore says:

    if anyone has 08 for ps2 how do you unlock the secret teams?

  43. hardyboy674 says:

    To hbomb:

    To get a positive ego don’t talk trash at interviews.That’s all I know:)

  44. pikachu 11 says:

    how do you get to hit harder and make the football come out of the other teams hands.

  45. Zman says:

    I was wondering if there is a code for Madden NFL 2007 for Nintendo DS to unlock the 66′, 67′, or any other old Packer teams?

  46. nm says:

    Just search on the web for a website that has the codes. It will take a while to put them all in, but it’s worth it.

  47. hbomb says:

    does any one know how to get a good ego for nfl super star mode? Mine is always negetive. TY :)

  48. Timmy says:

    Hello. For Madden 2002, at least, you can use GOLDENGOD to unlock several historical teams, like the Oilers.

  49. stevey jr. says:

    any codes you can share ?

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