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Super Mario 2

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  1. zacachu says:

    stuck on 1-3

  2. goomba man 64 says:

    i have the game but i cant beat world 1-3 mowser

  3. goomba man 64 says:

    i have the game but i can;t beat world 1-3 morser

  4. Yoshi says:

    How do you get pass World 4-4?

  5. gameboy says:

    how do you get past 1-2 ?

  6. Some Pokemon trainer says:

    How do you beat level 2-3? I’m stuck on the area with the rat boss in it.

  7. mario and link fan says:

    why does Luigi have purple overalls

  8. wii remote says:

    luigi and peach are good jumpers: i choose luigi
    to charge press the down putton to charge jump

  9. pack 121 says:

    the origonal smbs was on the n.e.s in 1985 later smb2 and smb3 in 1988 on the same system.

  10. Carbison says:

    I liked SMB3 better. Besides, on that game, I’m on World 7 Level 3.

  11. Carbison says:

    Super Sonic is right! The whole game is a dream!

  12. halonerdz says:

    that is a easy game but you jump on eggs at through them at birdo

  13. Xplant says:

    How do you open the locked door on world 1-2? And what’s in it?

    • Carbison says:

      Go down the second vase you see. There is a key in there. But watch out for Phanto, the evil mask. He will start flashing red and fly around. Jump on one of the rectangles on the sides, then jump again. You will be out of the vase,but Phanto will too! Hurry and get to the door without Phanto touching you!

  14. supermariometroid64super says:


  15. robodude says:

    Gameshark will screw up the game! TOTAL GLITCH-OUT!!!

  16. frogg says:

    any comments about how to kill the boss on 1-2

    • pokemon409 says:

      jump on the eggs she shoots out and throw them at Birdo.

      • pacman_better_than_yoshi says:

        there is a glitch in birdo battles.beat her as usual, but instead of going into the bird beak,go all the way to the left to where you back to the battle area.the beak will still be open, but you cannot go in.birdo will also be back.she wont hold the glowing orb.beat her again.repeat this glitch as many times as you want to!

  17. pokemon409 says:

    How do you beat world 6-1? This part is soooooooooo hard!

  18. lalalele99 says:

    How you fly across on level 1-2?

    • pokemon409 says:

      Get the heart and deafeat the bird on the carpet. Jump on the carpet and navigate your way through these things that look like bees. Be careful though, the carpet will start flashing and it will disappear after a certain amount of time.

    • frogg says:

      jump on his head and pick him up and throw him off then fly

    • Carbison says:

      When the bird goes down close to you, jump on his head. Then pick him up and throw him off. Then jump on the magic carpet. Then start flying over the bottomless pit, while avoiding those bee guys with keys. But after a couple moments, the carpet will stat flashing and disappear. Plan your timing carefully!

  19. Pokemon409 says:

    i have this game viasuper mario advanced. i cant get past world 6-1. u dont hav to get past world4-2,just throw a potion,jump into the pot,thenull be warped to where i am.

  20. zexcex says:

    BIG TIP! On world 1-3, shortly before you enter the factery leading to mouser, you’ll see a log on 2 raised mounds. Uprot nerby plants untill you get a red bottle. Take it past the factory door untill you see a pot. Throw the jar in front of the pot and enter the door that appers, then jump in the pot you see for a worth it reward!!!

  21. SKATER BOY says:

    what’s the difference between super mario bros 2 the lost levels and super mario bros 2?

  22. yoyojo says:

    how do you beat the yoshi challenge?
    what do you get?

  23. Jlee says:

    cool game

  24. Super Sonic says:


  25. Huy Guy says:

    Marioguy6110, another system it’s on is the original, NES(Nintendo Entertainment System) but i have not heard of people selling that anymore. But you can get it on the Wii with the wii shop channel. And if you have Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii only) then don’t be afraid to try it under Masterpieces under Vault because it’s free and you can play it as many times as you want (just like a cell phone demo game)!

  26. Super Christopher says:

    I got the game but I got it as a used game. What is the objective? HELLLP!

  27. superluigi says:

    SOOOOOOO easy except for Wart (the last boss). I can’t beat him (but I know how its just hard).

  28. Super Sonic says:

    Ok so, I’m from Waffle House, so I’m just going to say that the first bosses are, birdo, birdo agian, & Mouser. MOUSER IS SOOOOO EASY! [ unless you are a beginer.] So, THAT’S ALL! BYE!

  29. Super Sonic says:

    ……….[snore] Huh? where am I? Oh, sorry to keep you wating! I am guessing someone needs help but, I can’t help but, the WLD. 2 boss I might reccomend making a shield. [if you want to.] Rememder, this was just a hint!

  30. pokemon27 says:

    Are there any gameshark codes for it? And this is a good game.

  31. nate 123 says:

    are there any cheats for this game

    • nin*gorin says:

      TO: Nate 123 There are no cheats but there is a short cut to world 5 at world 3 level 1 after you go in the first door go down the waterfall but at the bottom if you go down on one of the sides then you will die but in the middle there is a island with a door go into the door then one of those little grass thingys, is a potion. So pull up the grass untill you find it, then while carring it move right, untill you see a pot-like thing and throw the potion down, go into the door it makes, and go down the pot thing and it will say “warp world 5″ and you will be at world five.

      • Carbison says:

        Those “grass thingies” are turnips. But sometimes they can be potions, red shells, and even bombs!

  32. random comments says:

    Marioguy6110, it is available for GBA as Super Mario Advance 1.

  33. hi says:

    its soo easy

  34. Marioguy6110 says:

    Is this game for Nintendo DS or Game Boy Advance? It sounds like a good game.

    • Carbison says:

      It was originally for NES but now it’s for Game Boy Advance and Wii Virtual Console. It’s also on Super Mario All-Stars for Super NES
      (They made a remake of it for Wii I got it from GameFly)

  35. wiiman123 says:

    i have never played it but i can downlod it on my wii

  36. red says:

    how do you beat level 5 forest of illusions

  37. soccerman5432 says:

    i beat it in a day

  38. matue10 says:


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