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Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening

I want to know — Where are all the Secret Seashells located?

Games Guru: Wow. That’s like asking me to write a book with 20 chapters for you (since there are 20 shells). Thankfully, someone else already has done it:

Do you know how to get to the fifth temple?

Games Guru: I think you mean Catfish’s Maw. It’s quite a process to get there. Since I don’t know where you are, I’ll tell you how to start your journey. Now that you have flippers, you go into the deep waters off Koholint Island. Once you near the Angler’s Tunnel, swim left and go into the cave. Talk to the Giant Fish. If you have the ocarina, you’ll learn a new song before you continue.

Comments about “Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening”

  1. Link says:

    How do you get the first key in the Face Shrine?

  2. why, comatose, why??? says:

    Yay! Now my question is answered I can FINALLY get all the seashells!

  3. Tanooki Ocarina says:

    Tail cave is easy the mini-boss looks awkward

  4. zz says:

    if you beat the whole game can you fly

  5. zz says:

    can you try to fly

  6. tdog says:

    tdog rocks at this game

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