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Donkey Kong Country Returns

I am stuck on level 2-4. It is the one where you fly a rocket while crabs are shooting cannonballs at you. Can you help?

Games Guru: Level 2-4 doesn’t have any rocket barrels as far as I can see. Generally, Cannon Cluster is not that hard. Jump onto the crabs to kill them. Avoiding the cannonballs just takes a sense of rhythm. The hardest part might be getting the puzzle pieces before time runs out.

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  1. izac454 says:

    i left that at my cousins house and he beat it in a week i am still on 2-4

  2. Vader says:

    Stuck on the last level. I constantly end up rage quitting. One of the hardest Nintendo games made!

  3. sonic fan says:

    how do you hit the moles in world two

  4. wasup says:

    What is your favorite boss?

  5. wasup says:

    What is your favorite boss?
    1. Mugly
    2. Pirate Crabs
    4. Mole miner Max(the train)
    5. Mangoruby
    6. Thugly
    7. Colonel Pluck and the Stompy Bot 2000
    8. Tiki Tong

  6. superdude says:

    get all the kong letters in a world and you unlock the worlds secret level. clear a secret level to get an orb. get all 8 orbs to open the golden temple after you beat tiki tong

  7. Anonymous says:

    im trying to get all KONG on crowded cavern. tips please?

  8. yeerk slug says:

    I got all 8 orbs before I beat the game. How’s THAT, huh?

  9. yeerk slug says:

    You guys mean Peaceful Pier? That level’s AWESOME!!! It’s like all the pirates are chasing you and stuff!*

    *I am a master at this game ask me anything!

  10. Nahte says:

    At the last shot stay once they finish aiming MOVE!

  11. Chocolate says:

    I beat the game including banana temple! LIKE A BOSS!

  12. Babalouie says:

    I can not get past the boss on level one. Need help!!!!

  13. donkey kong says:

    if your having trouble then just wail till a pig with a white flag shows up and that will activate the super guide

  14. paper mario says:

    I need tips on this game.

  15. diddy kong says:

    dear games guru how do you bop?

  16. izzy says:

    i’m in world 3-1

  17. izzy says:

    I’m stuck where donkey kong flies a rocket and the blue bats fly at you, any tips?

  18. caca says:

    any cheat codes?

  19. LEGO Universer says:

    I can’t get past the level with the train,any tips

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