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Rabbids Go Home

I made it to the fifth star at 23,000 ft. The credits played, and now there is a sixth star at about 31,500 ft. I am at 28,000. What’s a fast way to get that last 3,000?

Games Guru: There aren’t any codes, so there’s no quick way to get the last 3,000. But maybe go back and do some more collecting.

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  1. Luigi man fan says:

    The way to totaly beat the game is to get every piece of stuff in evrey level. You can tell if you got all the stuff in the level by checking where it shows the picture of the XL stuff, and if there is a yellow paint blot over the picture of,say, the safe, it means that you got all 1000 stuff. There ya’ go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aliencen says:

    Rabbids go home is really called rayman raving rabbids.There is also a game called rayman.

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