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Sonic Rush

Have you noticed how after you complete a level, there’s a rating of A, B, C, D or S, depending on how well you did? Do I have do get every single level as Blaze up to A+ rating to finish as Blaze so that I can get the Chaos emeralds as Sonic?

Games Guru:  No. The rankings are just for bragging rights. But if you get all the emeralds with Sonic and you beat the final zone with Sonic and Blaze, you’ll be rewarded with an extra zone. Note that it doesn’t matter which character you finish with first.

How do you get the Chaos emeralds as Sonic? I got the sol emeralds as Blaze, but now what do I do? Please help!

Games Guru: You have to play each Story mode through with each character. So unfortunately you can’t get emeralds with Sonic once you started with Blaze. Finish with Blaze. Then you can play again with Sonic.

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  1. black magic says:

    arrrgh a cant seem to get the last chaos emards

  2. MJthewolf says:

    I need a quick hand on Sonic Rush Adventure(I know this is SR, but we don’t have a page for SRA). I am missing Sol Emeralds 2, 3, and i think 4
    Please help.

  3. ChopChopChopSticks says:

    Wow!IT LAGS!

  4. solojohn says:

    Blaze is awsome!!!!!!!!

  5. ordep says:

    Guys, unfortunately my Ds doesn’t work that well because one of the buttons on the
    control pad that moves my character to the right, has been acting kind of wierd lately.
    How can you solve this problem for cheap?

  6. yoshi says:

    bones level are cool

  7. hydro says:

    I like the last level!

  8. WILD IGGY says:

    Dear jmanx360, thats sonic rush ADVENTURE.

  9. jdude909 says:

    last chaos emerald is hard!!!!!!!!!!!!cant get it!

  10. jmanx360 says:

    to get chaos emeralds u have to be sonic and you have to ride in the jetski all over the ocean then when u run into johnny you have to beat him in a race and do that for each different place you face johnny.

  11. Harry Potter Fan #1 says:

    I beat the game but it was really fun and took forever.

  12. LiL chris says:

    Sionc rush is awwwsome

  13. yellowspeedranger says:

    I’ve never played the game

  14. Wisecracker3000 says:

    Beat that!!!!!!! Game was easy!

  15. jman says:

    To get the chaos emeralds as sonic you have to beat all the special stages.

    • Ordep says:

      Dear jman, have you noticed that on each level of Sonic Rush (after you complete it)
      is a rating of A, B, C, D, or S, depending on how well you did. How do I get All the levels
      and boss battles to the A+ rating. Somebody please, HELP!

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