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Golden Sun

My problem is that Trent the tree needs to recover so he could turn back the people that got turned into trees and that I don’t know what to do in mercury lighthouse.

Games Guru: Lets start with the lighthouse. Are you using move to get past statues? If you see buttons on floors, have you tried placing a statue over them? Oh, and if you run into some waterfalls, try the one in the middle. That should get you started.

Now the bad news. I am not sure what to tell you about Trent. Sorry.

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  1. golden master // March 15, 2010 at 10:59 am // Reply

    I Need Help How To Get From Tolbi To Kalay? Because They Won t Get The Ship Sailing And Silk Road Is Blocked

  2. i beat the game in december but i didn’t even fight all the bosses and what happens to your mom is she sick or something

  3. this is a cool game


  5. does anyone know how to get pass the tree and get the bottle and the water stuff

  6. were do you use ply the big statue of the ladie with the glowing thing on her chest

  7. how do you get the water

  8. i lost my bottle how do i get a nother

  9. help! I have My ticket to go on the boat, but the tourists arent coming! how do i get the boat to go?

    • golden master // March 15, 2010 at 10:56 am // Reply

      Its Easy First Change Garets Sword To The Broad Sword Go To Kolima They Will Talk A bit Then Go To Kolima Forest At The Very End There Is Those 2 Tree dudes go to the tree names Trent Or Whatever Climb To The Top There is A a big hole at The top Fall Through the spider web into The Hole That Will Take Yo To Tret And Fight Him Then Go To Mercury Lighthouse Meet Mia Finish The Puzzles Beat Saturos And There Will Be Water Of Life Fill Up A Bottle Of It Go To Tret And Give Ut To Him

  10. how do u beat the curse?my equips:weapons
    Issac:Eleven Rapier
    Garen:Bandit’s sword
    Ivan:magic rod
    TELL ME PLZ!!!!

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