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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

There is a place where you can enter codes. What codes are there, and what do they do?

Games Guru: Here are some codes for you:

Dark Side: DRK328
Super Blasters: HHD647
Fast Force: BYY492
Super Lightsabers: GHL978
Tractor Beam: 53NKH3
Invincibility: HS9K44
Score x2: HBF899
Self Destruct: DRX444
Fast Build: KJU233
Score x4: DQY857
Regenerate Hearts: 528HBB
Minikit Detector: FBM152

In episode 5 chapter 4, in Yoda’s hut by the window it won’t let me through but my minikit detector says keep going right. How do I get the canister?

Games Guru: Since I’m not sure which minikit you want, I’ll give you info on two. There’s one just past Yoda’s hut. You have to jump up to a high rock to retrieve it. Also, to the right of the hut is a box. Break it using the Dark Force and build the raft with the pieces inside. When you ride that to the next area, the minikit will be on the left, again on a rock.

How do you pass the beginning of episode 6 chapter 2?

Games Guru: I am guessing that you are on the sand skiff and that you have killed the guards on the skiff, but now the baddies on the big barge are giving you fits. First, use your light saber to deflect their shots back at them. Next, destroy the boxes at the back of the skiff and build cannons out of the wreckage using the force. Finally, use your new weapons to shoot the guys on the barge, opening your way to fight back.

In episode 3, level 4, after you come out of the forest and land on the beach, what do you do? Also, in episode 6, level 2, what do you do after you get the guards and jump onto Jabba’s barge? I have found two levers that make two platforms come out, but where is the third? I am very stuck. Please help me.

Games Guru: Have you uncovered Yoda’s ship? As to the third lever, you need to get higher. Force-move the flap over one of the levers, then use Luke to jump to it. You may see a box; destroy it and assemble the grapple point, then grapple to the passageway that will lead to the third lever.

Comments about “Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga”

  1. HOYT says:

    How do you beat Episode 5 level 1 on Wii. my brother and i spent 2 hours trying to beat it

  2. Lt.kelt says:

    I got stuck on ep 5 ch 1

  3. Lt.kelt says:

    I OWN IT ITS ASAME!!!!!!

  4. deathstar says:

    it is rated A for asaome

  5. Awesomedude says:

    People are constantly getting stuck on episode (ep.) 4 chapter (ch.) 4!!!!! once you figure it out it’s really not that hard.

  6. the j-man says:

    i love this game its awesome i got like 96% done be for i had to uninstal it. :c

  7. J-man says:

    How do you get the first minikit on the Luke Skywalker part of the Cloud City level on DS? I tried doing it in free play but it didn’t let me go past when Boba Fett leaves.

  8. cooldude25 says:

    Help! Where is Red power brick in Darth Maul level 5 episode 1 for DS?

    • RandomPerson says:

      In the later of the area where the bridge is broken, go past that, up into a secret room (in Free Play) and do everything you can there.

    • jd564 says:

      on capter 1 level 5 the red brick is where you enter the castle go to the right and behind the table you might have to destroy something then press the button then use the force on the things inside and the destory EVERYTHING thats on the table. even the chairs

  9. Glaras says:

    Dose anyone know were the red bricks are for Darth Maul,The Judland Wastes, or Cloud City Trap are?

    Sent from my iPod touch

  10. Binky-boy says:

    I have the game 100% completed

  11. RhinoA3096 says:

    I have everything completete except the challenge mini-kits. What happens when you get all the challenge ones???? :)

  12. JIG2000 says:

    Fun game

  13. ??????? says:

    seriusly? u guys r stumped in situations lik that? try FAQs on the web. they help A LOT :-)

  14. spy dude says:

    yeah me too

  15. joe says:

    if you have luke sky walker jedi and jango fet and han solo hood say i

  16. joe says:

    yeah i can not get past it. but i think your have to find ben

  17. BML says:

    do u know any codes

  18. killer says:

    how do you beat episode4 rescue the princess for Wii? I am stuck on the detention block where all those levers are. How do you get all the levers down at the same time with only three characters?

  19. d.j. says:

    You’ve probably noticed that pile of gold bricks outside by Jabbas door + the minikit vehicles you’ve collected. What do you build with them when you get all the pieces.

  20. Anonymous says:

    can I have some tips on the gunship cavalry episode 5 chapter 5 please I need help by help I mean how do you get past the 1rst blue laser wall ?

  21. math says:

    can I have some tips on the gunship cavalry episode 5 chapter 5 please i need help

  22. Luke & Han says:

    In episode 4, when your on the death star rescuing princess Leia, When Ben kenobi,R2D2,and C3PO leave, how do you get past the control room with two people playing?

  23. legostarwars1200 says:

    on the game for ds where is the cloud city(episode 5 level 5)
    red brick

  24. nick says:

    I finished the game!

  25. MY FREIND DOUG says:

    How do you find the blue mini-kit canisters? Without them i can’t win the game, yes i am that close to it. i play it on the wii. HELP.

  26. suzukiboy says:

    Type in evilr2 to unlock a black r2d2.

  27. redgamer says:

    how do you beat general grevous on the wii

  28. foodlover says:

    I NEED CHEAT CODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Awesomedude says:

    As for the comment i made “how do you get to the right room with a bunch of levers”? i meant ep4 lvl4

  30. Awesomedude says:

    Awesomedude again. where is the second lever on Jabba’s barge in episode 6 lvl 2 on Wii

  31. Awesomedude says:

    how do you get to the right “room with a bunch of levers”? the room that i find a bunch of baddies come out of the door at the end of the hall. the other two doors won’t open! am i in the right room? if so, how do i get the other 2 doors to open?

  32. I love japan! says:

    Poll!!! What do you like better,

    A:Lego Starwars the complete saga
    B:Lego Starwars III, the clonewars
    C:Lego Harry Potter, years 1-4

  33. RhinoA3096 says:

    I know some codes for lego star wars 3….. :)

  34. legostarwarsfan12 says:

    on the ds in lvl 5 stage 5 cloud city trap i cant find the red brick where is it?

  35. Anonymous says:

    how do you defeat the gigantic beast at the end of ep6 chapter1?

    • anybody says:

      to defeat the beast, you have to use 3po or r2 to bring in skiff gaurds. the beast will pick them up and start eating them. while he’s eating one shoot the box he’s standing closest to. with this procedure you get his 1st 2 lives.for the last life you pull both of those levers while he’s standing near the cadge. hope it helps

    • joe says:

      omg that is so need 2 players 1 be r2d2 2be crpo

  36. Netro says:

    How do you get 100% on the game?

  37. legostarwarsfan12 says:

    for the ds in cloud city i cant find the red brick where is it

  38. Victini says:

    I have Lego Star Wars 3 but there isn’t a page for it yet… Anyway, does anyone know where x2 is?

  39. him says:

    just wait for your other charecter (han laia luke ect) to pull the other one

  40. him says:

    i have completed the game too

  41. him says:

    you need to get 4LOM, Boba, Boosk, danger, greedo, and IG88 to get in.

  42. josh77 says:

    how much is yodas ghost

  43. josh77 says:

    How many bounty hunters do you need to get in the door with Jabba’s face on it? And which bounty hunters are they? I already have Jango Fett, Bobo Fett, Zam Wessel, Bossk, and Greedo. Please help!

  44. brown2255 says:

    I can’t deafeat the Sith in 3/2

  45. ertyui1456 says:

    yes i do need help

  46. tomtom582 says:

    how do you get into the room with jabbas face on it i have heard that you need bounty hunters but which characters are bounty hunters

  47. bountyhunterA says:

    how do you get free poo money or a cheat code for poo money

  48. bountyhunterA says:

    does anyone have any good cheat codes for this game?

  49. star wars #1 fan says:


  50. BOBBA FETT ROCKS! says:

    in episode 4, rescue the princess, their’s this room w/ 3 doors. two of em go to where you shoot tie fighters, but the one in the middle is a corridor w/ abunch of leavers. i cant pull dow all the levers at one time. i cant beat this level. Heeellllp!!!!!!!!

    • star wars #1 fan says:

      sorry,but i don’t exactly remember.But I’ll play it and tell you,okay.

    • MarineCorps101 says:

      U R supposed to open the doors one at a time to find the princess.

    • I love Japan says:

      you pull down two levers on the right, then walk in that prissin room , if she is not there exit that room and pull the 2 levres on the left. Keep doing that ’til you find the one she is in, then stand on one butten, player 2 will go ont the other one the door will open and you beet the level

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