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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

There is a place where you can enter codes. What codes are there, and what do they do?

Games Guru: Here are some codes for you:

Dark Side: DRK328
Super Blasters: HHD647
Fast Force: BYY492
Super Lightsabers: GHL978
Tractor Beam: 53NKH3
Invincibility: HS9K44
Score x2: HBF899
Self Destruct: DRX444
Fast Build: KJU233
Score x4: DQY857
Regenerate Hearts: 528HBB
Minikit Detector: FBM152

In episode 5 chapter 4, in Yoda’s hut by the window it won’t let me through but my minikit detector says keep going right. How do I get the canister?

Games Guru: Since I’m not sure which minikit you want, I’ll give you info on two. There’s one just past Yoda’s hut. You have to jump up to a high rock to retrieve it. Also, to the right of the hut is a box. Break it using the Dark Force and build the raft with the pieces inside. When you ride that to the next area, the minikit will be on the left, again on a rock.

How do you pass the beginning of episode 6 chapter 2?

Games Guru: I am guessing that you are on the sand skiff and that you have killed the guards on the skiff, but now the baddies on the big barge are giving you fits. First, use your light saber to deflect their shots back at them. Next, destroy the boxes at the back of the skiff and build cannons out of the wreckage using the force. Finally, use your new weapons to shoot the guys on the barge, opening your way to fight back.

In episode 3, level 4, after you come out of the forest and land on the beach, what do you do? Also, in episode 6, level 2, what do you do after you get the guards and jump onto Jabba’s barge? I have found two levers that make two platforms come out, but where is the third? I am very stuck. Please help me.

Games Guru: Have you uncovered Yoda’s ship? As to the third lever, you need to get higher. Force-move the flap over one of the levers, then use Luke to jump to it. You may see a box; destroy it and assemble the grapple point, then grapple to the passageway that will lead to the third lever.

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  1. BlueLighteningDude says:


  2. Somebody says:

    I’ve tried that! I can’t find anything to destroy!

  3. Blah says:

    X2 score is the red brick in the last level of episode 4. In the area where you shoot the torpedos down the chute to blow up the Death Star, the red brick is in a small niche in the back wall on the right side. It costs a lot however, so grab some studs first.

  4. aroww99 says:

    to.sombody you have to destroy the things shooting the beams.

  5. I-Love-Legos!!! says:

    how do you beat Darth Sidious? How do you get x2? How do you get Darth Sidious? Is there a code for him? Or do you have to beat him? How do you get Darth Vader? He is one of my favorite star wars characters — I really want to get him.

  6. flag_football says:

    how do you do the bounty hunter missions?

  7. Somebody says:

    how do you get the droids (c3po and r2-d2) past the laser zappy things in the cantina! I see 4 buttons, but there’s only ben kenobi and luke skywalker. Somebody (pun intended) please help me!

  8. Bohemian says:

    I was just wondering if this game is any differant than playing the first finishing it and then playing the second one? If so should i get it?

  9. BlueRocks says:

    How do you get x2, x4, x10, etc.? Someone please help me!

  10. flag_football says:

    Would someone please help me with Episode 4 Level 2? How do you make the jawa’s sandcrawler move? Someone please help!!! Thanks…

  11. BlueLighteningDude says:

    what do you do on Episode 6 Level 2 when you get on Jabba’s big barge, and you cross those orange bridges and you go up the grapple hook? What do I do next? Someone please help me!!!!!! HELP!!!!

  12. lukeskywalker says:

    how do you get all of the minekits.

  13. tyty says:

    i need help on episode 5

  14. Robo says:

    It’s C3PO! Not 3cpo mustard!

  15. lukedude says:

    i dont think so, fred

  16. Somebody says:

    i need some cheat codes asap too.

  17. yomama says:

    i need some cheats asap

  18. fred says:

    Is there a cheat code to get 3,000,000 studs.

  19. game lover says:

    do you have any cheats for getting coins??? thanx

  20. obi-wan says:

    where do you go in Episode 3 level 5? I can’t figure out where to go in the jedi temple.

  21. Somebody says:

    Hey Coolio 224, I am stuck there too. I just can’t beat Sebulba in the podraces!

  22. game mustard 222 says:

    do death star escape on free play and activate a 3-cpo switch near the beginning and you may find invincibility for 1,000,000 studs

  23. Coolio224 says:

    How do you get past episode 1 level 4? Im so stuck

  24. obi-wan says:

    how do you finish Episode 4 Level 2? I don’t know what to do with the jawa sandcrawler!

  25. manomano says:

    It’s only good if you haven’t played 1 and 2.

  26. Somebody says:

    Hey The Cheat, what are the codes for Darth Vader and Darth Sidious (the Emperor)?

  27. BlueLighteningDude says:

    how do you get over the red gate in episode 5 level 1?

  28. man says:

    if you have the ds the on episode 5 you shuld stay on the left and ther is a spot that you have to fly over red stuff to git a mini kit. after that you go to the end hook to walker and than take the pen to go arond it.

  29. BlueRocks says:

    How do I get past Episode 3 Level 2? Howabout Episode 2 Level 1? I can’t figure out how to get past the laser field. Could someone help me with Episode 4 Level 2? I don’t know what to do with the Sandcrawler. Where do you go in the first level of Episode 5?



  30. ben24 says:

    How do you pass the ending of episode 2 level 5

  31. The Cheat says:

    I need all the locations of the mini kits in the episodes 1-6.I just got some codes for the wii exept the one for invinsibility.I need it ASAP!!!!!:]

  32. The Games Geek says:

    has anybody done New Town? you can be the jones guy! And guru, I love you!!

  33. person!!123 says:

    hey big dude 252 if you want to get alot of studs/money play level one of Episode 3 on challenge.

  34. big dude 252 says:

    how do i get big money so i can buy score x2

  35. sonicdx says:

    hay stoner they are making a lego indiana jones

  36. sonicdx says:

    hay nascar24 get lego star wars 1 and 2 for playstation 2

  37. stonner says:

    hey DSdude they are making lego batman but i’m not sure abot indiana jones.

  38. nascar24 says:

    :( Wah!!!!!!!!!!!!! they didnt make this game for PS2!!! Wah!!!!!!!!

  39. paperclip says:

    I think this is the best games ever!

  40. DSdude says:

    I want to get Lego Batman and Lego Indiana Jones when they come out.

  41. DSdude says:

    This is for Nintendo DS.

    One of the most stud-rich episodes is the level where you blow up the 1st Death Star(aka Episode 4: Chapter 5). When you finaly get to the exhaust port, the ground will be covered with gold and blue studs. Another stud-rich episode is the episode where you fight Darth Maul(aka Episode 1: Chapter 5). First, you must pass the part where you force explosive barrels at Darth Maul, and you build the bridge to cross the pit. After that, you must leap from ledge to ledge, and use the force on some ledges. Use the access panel, and an elevator ledge will come down for you. Hop on it, and it will take you to a field of mostly gold studs. Although you have to fight some security droids, it’s worth it in the end. Follow the field to the end, and you will find a minikit. These episodes are especially useful when you get the score x2, score x4, score x6, score x8, or score x10. If you have them all, then each blue stud will be worth 30,000 each gold stud will be worth 3,000 and each silver stud will be worth 300.

  42. matteo tom says:

    play episode 3 level 1 to bet studs (I can get around 100,000 each time)

  43. matteo tom says:

    to thechibearsfan, which red brick is it?

  44. thechibearsfan says:

    to coolman, you get the red brick for bounty hunter missles then the extra on, play as jango fett or buba fett then hold c. (this is for the wii.)

  45. scout says:

    man, wrap it with the snow speader then use a bomb on it

  46. scout says:

    sparky finsh all the levels and watch the indeana jones preview

  47. serico says:

    Play Mos Espa Podrace to get studs

  48. sparky says:

    How can u get all of charicters

  49. scout says:

    any one know any cheats for wii

  50. coolman says:

    how do you use bounty hunter missles

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