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Age of Mythology

I really need help. When I get to the first Egypt part, I always lose. Please help me, Games Guru!!!!!

Games Guru: I generally need more specifics before I can tell you what you are doing wrong. That being the case — and seeing that it has been five years since I have played this game — I will try to give you some general advice. (I am sure I will get some names wrong. As I say, it’s been five years.)

In Age of Mythology, you generally start with a town center, a few soldiers and a few workers. You may have food enough to create a few more workers or soldiers and maybe enough wood to construct a building or two. The trick to this game, and all real-time strategy games, is to get your society up and running quickly.

I once played the number two player in the world at Age of Empires. (If you are wondering, he crushed me in a matter of minutes. His trick? He could level up from Stone Age to Iron Age in 11 minutes.) I am not one of the world’s great RTS players, but I have seen some play.

So here we go. Say you have three workers and a soldier with enough food for two more workers or another soldier or two. Immediately set the town center to creating a new worker, then send your workers to gather food at the nearest source — generally berries.

When that new worker comes out, have him build a house, then start gathering more food. You need houses because the game will limit the size of your population until you have enough houses. Start the town center on your next worker. When he comes out, have him start gathering wood. By this time, your workers will have gathered enough food for another worker. Create him and send him out for food.

The goal is to have seven guys collecting food and three guys collecting wood so that you can build two buildings quickly and move up to the next age. Also, as you grow your population, be sure to build two more houses.

What two buildings should you go for? I generally like one military building and a granary. If wood is too far away or you find yourself hunting animals for food, a storage pit will work.

Once you reach the next age, it is time to build one or two workers whom you can send to explore the map. Send them on long trips to every corner of the map so that you can discover oases with food, gold and good fishing spots, as well as your enemies’ location.

In the meantime, as early as possible, you need to start developing your military as the second age. You will want archers and foot soldiers, but you also need to increase your work force. You need to expand into farming (meaning you will need a marketplace along with a granary) or fishing. Given a choice, I generally prefer fishing as my method of gathering food — assuming there are enough ties on the map to sustain a good fishing fleet.

You will want to build through to the next age quickly. During the second age, I generally like to have one worker assigned to constructing houses and other buildings, and 20 workers gathering food and wood. Because of the importance of the gods in this game, you will also want to start gathering gold in this age.

Do not neglect your military. Once you reach this age, build it up as well. If the workers you sent to explore the map locate your enemies, you might send packs of soldiers out to see if you can catch them off guard. Level up to the third age once you have the buildings, gold and food. Here you need to make decisions. Do you want to rely on military strength? Do you want heroes? Do you want to specialize in priests? You take over from here … and good luck.

Comments about “Age of Mythology”

  1. pokemon master says:

    try this code how do i drive this thing get a tank i think

  2. warrior says:

    how do you type codes

  3. samysimbu says:

    addictive and best game ever. I play minimum once a day

  4. IceAdg says:

    This game is cool but no cheats guys! And be kronos. If you have any experience in the game you’ll pretty much win with him.

  5. T-Man says:

    This game is awful

  6. blrulz says:

    cheatcode TINES OF POWER gives you a forkboy…

  7. Jedi Sean says:

    I recomend being the “bad gods”. Since I know world mythology those gods are Hades,Set,Loki and Kronos(note: the Atlanteians never worshipped titans)

    • Percy Jackson says:

      In Greek mythology, Hades wasn’t evil and Kronos wasn’t a god.

      • Cdawg says:

        Kronos is a titan which is just one the the evil parents of the gods but is very similar to gods and hades isn’t evil he just isn’t very helpful in the myths

  8. Indy00127 says:

    ive beat it,and titans.
    they need to make a sequel

  9. Gg 82 says:


  10. freeman of BSA says:

    cheats takes the fun out of the game.., its true…
    But if you think you need one try WRATH OF THE GODS
    if YOU think you know how to use god powers then you have them unlimited…

  11. loufy says:

    to me. have you even used any cheats

  12. loufy says:

    to thatguy type in CHANNEL SURFING in all caps and you will skip a level in the campaign.

  13. brawler999 says:

    im not going to listen to you!

  14. FoalytheCentaur says:

    If you use a pack of about 10 or 20 preists (100 gold each), they will be able to defeat any myth units your enemy can throw at you 9especially when they heal each other, I forget what god that is) and are okay against medium-sized regiments of human soldiers. In the seguel (Titans) build them whenever you can, and you can hold off Titans for far longer than human soldiers.

  15. PKMONFAN86 says:

    If you play against the maximum amount of players (not in campaign),and put O CANADA in twice, you are gaurunteed to win.

  16. that me says:

    what r u guys doing cheating is no fun at all

  17. me says:

    do not use cheats it takes the fun out of the game

  18. thatguy says:

    this game is a whofe lot of fun but i would like some cheats 4 it pls

  19. firestar 104 says:

    I love this game. It is the best strategy game out there in my opinion. I have the original version though i want the titans expansion pack.

  20. huckfinn99 says:

    use wrath of the gods it gets you the four best god powers

    (it has to be all caps)

  21. huckfinn99 says:

    some cheats for age of mythology are (they all have to be capitalized and here are the cheats WUV WOO/O CANADA/ATM OF EREBUS/TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE/JUNK FOOD NIGHT

  22. kool aid dude says:

    For Orc Leader dude: go to Sam’s Club or Costco or Best Buy or Toys R Us or Target.

  23. kool aid dude says:

    In AOM, type BAWK BAWK BOOM for cheat. ALso type:
    PANDORAS BOX: 4 random God Powers
    WRATH OF THE GODS: Gets Meteor, ThunderStorm, Earthquake, and Tornado God powers

    • Cloud 008 says:

      also FEAR THE FORAGE give the walking berry bushes power hilarious wen u c ur oponnent gathering berries and then the berry bushes start atacking the villager and then them scrambling to save there villager

  24. Keato says:

    I had that game, the I got medieval 2 total war and its so much better. but in AOE, once you start using cheats, its so boring.

  25. anonymous says:

    to the man just do TITANOMACHY two or three times and attack the titan right away before you are told to and u have instant win win he gets killed

  26. anonymous says:

    teleport cheat does not work if so then u missed some details.
    yes i did do it in caps

  27. big boy says:

    My buddy has it and when i come over his house i play it.

  28. orc leader says:

    i want this game so much where do i get it ??

  29. the man says:

    im still at the part where you fight this mummie dog guy level seven for egypt +
    the bad dudes keep comin help!!!!

  30. lior077 says:

    i beat the game i have all the cheat codes this game is really cool!!!!!!

  31. DOOD says:


  32. Bob says:

    TITANOMACHY: gets you lots of titans

  33. armadillo says:

    CHANNEL SURFING gets you past levels in the game

  34. retromanrule says:

    to do you use TELEPORT cheat code

  35. MJ says:

    wow it’s cool…
    hope to play newly promoted version…

  36. crazytitan says:

    type in TITANOMACHY to get a titan at your towncenter. You can make an army of titans with this cheat code!

    P.S. It only works with towncenters

  37. j man says:

    some cheats are WRATH OF THE GODS, L33T SUPA H4X0R,

  38. fearman says:

    to sgt.drago I would very much like some cheats please.

  39. Sgt.Drago says:

    acels45kille,those cheats exist……I just have to ask my friend what they are again:).
    Cheating is not a fun way to play the game but if you want to tell me.

  40. Sgt.Drago says:

    I’ve been playing the games since 2006,and I know some cheats tell me if you want to know some I go on every saturday to check the site.

  41. Camster says:

    I have the Titan expansion of AOM and it is pretty fun too you get more advances and you get another race, the Atlanteans.

  42. froggy15 says:

    To UltimatPWN,
    Nope, Ensemble Studios is closing down because Micrisoft is greedy, so no AOEIV or AOMII unless someone else buys up the rights for the games.

  43. UltimatPWN says:

    At one point I was hoping that Ensemble Studios would make an AOM 2, which would be SWEET. Unluckily, the guy who owns the rights to AOM has left Ensemble Studios and has made his own stupid game called Titan Quest, and he won’t sell the rights.

    So the only way we’ll have AOM 2 is if the rights get bought back by Ensemble Studios.

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